Red Gate, Altai. How to get to a unique place?


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The Mountain Altai-the land that never ceases to amaze travelers. Here it seems that everyone has traveled and examined, but suddenly the sun hid behind a cloud, and acquaintances seems to be no place to learn. Also "acted" of the famous Red Gate. Altai did not want to pass people, creating an obstacle in the form of rocks, standing like two friends, close to each other.

People have fixed it with the help of a number of explosions, and now all travelers can pass by “buddies”, which are slightly parted, and between them ran a road, and depending on the time of day and the weather is always a new look.

Red Gate

The Famous Red Gate (Mountain Altai) became the attraction after they paved the highway. Before that it was two rocks red hue, composed of effusive rocks, which a lot of cinnabar.

red gate Altai

The height of the rocks is 50 m, but they stood only ten meters apart that did not allow the passage. The old road was dangerous and it was possible to move only on horseback. After blasting, clean the area and the construction of a bridge across the river cibit a popular tourist route, offering travelers the way to the splendor of the Altai mountains.

Route from Biisk to the Red Gate

As locals say, all roads in the Altai mountains leads through Biysk. The city appeared thanks to the decree of Peter I from 1708 on the construction of a fortified castle at the confluence of the rivers Biya and Katun. Her task was to protect Russian borders from the raids of the Teleuts.


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Only in the middle of the 18th century Biysk was a real impregnable fortress, which received the status of a district city of the Tomsk province. Even today, it is clear that once this city was a real merchant center, from which trade was carried on with Mongolia, China, Germany and France.

The Village Srostki continues the route of the Altai mountains – Red Gate. How to get to it from Biysk? The road is not difficult, the village is situated just 35 km from the town of Chuysk. This locality just over 200 years, and it was formed through the merger of several farms into one large. Hence its name.

The famous Chuysky tract is not less than Red Gate. The Altai Republic has long been traded with neighbouring countries, and this path was well trodden trail that became later known as Angelskim tract, which is mentioned in the Chinese Chronicles thousands of years ago.

The road continues from the junction near the village of Ust-SEMA right at the Tashanty, where he starts Seminsky pass.

Seminsky pass

This is the highest pass on this route. Height of 1717 m, the ascent to it is a 9 km, and the descent – 11 km. It is the watershed of SEMA and Twenty. Here you can relax in the tourist centers or work out at the sports camp “Seminsky”, where the preparations for the competition skiers. It is open year round, summer only for training use special paths for roller skiing, and winter-ski slope and is accessed via a lift.

 red gate of mountain Altai

The Route through the pass has good infrastructure with a cafe, toilets, souvenir shops, shops and Parking areas. All the way easy enough for both car and driver, regardless of the time of year. Experienced travelers know that just beyond the pass is the true, uncontaminated Altai.

Then the path lies through another pass, without which we cannot drive to the Red Gate to the southwest.

The Chike-Taman Pass

This pass more difficult than the previous one and the views from it are stunning. Chike-Taman, which translated from southern Altai language means “video sole” has an altitude of 1295 m, and once there was a horse trail, wide enough that it could drive the cart. Archaeologists have dated her age 10-12 age. It was used until the 20th century, and only in 1903 was built the road, which is now well known to travelers on the Altai Republic.

red gate Altay how to get

Work on the construction of the highway lasted 20 years. It was exported half a million tons of soil and blown up a few rocks. At the top of the pass there is a special viewing platform, which offers a breathtaking view, but to achieve it, will have to overcome 47 the serpentine twists of the road. Further path leads to the confluence of the Chuya and the Katun. To from Biysk to get to the Red Gate (Altai) will have to overcome 320 km of mountain path.

Chuya and Katun

The Two most majestic rivers Chuya and Katun ' - the place that local anciently called Chui-Oozy and revered as sacred. Here found a lot of evidence that in ancient times it was regarded with the same reverence as today. For example, kalbak Tash – the tract, the walls of which is the largest collection of characters that transmit the life lived here from 1000 to 5000 years ago people.

red gate Altay photo

Cave paintings are divided into 4 epochs:

  • Neolithic (6000-4000 BC) that transmits images of deer and camels.
  • The Eneolithic and bronze (3000-1000 BC) has peculiar human figures, carts with drivers and chariots, warriors, unknown animals.
  • The Era of the Scythians – 8-3 century BC-cave paintings of hunting scenes and animals, both wild and domestic.
  • Old Turkic period (7-10 century BC) transmits the image of predators and runic characters.

Near the confluence of the rivers built an observation deck which can be reached by car, and Chujsky path then goes along the river Chuy. Here is what attractions can be found driving expensive Biysk – Red Gate in the Altai mountains.

The Village Aktash

The route lies through one of the largest in the area villages Aktash. It is a border object, so for further travel in the surrounding area will need a pass.

The Village was formed near the mercury mine, and its inhabitants were miners. Still a local mining company remains the only one in Russia which produces metallic mercury.

mountain Altai red gate how to get

This place is very popular among tourists, since just outside the village is the famous hot Spring lake, which could be envied by any national Park.

Way to Krasnye Vorota (Altai) collapses from the village Aktash left, in the direction of Ulagan. Here the road changes to gravel area, some stages of which it is better not to go more than 30 km/h. after 8 km you will come by the Gate.

Spring lake

This body of water has a diameter of 30 meters and a depth of 2 m, but due to its thermal springs, which hit him right in the middle and up above a beautiful blue sludge, it is popular. Its waters are crystal clear purity, and only a turquoise circle with a divorce appears when the next eruption of the geyser. Everyone who rides in the Red Gate (Altai, photo see), come to see him.

red gate in the mountain Altai

The Lake does not freeze even in severe frosts, so enjoy it in an unusual community at any time of the year. In order to reach him, you will need to overcome some obstacles in the form of mosquitoes, gadflies and swamps. With the latter you can handle, having laid under him logs. To be safe better bring a stick to be able to rely on them in case of loss of balance.

Immediately after the marsh trail begins, which is hard to lose because it is marked with red ribbons. For precautions to avoid injury, clothing and footwear should be closed. In the case of the Geyser in the lake you can swim, but you should know that the water is quite cold.

Camp site on the road

Along the way Biysk-the Red Gate (Altai Republic; how to get described above), you can relax and linger for sightseeing. To stop you can choose one of the hotels. The most popular recreation facilities, located in the village of Aktash.

The complex “Wanderer”, for example, you can stay in a genuine Yurt, but generally it consists of 4 yurts, ten two-storey houses and the same number of double-storey houses.

It is suitable for active people or families with children. Features are:

  • 3 bath
  • A restaurant in a Yurt with national kitchen;
  • Meeting room;
  • 14 porches for summer holidays;
  • Two shower rooms and 6 toilets;
  • Volleyball court;
  • Parking place;
  • Tent sites;
  • Bonfire and barbecues.

Stay here will cost from 1400 RUB./room. The place is quite popular, especially among those who travel to Altai by car.

At the base you can stay with a tent (for four people is 200 RUB./day), there is a kitchen in the gazebo. It is often visited by those who are sent or returned to the Aktru glacier or North-Chuysk ridge.


The village of Aktash Hotels offer comfortable stay for those who come to the Altai glad.

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