The mysterious constellation of the Dragon


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The Constellation of the Dragon (Dra) is very noticeable in the sky. It can be seen with the naked eye is a figure passes through the Small Bear, the head is to the North of Hercules, but the body is hard to see, as it consists of many weakly burning stars. Next to the Dragon are the constellations of the Northern sky as the Big and Small dipper, Hercules. It is located next to Hercules for a reason: if you remember the legend, the dragon in the sky - this is the same serpent that has lost the battle, was defeated by the hero in the garden.

DracoIn antiquity first saw the constellation of the Dragon inhabitants of Mesopotamia. There are several mythological versions of his origin. According to mythology, after the secret birth of the dragon in the cave Throat, his father, a malevolent Crowns, learned of the deception and decided to kill the baby. The dragon had to turn into a serpent, and he turned their nannies in female bears. And so it appeared the constellations of the sky - the Big and Small dipper and the Dragon. This version is confirmed by the fact that all three constellations are located in the same, polar, celestial region.

Sometimes the constellation of the Dragon is associated with the legend of the Titanomachy. In the bloody battle, in the midst of it, someone threw in to the goddess Athena a giant serpent. Athena grabbed the dragon's tail, and launched it with all his strength into the sky, so he flew to constellations of the starry skyCelestial pole, where frozen to the sky. And so he stayed by the memory of the victory of the gods over the titans! But the Babylonians believed that the stars saves the evil serpent, whom God himself has entrusted Marduk this case. In many myths the dragon are terrible creature, suggestive fear on the common people. But people also believed that he is a guardian sent by the gods to protect the stars.


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The Constellation of the Dragon in the sky with considerable area component of 1083 square degrees of interest to fans of astronomy. The English astronomer James Bradley made one of the greatest discoveries associated with the constellation of the Dragon. After graduating from Oxford, constellations of the Northern skyThe University, James decided to give himself to science and began to work at the same University, later became Professor of astronomy. Having achieved remarkable success, he eventually became the Director of one of the observatories. But even before that the astronomer watched the constellation of the Dragon, trying to find the proof of the main parallactical bias, but rather to convey that the apparent periodic motion of stars in the celestial sphere is really caused by the Earth's rotation around the Sun. The astronomer did a lot of work and found the offset of the constellation, but it did not go as we would like, but in the other direction. Bradley was able to give an explanation for this fact: all his observations showed that it was caused by the orbital motion of the Earth, this served as proof.

In principle, a constellation visible throughout Russia, you can watch it for a whole year. Best of all it is noticeable in March and may. There are many interesting groups of stars, but the constellation of the Dragon is really magical, it is shrouded in mystery. That is why he had dedicated so many myths and stories.

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