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The World of mystery, hidden from the eyes of ordinary people, sometimes revealed to those who possess unusual, extraordinary abilities. One of these remarkable persons, in whose hands was inhuman abilities, was a finalist in season 7 of the show “Battle of psychics”, black witch of Ilona Novoselova. Immediately after her participation in the project women fans went crazy, wondering about how much it costs Ilona Novoselova. Reviews about the abilities of the witch after the first releases of the season “Battle” hinted that the viewers have found a new favorite. The mysterious story of the life and death of this woman will tell in this article.

Ilona Novoselova reviews

General information

In the minds and associative perception of the whole country, Ilona Novoselova – one of the main contenders for victory in season 7, the show “Battle of Psychics" powerful and very strong witch, which almost nailed the views of the viewers to the screen while passing another difficult test. Whole life Novoselova differed from the established society norms, and therefore to other psychics, she was strange and incomprehensible. The gift came to the woman in early childhood, and then began the practice of magic. After several serious cases the witch decided to take part in season 7 of the controversial and ambiguous shows «Battle of psychics”. A brilliant mask of alienation, an invisible power emanating from the woman, — all this gave Novoselova love and trust of fans. After the "Battle" clairvoyant became a star, but it may Shine very long. Under mysterious circumstances Ilona Novoselova died.


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The Future sorceress was born 2 November 1987 in the city of Pavlovsky Posad in Moscow. From the first minutes of life the fate of Ilona formed not like ordinary people, the light, the future witch appeared in the body of a boy named Andrew. From childhood all around, it became clear that in the future the child is or will be a very unusual, bright and independent personality, or a brand digs in. This opinion has been formed because of the relationship of Andrew to others: he avoided himself, building blocks to communicate with their peers; others he forced to be afraid of him, so much so that even adults could feel the tension and awkwardness in the experience of the gloomy views of the child. Isolation, repulsive character and unsociable made the boy's mother to put his son on home schooling. Then Andrew was only 12 years old, but it was not the beginning of his journey into the world of mysticism.

At the age of 13 Andrew began to experience strange sensations that border not with spiritual, not with physical pain. It seemed to him that life goes wrong, it is not according to the script, which was prescribed to him from above. So, at 18 years, Andrew decided on a sex change. After the operation light is born the future of a powerful witch named Ilona Novoselova.

Before his death, she kept in touch with very few people, including colleagues and I travel into the world of mysticism, and released her years, managed to link the fate with three different men, each in his own way changed her life. And even after death Ilona Novoselova reviews, whose activities have never been unambiguous, not left of their loved ones, continuing to observe their fate already from another world.Ilona Novoselova killed

Introduction to magic

Magical power became a constant companion clairvoyant, and soon she and Novoselov ceased to deny its existence, called himself “a hereditary witch”. There are two versions of occurrence of contact between the witch and the afterlife, in other words, two versions of the origin of supernatural abilities Ilona.

From the first, namely, those phantom pains that from childhood began to experience the woman, while still in the body of the boy, opened the channel between the witch and the world of the dead. After surgery, sex-change communication Ilona and otherworldly dimension has only become stronger like spirits joined Novosyolov in the Commission of such act.

The Second version is based on the continuity of generations and transfer of magical potential heirs. In the future, the woman said that both her grandmother had psychic abilities. So it is not surprising that after the death of one of them, the girl opened a window for contact with the other world.

At the age of 10 years Ilona saw the image of a dead grandmother in the mirror – at this moment the girl as if pushed from the outside to plunge into the mystical world of the dead. She began to hear voices and to see the souls who left the world of men, and then established contact with them. And it was unrealistic to imagine that in the relatively near future, its relationship with the world of the dead will be stronger. After 19 years of Ilona Novoselova died under mysterious circumstances. But don't get ahead of ourselves.

18–19 years psychic powers only increased, fueled by grief and severe pain, the experiences of Ilona in connection with the separation from a loved one. According to her, it was at this point she was sent a signal that in the witch's hand in the future, will focus enormous power. Thanks to this sharp turn in life, the girl even refused to commit suicide, which is morally prepared after a breakup.

Quality real witches

The witch was always quick-tempered and violent, leading the people around in shock, quickly changing moods. Maybe it was just the consequence of professional activity in the form of a permanent contact with the other world, or maybe the woman's temperament would not allow her to quickly establish contact with people. Her methods of contact with the spirit world has led many in horror, but could not summon the interest to which the parties will be able to reveal the nature of dark witches. It is in this mood of fear and curiosity at the same time, clients clairvoyant and had left reviews about the work of Ilona Novoselova.

Psychic Ilona Novoselova reviews

Cooperation with the ‘Battle of psychics”

In 2009, the woman went to a casting show. From the beginning of her sharpness, as in childhood, pushed people around, including the continued judges – brothers Safronov. But after a very short time Ilona began to show stunning results, coping with tasks almost effortlessly. First victory and the first statement about the traditional test – search the person in the trunk of one of the many cars. Novoselova accurately coped with it, and then completed the first demonstration the day a great result in the test with Mr. X.

Calling courage helped her very quickly to conquer millions of viewers and thus to reach the finals. After ‘battle of psychics” in which Novoselov took the second place, to the witch from across the country poured in requests for aid. After seeing with my own eyes miracles and shocking details that showed a psychic with amazing accuracy, viewers may believe: the person who is able to do such things on the set will be able to realize them in life. And that person turned out to Ilona Novoselova. Reviews about her work were the most different: some are admired, others did not find anything special, some were scared, and the fourth showed undisguised malice, if their case was beyond the competence of the psychic.

the Death of Ilona Novoselova reviews

In any case, “Battle of psychics” much promoted clairvoyant forward, pushing to learn new practices and exchange of magical energy. Some time after the end of the show, which has displeased many fans of Ilona, the medium returned to the project «Psychics lead the investigation», which caused a flurry of approval. After that, the object of everyone's attention again became a witch Ilona Novoselova. Reviews of the rapture its a daunting job for some time blocked the entire film, like the appearance on the screen, the woman again returned to the faith of fans in itself.

A life beyond the show

After ‘battle of psychics” the witch finally appeared able to breathe without the watchful attention of cameras. In her life, one event succeeded another: second place resulted in great success, and now is the time witch was planned out by the minute, because many people wanted to meet with her to discuss their troubles. A serious subject for debate was Ilona Novoselova. Reviews some customers did not coincide with others, but on opinion and is subjective.

Yet the woman tried to help everyone. Until then, until it became cause unpleasant health problems: depleted psychic was communicating with the spirits both mentally and physically.

Personal life

In addition to practice and help others, psychic Ilona Novoselova, reviews about the reception and the price for services which is constantly changing, met a young psychic Alexander Sheps, which very quickly converged. The couple was not only similar characters, but the methods by which they achieved success in the field of relations with the world of the dead. Novoselov became the Sheps someone like a mentor, but a few to a greater extent had a personal relationship. The battle in which Alexander won the first place, Ilona held his friend in advance predicting his future success. After some time, the couple severed all ties, due to the persistent request...

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