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Saya Magometovna Orazgaliyeva known through the TV series "Nusery", participation in groups, and Shine FM. This is a very cute and charming girl proved that any heights can be achieved with their own hard work and determination.


CY Orazgaliyeva was born 7 April 1988 in Kazakhstan, in a small village of White mountain Ulan district of the East Kazakhstan region. The girl grew up in an ordinary family: her mother at that time worked as a kindergarten teacher, father – a truck driver. Saya Orazgaliyeva, whose nationality – Kazakh (only the grandmother on the mother – Ukrainian, all the rest in the family – Asians), I was brought up quite strictly in accordance with the customs of their country, but from childhood was known for his temper. As the mother of the actress Gulnara Dalatov, the girl grew up a real Tomboy: loved boyish games, sports clothes, and once even staged in school real fight and came home with a bruise.

saya Orazgaliyeva

When SAE was 9 years old, her parents divorced, and it was time for the baby very difficult and hard, because she loved mom and dad (itself the actress says "daddy's girl").

The girl soon began to show acting talent: she loved to sing, recite, participate in skits and performances. A comely appearance, was only an assistant. At the age of 13 years old girl was invited to appear in a promotional video, accidentally saw her on the street, and saya firmly understood that her dream – to be an actress.


Having Finished 9 classes of high school, saya Orazgaliyeva, a photo of which is presented in the article, on the advice of his mother left their small village in the capital city Alma-ATA, where he joined ANJHTC (Almaty Kazakh-Turkish humanitarian and technological College), specialty "translator-interpreter". Study was given easily, but it had to pay.


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saya Orazgaliyeva photo

As the Affairs of the family at that time were not very good, in his spare time, CY worked as a waitress. The girl dreamed to connect his life with the actor's craft, so after College, was planning to enter the faculty of journalism. But fate decreed otherwise.


The girl's Mother at that time worked as a cook in the police Department. And met saya Orazgaliyeva To my future husband. The girl was 19, her chosen one – 4 years longer when they are married. Soon, 16 March 2009, was born the son of Radmir.

CY Orazgaliyeva and her husband, a photo of which was once filled with many print publications, broke up after a fairly short time. According to the actress, the initiator of the divorce she was herself. In wife she found the hardness and determination, who wanted to see in my beloved man. A few years of marriage showed that this person-not someone a girl would like to live life.

Heavy period

Divorce, family breakdown is always a painful process, full of pain, hurts and experiences. Was no exception and cheerful and resolute saya Orazgaliyeva: getting a long-awaited divorce, she fell into a long depression. Didn't want to see anyone, even just to get out of the house. Saya could only bring myself to wear faded jeans, sneakers and Dobresti to the nearest pharmacy for baby diapers.

saya Orazgaliyeva and her husband

Family and friends were supportive as I could, but nothing was saved from boredom by a collapsed dream. And then the father SAI sent the girl to audition for the band FM. Saya was not particularly hoping for success – a sort of gray mouse, still dressed boyish, without a musical education, and the slightest serious experience on stage performance. Imagine her surprise when on my way home she called back and said that she accepted!

Clean slate

Life SAI has changed dramatically. Work with stylist, beautician, courses of vocals, choreography and stage skills has turned a teenage girl into a bright and sexy woman. Changes in appearance and style made life again shone bright colors, and the girl regained confidence and her usual cheerfulness. An additional stimulus served and uninteresting fact that the band FM was one of her ex-husband. How can you not put the soul and not to gratify female vanity?

saya orazgaliyeva biography

The project was successful. Then there was the participation in the group Shine – no less vivid and popular. But soon saya realized that she was tired from such a busy life, and she wants something more serious. To begin a solo career, needed substantial funding, which the girl did not have. But during participation in musical ensembles from SAI appeared familiar from the world of the film industry and the young mother decided to try his hand in the TV series.


The First time the former spouse of the SAI regularly visited the child and paid child support, enough to pay for housing and buy the kid everything you need. But that was followed by a second marriage and have children with another woman. Communication with her son was becoming more and more rare, and then began the requirements to reduce alimony. Saya did not agree, first, because of the fairly constrained financial situation, and secondly, because of the belief that both parents should be involved if not in education, at least in the maintenance of the child.

Began a series of quarrels and findings-out of relations. The Internet has appear of the article and the details of family life disintegrated pair, put Sayu in a very bad light. Received mutual lawsuits, but the treatment of girls somehow strangely "lost", while the statements of the former spouse immediately given move. Probably, the role played by the context.

saya Orazgaliyeva and her husband photo

CY was adamant. She knew that her husband directs his wife, but did not know what caused this attitude. Meanwhile, the Network appeared information about the fact that the club – the son absolutely of another man, and cheating SAI supposedly revealed just now. Ex-husband demanded a DNA test.

Mom and son

To Discredit an innocent girl failed, she was able to restore his good name, but litigation with the former spouse does not cease to this day. Saya achieved a deprivation of paternity, as it believes that such a person cannot be a positive example for the younger boy. Life has shown that saya Orazgaliyeva and her husband – not such a perfect pair as both seemed in the beginning of the relationship.

CY admits grateful to the former spouse for her son, whom she loves immensely and now educates itself, resorting to the help of his mom. The actress admits that trying to be strict on the boy, not to indulge him and not spoiling. The son of Radmir – the main and the most important thing in a girl's life.

Film Career

So, SAI decided to try myself as a film actress. First role was in the TV series "Zhanym." The heroine was very close in spirit to SAI – young mother forced to raise her blind child, and for the sake of the earnings came from the provinces to the capital city. Almost autobiographical picture.

saya Orazgaliyeva nationality

The Popularity came. Sayu began to learn in public places and asking for an autograph. But the real fame came to the girl series "Nusery" (2012-2014), which has become very popular among young people. But the actress is not happy with her role because her character is the complete opposite.

It was at SAI Rodi also a cameo in the film "Ashik Zurek", "UY Bolu of Kiin" and "Book". Now the actress is very popular in the world of film and social networks, so it is not going to stop there.

New life

CY Orazgaliyeva – in the past, a girl from a small provincial area, "Tomboy" and queer, now – young mother, successful and popular actress and beautiful young woman. How many more unclimbed peaks expected life of this wonderful artist!

CY Orazgaliyeva, biography which may become an example for many girls, happy together with a little son, he tries to devote as much time as possible and to raise a real man. She admits that she has a friend of the heart – the man who managed to prove to her that he is stronger, and that conquered her unapproachable and proud heart.


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