Independence day of Azerbaijan: history and modernity


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The national independence Day is one of the most important days in the history of any country. Every year in Azerbaijan this day is celebrated on October 18. This article will tell you about this important day.


Declaration of independence

As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 20-th century the Republic gained independence. 8 October 1991, held an extraordinary meeting of the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan. On 18 October 1991 the Supreme Council adopted an act of historical significance, the Constitutional Declaration of sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

A share voted 245 of 360 MPs, the others did not attend the meeting or voted against him. In the "Act of Constitution" says that the independent state of Azerbaijan is the legal successor of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic that existed in 1917-1920. "The Constitution act" consists of six chapters.

In a national referendum of the year this issue was discussed, and 95% of the population voted for independence, the sovereignty of the country.

After the restoration of independence of Azerbaijan has adopted laws on the national flag, anthem and emblem. Since that time, the independence Day of Azerbaijan is a national holiday.

The New state - Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan or Republic of Azerbaijan is a state in the South Caucasus. Azerbaijan is located to the West of the Caspian sea basin. It is bordered on the North by the Russian Federation in the North-Western direction from the Georgian Republic, in the West - with Armenia, in the South - with Turkey and Iran. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was occupied by the Republic of Armenia, this area is 20% of Azerbaijani territory. Has an 825-kilometer-long water line on its borders. The length of the coastline is 713 km, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Russia also share a common border in the sector of the Caspian sea.


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Azerbaijan photos

Azerbaijan is an active player in the international arena

Azerbaijan is a unitary semi-presidential Republic. The country is a member state of the Council of Europe, organization of Security in Europe, a NATO partner, as well as organization “Partnership for peace”. This is one of the six independent Turkic States, an active member of the Turkic Council. Azerbaijan has diplomatic relations with 150 countries and a membership of 40 international communities. Also, this Caucasian country is one of the founders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Organization for the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons.

A member of the United Nations since 1992. After independence, Azerbaijan was elected a member of the Council on human rights, which was created by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 9 may 2006. Azerbaijan is also a member state of the non-aligned Movement, holds observer status in world trade organization and is a member of the International telecommunication Union.

independence day

Events that led to the independence of

Following the politics of glasnost, initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev, in various regions of the Soviet Union, including Nagorno-Karabakh in this Autonomous region was growing civil unrest and ethnic strife. Unrest in Azerbaijan (in response to the indifference of Moscow) has led to calls for independence and secession, culminating in the events of black January in Baku. Later, in 1990, the Supreme Council of the Republic was expelled from its name the word "Soviet ", and adopted the Declaration of sovereignty of the Azerbaijan Republic and adopted a new national flag, other symbols. As a consequence of the failed coup that took place in August in Moscow, on 18 October 1991 the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan could accept the Declaration of independence, which was confirmed by popular referendum in December 1991, the Soviet Union officially ceased to exist on 26 December 1991. Independence day of the Republic of Azerbaijan since then is celebrated throughout the country every year.

flag and emblem

How to celebrate the Day of independence of Azerbaijan

This day is a public holiday. For this event prepared a full-scale festivities. On 18 October the President of the country mandatory congratulates all citizens of the state on this historic occasion and a public holiday at the same time. On this day Azerbaijanis konsolidiruyutsya as a nation. The President in his address to the nation always emphasizes the historicism of this event. This event currently has more than twenty-five years. Creative people create poetry independence Day of Azerbaijan with the aim to congratulate all the people of the country. Below are one of the most popular:

Azerbaijan - land of fire,

Country of hidow and friends,

Country open doors

Country of Babak, Koroglu

Country of Nowruz and spring.

Your sons the whole world to know,

Thy beauties every one was looking

Once your people have seen,

Sought your land,

Extraordinary purity,

Where the ringing Creek mellifluous

Lakes in your bottomless sound.

The Importance of this feast and of the phenomenon of independence cannot be overemphasized. Congratulations on the independence Day of Azerbaijan sent to the presidential Administration most of the heads of States of the world. The President of the Russian Federation congratulated the people of Azerbaijan with the following words:

The well-Known achievements of Your country in economic, scientific-technical, social and cultural fields. Azerbaijan enjoys deserved authority on the world arena, plays an active role in addressing the pressing issues of the international agenda.

Expanding the political dialogue, strengthening cooperation and partnership in the region. It said Vladimir Putin. According to him, this fully meets the interests of our peoples and contributes to enhancing integration processes within the CIS.


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