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The Largest lakes are actually on the planet a lot. Some know many others are in the shadow of the “leaders in the public relations race”. Nevertheless, they are interesting. The thirteenth largest city in this ranking is the Erie – lake, included in the Great. It is not only a great reservoir of drinking water, but also the site of a plexus of various historical events.

lake Erie


If you wish to find a pond on the map, it is necessary to look at the border of the United States and Canada. There is Erie. The lake system of the North American Great waters ranked fourth from the top. In this group it is the smallest in size and resources. That is the least of the water in Erie. The lake is connected with other similar geographic features through rivers. So, since Ontario it connects Niagara. Other water “sleeves” is stretched from it to the lakes Huron and St. Clare, and toward the Hudson river. According to the administrative-territorial division, the lake is located in two States. One part of him – in the US, the other refers to Canada. Several rivers carry their waters to Erie. Lake join such a natural “sleeves”, as the Detroit, Huron, Grand, Maumee, Raisin, Sandusky, and Cuyahoga.

lake Erie and Michigan

The area of the lake Erie

Despite the inconspicuous place in the structure of reservoirs of the area, Erie has considerable size. It has an elongated shape. Direction: West-southwest to East-northeast. Length of the reservoir is three hundred eighty-eight kilometers. Much less width – only ninety-two km. the Lake is shallow, although the maximum figure is sixty-four meters. The water warms up in summer to twenty-four degrees, in winter the coastal freezes. The average temperature during the cold period is around zero Celsius. The total area of lake Erie 25 700 km². Formed it - by archaeological standards - recently. About four thousand years ago. The glaciers have contributed to the accumulation in this area large quantities of water (due to leaching of soft rock).

the area of the lake Erie


The Name of this lake comes from the name of an Indian tribe that lived in the area. Erie – the Iroquois tribe that once settled on the southern shores of the reservoir. The word is translated as “an elongated tail”. And that is due to the totem tribe – the Puma. In the sand dunes of the coast of the ancient inhabitants of the paved hunting paths among gorgeous oak. The fact that only this kind of trees grow in local banks. There was even a special term. “Oak Savannah” - so called this wonderful region. Local residents, as in many other places, destroyed the colonialists. The first white that came to its shores, was the Frenchman Louis Jolie. He explained a settlement here, which became the beginning of colonization of the region. Erie was known during the Anglo-American war. There had been a Grand water battle. Ships under the leadership of the American Oliver hazard Perry defeated the British fleet.


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city on lake Erie


In connection with the intensification of human activities lakes Erie and Michigan, as well as other, has undergone destructive changes that threaten the local flora and fauna. So, in the sixties of the last century, they significantly increased the level of phosphates. This has created a threat to the existence of algae. They die and decay, creating dead zones. Fish there is, of course, also could not survive. Only serious intergovernmental work (USA and Canada) put an end to this process. Dirty water disposal was minimized. The lake began to recover. Some time in this industrially caught fish. For example, sturgeon, living in the local depths, up to three-four meters. However, it turned out that the local fish are dangerous to health. Her catch is now not possible. It should be noted that the climate here is ideal for agriculture, and what are the residents of the district. In both countries, located on the shores of lake Erie, developed winemaking, producing a product known in many countries of the world.

lake Erie and Michigan


Today on the banks of the lake flourishes the agriculture. With canadian grown fruits and vegetables. The area is considered to be exceptional. In the United States near the lake and cultivated grapes. Developed shipping. Among other local lakes, it is most intense. In this unique area, created several parks, which are engaged in protection of wildlife. The most famous one on the right is long point. The border between the United States and Canada that is on the water, not guarded. Anyone can cross freely. The city on lake Erie - Cleveland is famous for its lighthouse. Him come take a look when it is completely covered with ice, presenting a wonderful sight. The shores of the lake popular among tourists. They tell interesting stories, many of which are quite reliable. So, many times recorded optical phenomena, visual pribezhavshie canadian shore to the North American. People saw him as if at arm's length. But in fact, it was more than eighty kilometers.

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