A monument "back Front" in Magnitogorsk – the final part of the great triptych


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For 30 years, there is a monument "Rear – Front” in Magnitogorsk. The younger generation of residents think that he towered over the Urals always. monument to the rear of the front in MagnitogorskA Wonderful monument, made by talented people is the first monument to the selfless work and heroism of the workers in the rear.

Two first great monument

The great sacrifice of the peoples of the Soviet Union, born in the years of the great Patriotic war, erected many monuments. But the most remarkable and important is a triptych that includes three of the monument, located at a distance of thousands of kilometers from each other and United by one idea-the struggle and victory of Soviet people over Nazi Germany. These were built with world-famous monuments at different times and were not originally conceived as a whole. A grandiose monument «Warrior-liberator” in Treptow on the spree embankment was erected in 1949 in honor of the great Victory. In 1967 he created one of the most beautiful statues in the world, which is the compositional center of the ensemble, sculpture ‘Motherland calls!”. The author of these masterpieces became the brilliant Evgeny Viktorovich Vuchetich. Both sculptures, one of which symbolizes the call to battle with the enemies, and the second is their complete defeat and the pain of understanding of the huge price paid for the victory, holding the sword. He outstretched into the sky and wearily lowered the swastika is a symbol of struggle and victory and at the same time the common idea of both monuments.

Related one idea

In 1979, a monument «back Front” in Magnitogorsk. This massive monument was conceived as the final part of a triptych that tells the world about the greatness of spirit of the Soviet people – and in the rear and at the front, and in a moment of great Victory. In the world there is absolutely nothing equal to it is United by a common idea of monuments. The author of the last part of the triptych is a sculptor Leo Golovnitsky. The architect of the wonderful monument was Yakov Borisovich Belopol'skii, who was the author of the first two monuments. This fact is very symbolic and, indeed, as it closes in the ring triptych.

Feat tylovikov

The Monument «back Front” in Magnitogorsk delivered by accident. Of course, the entire rear of the vast country worked under the slogan “Everything for the front, everything for victory”.monument to the unity of the front and rear in Magnitogorsk But the share of the defense enterprises of the capital of the Chelyabinsk region was unprecedented – every second tank and every third shell fell on the front of here. People worked day and night and died right near the machines.


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Description of the Magnitogorsk monument

That is a monument "back Front" in Magnitogorsk? For its construction on the banks of the Ural was covered by a 18-metre reinforced concrete frame inside, Kurgan. Itself a two-figure composition, made of bronze with a height of 15 meters depicts the moment of adoption by the warrior sword of Victory forged by the workers of the rear. Sculptures are facing each other – working, handed sword, deployed in the direction of the Magnitogorsk factories to the East, and the warrior, who took it, towards the front line, to the West. The sword is the pinnacle of the composition, will be raised later over the field of the battle of Stalingrad, which became a turning point in the war, and omitted to prostrate a swastika in Berlin.

A Magnificent ensemble on the banks of the Ural

The Eternal flame burns in the stone rose, made of Karelian granite. The sculptures themselves working and warrior was cast in the factory in Leningrad. Complete the monument «Unity of front and rear" in Magnitogorsk two trapezoid shape with a height of just below 2 metres, on which are carved the names of Magnitogorsk citizens - heroes of the Soviet Union who received this title during world war II.the author of the monument to the rear of the front in Magnitogorsk In 2005, a beautiful monument was complemented by two marble triangles, which were immortalized the names of residents who died at the front. Only the names of about 14 000 people. The author of the monument «Back – Front” in Magnitogorsk Lev Nikolayevich Golovnitsky more than adequately completed the great triptych.

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