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This post – the reaction of the once-devoted fan of the talent Alla Pugacheva on swept in recent months, the broadcast information tsunami about the circumstances of the personal life of the singer. Discusses the period almost from the day of puberty. For a consumer designed these products, and, most importantly, what is the degree of participation of most matrons in this farce?
Information flow about the personal lives of pop stars – is in itself an interesting phenomenon. Public meetings and partings Baskov, Lazarev, Kirkorov, Babkina, Bilan, Galkin with their real or imaginary companions (satellites) finally overshadowed their work, if you can call any of their products. No one remembers what they are singing, but everyone knows who they supposedly live now or have lived six months ago. Unfortunately, in our country, start a tradition of promotion of the stars in this way was given by Alla Pugacheva (we took the example of Michael Jackson, no less). It should be noted that in her performance initially, public mental Striptease was not an independent promotion, and justified artistic technique,  another guy was still not self-sufficient figure, and a kind of poetic way, the revived hero songs from the new concert program. Now it is not accepted so to complicate your life. Artistic techniques and poetic images in the work of Babkin and Lazarev – as historical truth in the works of Leonid Brezhnev.
unfortunately, with the end of active creative phase in the career of ABP she joined the cohort sex-speculators. Repeatedly voiced the conventional wisdom of the singer helped her avoid the temptation to turn on the machine by clipping coupons from the narrow-minded interest in peeping through the keyhole. Passion Pasternak, unfortunately, not allowed to make his prophetic line “Shamefully nothing meaning, to be a parable on lips at all" rule of existence beyond the stage. So now we are seeing once seemed a brilliant singer the leading role of the repulsive song contests and heroines endlessly repeating series about a private sex life. One could write off such activity at the expense of unscrupulous television producers, but the program is built on an interview with the singer, i.e. mudflow revelations of varying degrees of falsity approved character.
Yes, the degree of sincerity Hobbies Pugacheva their own husbands, that's a separate issue, not exactly taboo, but discussed in passing. The prestige of the heroine is so that the public asked questions about the technical aspects of cohabitation with their husbands, suspected homosexual, was considered inappropriate. Question — how well to feed the public's relationship with her friends as a model of family life, is not given.  in Vain, by the way, all of this is broadcast in Prime time, our children can be active consumers of these products to build their family life on the proposed schemes. Thank God the young generation Pugacheva husbands uninteresting, the target audience of the TV programs of this kind – a provincial housewife, who have forgotten about sexual practices with their husbands-alcoholics. And yet such agitation – a threat to public morals, viewing porn is healthy for the younger generation would be much more useful from the point of view of the formation of behavioral patterns.
For true admirers of the band, not forgetting its status and importance in the 70-80-ies, watch it all especially sad. Many have a desire To justify comerse. Appear eulogies describing BPA as a natural revelation, is not subject to the standard humdrum estimate. Remember the anecdote about a minor political figure of the Brezhnev era Pugacheva.
do Not agree. By their conduct, the star has devalued its importance for Russian culture. About discrepancy of the image of the suffering artist, cultivated in the 70-ies, and type of procuress and waitresses sample the ' 90s, wrote Natalia Medvedeva. This is not an artistic reincarnation, ladies and gentlemen, this is an obvious loss of taste. And the anecdote about minor political figures in the era of cultural phenomena previously devoted to Solzhenitsyn. Born in 90-e years, simply does not understand the meaning of the phrase “the Era of Pugacheva».

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