The population of Arkhangelsk: historical background, demographic situation and employment opportunities


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Arkhangelsk is located in the Northern part of European Russia. Convenient localization at the mouth of the Northern Dvina laid on the town as one of the largest Maritime hubs. This fact suggests that the population of the city of Arkhangelsk, quite numerous.

Historical information

The City has a long history. The first documented information about the population of Arkhangelsk dated to the early fifteenth century. While the settlement represented only the monastery, and only, Ivan the terrible gave the town its present name. In the eighteenth century the settlement was known as a trading port. Due to this strategic importance of the city began to shrink people, the population of the city was increased. The settlement flourished and in the Moscow state and the Russian Empire.

people of Arkhangelsk

Major population jump occurred in this settlement during the Soviet Union:

  • The first decline – the Great Patriotic war;
  • Decline – the collapse of the Soviet Union (until that moment, kept record of residents living near military camps).

Segmentation of the population

The population of the Arkhangelsk today is about three hundred and fifty thousand. Social processes that characterize the town, talking about the demographic crisis. At the age composition of the population is aging, the proportion of older people in society is great. The birth rate does not cover mortality. Most of the residents leave their homeland for reasons of seeking other perspectives, improving the quality of life, climate change.


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The Population of Arkhangelsk is updated mostly by the youth, who comes from the field of study, and representatives of other nationalities. Very popular is the Azerbaijani Diaspora. Its representatives are engaged in either construction work or business.

the population of Arkhangelsk

Employment Opportunities

The Population of Arkhangelsk is mainly engaged in the manufacturing sector. The city has a developed mining industry, which is associated with the location in the territory of the settlement of large deposits of oil, diamonds and bauxite.

Arkhangelsk is not only rich in mining resources and other natural resources. Therefore, among the leading industries can be listed forestry and fisheries. For example, “Titanium”, which represented the company on the harvesting of timber, as well as tourism and hotel facilities, provides the city thousands of jobs.

social protection of the population of Arkhangelsk

The Statistics on employment leads the social protection of the population. Arkhangelsk is a city with good job opportunities. Looking for employees not only heavy industries. Vacancies full food production and include not only the famous fish plant, but milk or distilleries.

The Advantage of public enterprises is that they at least provide a rigorous and competitive selection, but instead provide their employees the full social package and a decent salary. In the case of a hospital or decree remains employee workplace benefits, benefits would be payable.

In addition, the workers are always in need of service sector and trade.

Distinctive features

For some reason, many Russians believe that the population of the Arkhangelsk harsh and cold. The inhabitants of the more southern regions had the impression that the streets of this city are wandering polar bears and reindeer, and local basking in the arms of a walrus. The northerners really tough and patient. This made them an appropriate way of life, which was formed under the influence of permafrost. Perhaps this was influenced by some historical facts. Local have a Pomeranian identity. They consider themselves the bearers of culture of the Russian North. The traditional image of Arkhangelsk consists of such features as isolation, sadness, honesty, firmness, endurance, love of freedom. Urban culture is completely lost. The people are considered to be quite respectable in society.

population g Arkhangelsk

But the simplicity of the people are not deprived. No jokes about his “frozen” and “trasmessa” is not complete. On this account the population of Arkhangelsk has invented many of the nicknames, jokes and just funny stories.

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