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In 2014, Ukraine celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of Shevchenko. The great poet and artist became one of the national heroes of this country. Taras Shevchenko, whose biography is outlined in this article, struggled with the yoke of autocracy and serfdom. It was a difficult road on which we had to suffer a lot. Rejection and references - this is a common fate of artists, not wishing to be reconciled with the government. Fully shared by her and Taras Shevchenko. The biography of this outstanding Ukrainian poet and artist testifies to this. You will learn a lot about it by reading this article. And will surely agree that a great man was the poet Taras Shevchenko. Biography with photo gives some idea of it.

Origin and childhood Taras Shevchenko

Taras Shevchenko biography

The Future poet and artist, born 25 February 1814 in the village Moryntsi, Kiev province (today Cherkasy region). His father was a serf owned by the landowner P. V. Engelhardt. Parents of Taras, after 2 years moved in the village Kyrylivka. Here he spent his childhood the future poet and artist. In 1823, died Taras mother, then the father married a second time. His choice was a widow who had already three children. Father Shevchenko died in 1825 when he was only 12 years old. So he became an orphan Taras Shevchenko. His biography noted at this time many difficulties. The child was forced to live the hard life of the homeless. Fortunately, the world is not without kind people. Taras lived first at teacher, deacon, and then the neighbor's painters. Taras Shevchenko in the school of Sexton learned to read and write, and the basics of drawing became acquainted with painters.


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Life from the landowner Engelhardt

In 1828 he became a servant of the landlord Engelhardt in the village of Vilshany. Taras was first a boy and then a groom. In 1829 he was in Vilna in the house of the landowner, and then in St. Petersburg, after Engelhardt moved to the capital (this happened in early 1831). The landlord, discovering the ability of Taras for drawing, decided to send him to study, and then to make the boy a home painter. So in 1832 came to V. Shiryaev, Guild master, Taras Shevchenko. His biography continues the new phase of life. One of the paintings Shevchenko presented below. The work is called "Catherine". The picture was painted in 1842.

biography of Taras Shevchenko in Russian

Introduction to famous artists

Taras Shevchenko on holidays visited the Hermitage. In the Summer garden he copied statues. Here Taras met in 1836 with I. M. Soshenko, Ukrainian artist. He introduced the young man V. Grigorovich, Secretary of the Academy of arts, and the painters K. Briullov and Venetsianov, poet V. Zhukovsky. Of great importance in the fate of Taras had these acquaintances.

Finding freedom

Several attempts Were made for the release of Shevchenko from serfdom. Will tell you briefly about some of them. First Bryullov went to the Capital to negotiate, but to no avail. The landowner wanted a ransom. Then Venetsianov went to him in order to collude on price. Taras Shevchenko was comforting and pleasing care of such prominent figures of Russian art. However, at times he became despondent, sometimes even to despair. The young man cursed his share and the persistence of the landlord was discourage him.

In his autobiography, Shevchenko wrote that Zhukovsky prior agreement with Engelhardt, were asked to paint a portrait of him Briullov in order to cast this picture in the private gallery. My father agreed and soon the portrait was ready. With Vielgorsky Zhukovsky made a lottery, and so Shevchenko got freedom. In a sign of deep appreciation and much respect to Vasili Andreevich he has devoted to this poet one of the greatest of his poetic works ("Katerina").

So, on 22 April 1838 for 2,500 rubles was bought freedom Shevchenko. In the same year he entered the Academy of fine arts. Here Shevchenko became the disciple of K. P. Bryullov.

The Flowering of poetic talent Shevchenko

biography of Taras Shevchenko

The Best years in the life of Taras can be considered 1840-1847 (pictured above - a self-portrait of Shevchenko, made in 1840). At that time, his poetic talent blossomed. Biography of Taras Shevchenko marked by the creation of numerous works. In St. Petersburg in 1840 appeared his first collection of poems of the poet ("poet"). It marked the beginning of a new era in the history of literature of the Ukrainian people. "Haydamaky" - the largest work of Shevchenko, it appeared in 1842. Among other significant works of this period include the 1838 poem "Kateryna", in 1842 "the Blind", 1844 "Mediocre", 1845, "maid-servant" novel, and drama 1843 "Nazar Stodolia". Political poem, which appeared at this time - "Dream" (1844) and "Caucasus" (1845). They denounce autocracy, imbued with the revolutionary spirit. Openly calling on the people to overthrow the autocracy expressed in the political Testament of Shevchenko's poem "die..." (1845).

Travel in Ukraine and their reflection in the works

Taras Shevchenko biography of the poet and artist

Taras in may 1843, went to Ukraine. Here he remained for about a year. In February 1844 biography of Taras Shevchenko is marked by the return to Petersburg. In the spring of 1845 he graduated from the Academy of arts, becoming a "class (i.e., freelance) artist." Again Shevchenko went to Ukraine. He wanted to settle in Kiev. Taras worked at that time in the Kiev archaeological Commission artist. He traveled extensively throughout Ukraine. The revolutionary aspirations of the writer and poet strengthened experience in the Chernihiv, Poltava and Kiev provinces. Everywhere Taras watched the plight of the peasants. They were created while traveling anti-serfdom poems, from the album "Three years". Taras Shevchenko was reading these works of friends and acquaintances, give them to rewrite. At that time the criticism of St. Petersburg and even Belinsky condemned and did not understand the little Russian literature and especially Shevchenko. In his poetry they saw a narrow provincialism. However, homeland immediately appreciated it. Talking about this warm reception of Shevchenko during the trip, committed by them in 1845-47.

Cyril and Methodius society, the arrest and exile

Taras in 1846 entered the secret Cyril and Methodius society. It was founded by students and faculty of Kyiv University at the end of 1845 This society consisted of young people who were interested in the development of various Slavic peoples, including Ukrainian. On the denunciation of a provocateur in April 1847, it was revealed by the police. 10 people, members of his, were arrested. They were accused of organizing political society. They were all punished. Especially got Shevchenko for illegal poems. He was exiled to the Orenburg region under the strictest surveillance. In addition, Nicholas I added personally that Shevchenko should be prohibited to write and draw. The first serious problems of Taras are associated with alcoholism, treat this time. Binges Shevchenko was already well known. During the investigation of a secret society V. Belozersky, one of its members, justified Shevchenko, saying that he wrote his verses in a state of intoxication and did not have thus daring designs. But this testimony did not save the poet. Biography of Taras Grigorovich Shevchenko continues in the link.

Life in Orsk fortress, part in the expedition

the poet Taras Shevchenko biography

Taras was in Orsk fortress, which was a desert backwater. Taras Shevchenko after some time, wrote a letter to Zhukovsky by request of the application in only one - the right to draw. For Taras were referred by a count A. Tolstoy and Gudovich, but they could not help Shevchenko. Taras turned to Dubbelju, the head of the 3rd branch, but nothing helped. Until the release was not withdrawn the prohibition to paint. However, some consolation, the artist has given his participation in the expedition of 1848-49. for the study of the Aral sea. Thanks to humane treatment V. A. Obruchev and Lieutenant Butakov he was allowed to copy local folk styles and types of the Aral coast. Only Shevchenko has created 350 watercolor portraits and landscapes. He captures scenes of the soldier's life, the life of Kazakh people. However, in St. Petersburg soon became aware of this condescension. Butakov and Obruchev denounced reprimanded, and Taras Shevchenko was exiled in 1850, in a desolate slum, acting on Mangyshlak, in novopetrovsk Fort. And here a draw was strictly prohibited.

The Years spent acting on the Mangyshlak

It is Very difficult for Taras were the first 3 years of stay here. Then it became easier, mostly thanks to the kindness of the commandant Uskov and his wife, the love of Taras Shevchenko's attachment for their children and gentle nature. Shevchenko lived in the barracks, although one officer offered to Taras to stay in his apartment. However, in the most difficult years was not discouraged poet Taras Shevchenko, whose biography is marked by many difficult trials that fell to his share. He tried to replace the banned drawing, sculpting, and began studying photography, which was, incidentally, very expensive at the time.


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