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The Life of German philosopher and sociologist was intellectually intense. His biography is full of difficulties, but it has a lot of achievements. His views became widespread and popular during his life, but the greatest relevance to the ideas of Simmel came in the second half of the 20th century.

Georg Simmel

Early years

The philosopher was Born in Berlin on 1 March 1858 in the family of a wealthy merchant. Childhood George proceeded quite normally, the parents cared about their children, tried to give them a better future. Father, a Jew by birth, adopted the Catholic faith, the mother turned to Lutheranism, which had been baptized and the children, including George. Up to 16 years, the boy happily went to school, and demonstrated success in the development of mathematics and history. It seemed that it is typically the fate of the merchant, but in 1874 his father died Simmel, and George's life changes. The mother cannot contain a son, and his guardian is a family friend. It finances the training of young men and sponsored his admission to the University of Berlin in the faculty of philosophy.

Learning and formation of attitudes

At the University of Simmel to learn from outstanding thinkers of his time: Lazarus, Mommsen, Steinthal, Bastian. Already in school he clearly demonstrates his dialectical cast of mind, which later will be noted philosophers such as Pitirim Sorokin, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim. But at the same time and planned a major life conflict which will complicate the lives of many people in Europe in that period. Was no exception and Simmel, biography which was very difficult because of his nationality. Upon completion of the course of study at the University, the philosopher tries to defend his doctoral thesis, but he refused. The reason is not explicitly called. But in Berlin in those days was dominated by anti-Semitic sentiments, and, despite the fact that it is by faith was a Catholic, his Jewish origin he was not possible to hide. He had a pronounced Jewish appearance, and is subsequently again and again hurt him in life. Over time, through perseverance and perseverance, George still managed to get a degree, but it is not revealed to him the desired doors.


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Georg Simmel biography

The Hard life of the German philosopher

After Graduating from University, Simmel looking for a job as a teacher, but a permanent job he was not allowed, again due to personal data. He was appointed Privat-docent who does not bring a guaranteed income, and fully consists of contributions of students. Therefore, Simmel speaks, lectures and writes a large number of articles that addressed not only the academic environment but also to the General public. He was a great orator, his lectures were characterized by breadth, original approach and an interesting presentation. A lecture by Simmel was distinguished by energy, he was able to captivate the audience, thinking aloud on a variety of topics. He had continued success with students and local intellectuals, over 15 years of experience in this position, he gained a certain fame and brought a friendship with significant thinkers of the environment, for example, by max Weber. But for a long time the philosopher is not recognized seriously by the scientific community, sociology has not yet won the status of a fundamental discipline. The Berlin scientists laughed at the original scientist, a thinker, and it hurt. Although he stubbornly continued to work: meditate, write articles, and lectures.

the philosophy of Georg Simmel

In 1900, however, he receives official recognition, he was awarded the title of honorary Professor, but still he did not reach the desired status. Only in 1914 he finally becomes an academic Professor. By this time he already had more than 200 scientific and popular science publications. But the position he gets at the University of Berlin, and in provincial Strasbourg, which was the source of his experiences until the end of life. He did not agree with the local scientific elite, and the last years of his life felt loneliness and alienation.

Understanding of the laws of life

Simmel differed from his great contemporaries with no clear affiliation to any philosophical movement. His path was full of tossing, he wondered about many things, finding such objects for philosophical reflection, which previously was not interested in thinkers. The lack of a clear position did not work in favor of Simmel. This was another reason for the difficulties of integrating the philosopher in the scientific community. But precisely because of this breadth of thought, he was able to contribute to the development of several important topics of philosophy. In science, a lot of people whose work is deservedly beginning to be measured only years later, and this was Simmel. Biography of the thinker full of work and endless thoughts.

Georg Simmel fashion

The Thesis of Georg Simmel was dedicated to Kant. It is the philosopher trying to make sense of the a priori principles of the social structure. The beginning of the path of the thinker also highlighted the influence of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer. In line with their concepts of Simmel interpreted the theory of knowledge, revealing the natural biological Foundation of ethics. Philosopher the Central problem of their reflection saw the existence of man in society, so it is referred to the direction with the title “philosophy”. It binds cognition with the concept of life and sees its main law, going beyond biological limits. Human existence cannot be divorced from its natural condition, but to reduce all only to it, as it coarsens the meaning of life.

Social philosophy of Georg Simmel

In Berlin, Simmel along with associates, among whom was M. Weber, F. Tennis, organized by the German society of sociologists. He was actively thinking about the object, subject and structure of the new science, formulated the principles of the social structure. Describing the society, Simmel, social interaction was provided as a result of the contacts many people. However, he gave the basic characteristics of the social structure. Among them, such as the number of participants in the interaction (they may not be less than three), the relationship between them, the highest form of which is the cohesion, and social space. He introduces into scientific circulation the term, which refers to the field of communication, which the participants define as their own. He calls the major social forces of money and socialized intelligence. Simmel constructs a classification of forms of social existence which is based on the degree of proximity or remoteness from the ‘river of life”. Life is a philosopher as a chain of experiences which are caused by both biology and culture.

Georg Simmel conflictology

Views on modern culture

Simmel was thinking a lot about social processes and nature of contemporary culture. He recognized that the most important driving force in society is money. He wrote a huge work called "the Philosophy of money”, in which he described their social functions, found them useful and negative impact on modern society. He said that should ideally be created by a single currency, which will weaken the cultural contradictions. He pessimistically assessed the social capacity of religion and the future of contemporary culture.

“the Functions of social conflict”

Society, according to Simmel, is based on hatred. The interaction of people in society always takes the form of struggle. Competition, submission and domination, division of labor – all forms of hatred which will certainly lead to social conflicts. Simmel believed that they trigger the formation of new norms and values of society, they are integral element of the evolution of society. The philosopher has identified a number of other features of the conflict, have built a typology, described his stage and outlined the methods of its settlement.

Simmel social interaction

The Concept of fashion

Reflections on social forms are the basis of philosophy, which the author Simmel. Fashion, in his opinion, is an important element of modern society. In the work of the “Philosophy of fashion” he investigated the phenomenon of this social process and came to the conclusion that it only appears together with urbanization and modernization. In the Middle ages, for example, it did not exist, says Simmel. Fashion theory comes from the fact that it satisfies the need of individuals in identifying and helping new social groups to find their place in society. Fashion – it is a sign of democratic societies.

The Scientific value of philosophical ideas of Georg Simmel

Georg Simmel theory of fashion

The Importance of work of Simmel is difficult to overestimate. It is one of the founders of sociology, reveal the causes of social development, conceptualize the role of money and fashion in the culture of humanity. Georg Simmel, conflict which became the basis for the social philosophy of the second half of the 20th century, has left a serious work of social confrontations. He had a significant influence on the formation of the American direction of sociology and a forerunner of postmodern thinking.


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