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Kaliningrad "Yunost" - is a Park located in the city centre. Nearby is lake superior. The official address of the institution of culture - street Telmana, 3.

Park History

Kaliningrad youth Park

Kaliningrad "Yunost" Park, which was formed after the great Patriotic war. To the 80-th years it was one of the most popular parks in the city. There was a variety of rides, worked as a boat station. But in 90-e years it fell into disrepair. In 2004, over him and is threatened to be destroyed. Developers had their eye on this plot of land in the city centre.

Local residents have organized a campaign to save the Park. An open letter they addressed to the wife of Russian President Lyudmila Putina, who was born in Kaliningrad. Park "Youth" have managed to save. Moreover, there were new rides. Putin, who grew up in the area nearby, took patronage over it. Built a skating rink with artificial ice, organized a children's avtogorodok, landscaped promenade, located next to the Upper lake.

In the Park is not only entertainment complexes. In 1998 was opened a monument to soldiers-internationalists, victims of local wars and conflicts.

Now the administration has a lot of plans for the development. It is planned the construction of a family entertainment centre, a chapel, a skate center, a new Ferris wheel with a height less than 50 meters. And even restaurant on the water.

Rides in the "Youth"

the Park youth, Kaliningrad attractions

Park "Youth" in Kaliningrad is famous for its attractions. They are open daily from 11 am to 21.00. On weekends and public holidays to ride on them even earlier - from 10 o'clock in the morning.

Here is a functioning Ferris wheel, a lot of family rides. For example, the "Fun Cup", "Circuit", "Sun", "Buffalo", "Flying dragons", "Wedding carousel", "house of mirrors".

There are rides only for children - "Canoeing", "Games room", "Mini trampoline", "Kangaroo", "railroad", "Spaceport", "Airport", "Bees". The cost of rides from 100 to 150 rubles. If you want you can buy a ticket. In this case, 5 skating will cost 400 or 600 rubles.


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Ice skating Rink "the Youth"

 skate Park the youth of Kaliningrad

In 2007 there was a skating rink in Park "Youth". Kaliningrad thus received another bright attraction, which regularly attracted a large number of visitors.

This is quickly becoming one of the favorite winter activities of Kaliningrad. Great place for families with children or colleagues. The rink became known among fans and family and corporate rest.

Strikes and he attracts everyone with its huge area, which is about 600 square meters, so the place is here for everyone. There was also a skate rental. Therefore, in order to go to Kaliningrad in the Park "Youth" don't even have to have your own skates. This sports equipment can be rented.

Indoor ice rink is open every year from November 1 through March 31.


karting in Kaliningrad, in a Park Yunost

Private pride of this area of the fun - kart. In Kaliningrad in the Park "Youth" is one of the favorite attractions for children and adults.

This is a fantastic opportunity to feel the great racing driver right in the center of the city. And without risking life and limb, and not even having a driver's license.

Driving maneuver the map and children and adults can feel what it's like to go into steep turns at high speed. Police u-turns, dashing overtaking - all this is able to sense anyone who comes to the track for karting.

To Try in the drag racing world for children from the age of six. Karting is open every day. On weekdays it is open from 15 o'clock till 21.00. And on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the start time is shifted backwards by two hours.

The Duration of a race is 10 minutes. The cost of skiing is 500 rubles for each check. There are also powerful cards in 9 and a half horsepower. One ride on such a machine will cost 600 rubles. Standard cards have a capacity of six and a half horsepower.

In Addition to age, another requirement for riders - growth. It needs to be at least 120 centimeters. Those who are especially imbued with this kind of entertainment, way to school karting, recruitment to which is conducted on a regular basis.

Thus, you can see that in the Park "Youth" has everything you need for a family holiday at the weekend. Fun for the soul will find both adults and children of all ages.

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