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Life motto is formulated in a concise form, the principle of conduct or a call to action. It is important to the inner-motivated person. Sometimes a ready solution for the selection behavior in complex and not conducive to long meditation life situations.

Life-mottos - what is it?

Historically, life motto had different purposes and forms of expression. Broad principles of Roman emperors up to the present time serve as a measure of responsibility for the act: “the Bridges are burned». A decision not subject to further discussion and irreversible in time.life motto

In the present life principle is sometimes transmitted in the status, a trend that came along with the Internet resource. Such “principles” in the greater degree are characteristic of the views of the person, rather than a real standard for behavior. However, if you now ask a modern person about his life motto, he is likely to give your online status…

Meanings and forms

If the classical value of life principle served as the epigraph of human life, the modern principles, like the type of modern thinking – video in its essence. Today may be one and tomorrow the other principle (the status of) behavior and Outlook on life, depending on the mood, fashion, problems, and much more.

Depending on the content and form can distinguish semantic group of values that are expressed differently in modern life motto Mira:

  • Professionalnye;
  • Gendernye;
  • Istoricheskie;
  • Statusnya.

This classification is conditional applicable to the current fashion for creating ‘fashionable life principles". In the classic version of "motto" proclaims the fundamental moral rules and values of society. And one of the well-known modern principles, "treat others as you want them to treat you” - not that other, as the ordinary understanding of well-known imperative of morality of Kant. It reads: “Act so that the Maxim of your will had the force of universal law”. This postulate a what are the principles of life of great men that left a legacy of descendants the ability to live and make the decision to act in harmony with consciousness.


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Credo for the pros

The well-Known motto of physicians “do No harm!” - a vivid example of the professional ethos of doctors.life slogans with meaning the Hippocratic Oath, which give graduates a medical focus, fortunately, was and remains the norm of conduct of a professional doctor.

The well-Known motto of the teacher “I give my Heart to children" (V. A. Sukhomlinsky) are adopting many young teachers are not caught up in education.

Modern journalists, whether they have a creed? In today's world, when many fundamental things devoid of values, but endowed with many of the representatives of the oldest profession, the principle “he Who pays the Piper calls the tune" has become a credo.life motto women sorry. Because in the last century the famous writer A. Arganovskiy wrote: “Good writing is not the one who writes well and who think well”. Fortunately, there are professionals following this civil position.

Motto for men and women

“Help the woman to be weak, strong she can be without you…” Agree, it actually sounds. Of course, the element of humour it contains. But only a fraction. This popular motto tends to the emancipation of women, and by men – a yearning for delicate and weak woman, which, unfortunately, scarce. In tune with the life motto of the women that her “strength in weakness” confirms the correctness of men…

If seriously to speak about credo gender (differences by gender) aspect, then, of course, currently, the change in the conditions of life of the human community as a whole dictates new moral norms of behavior of both men and women. And this inevitably leads to conflict of nature and social roles of the sexes in the modern civilization.

Your credo, or Highlight summary

In our harsh life there is always a place for creativity. Trying to keep their individuality, looking for work and… why to “sell”, put in the standards at the first stage of finding its place under the sun.

How similar and the same type of summary. Stationery style broadcasts about themselves and create a character without a face and character. You can try to do an experiment. To read the summary to any friends to see if they will be able to understand what summary – yours?

It Is impossible to shift the emphasis and make the element of emotion, and once it will gain a unique authorship. Life motto for summary: “what does not kill makes you stronger!” or “whether to beat my head against the wall, if there is a door” they anticipate your actions in case of nonstandard situation. And talk about you rather than the ‘experience and functional responsibilities”.

In fact, life motto for summary reports is not so much about actions rather reveals the evaluation criteria for the selection of principle. And it is easy enough to understand the essence of man.

Life mottos great people – rules for the management of the mind

The Great Gaius Julius Caesar immortalized his name in the life motto of “Came. Saw. Won”. The principle of winner in life. Saying Stanislavsky “the Theater begins with a hanger" ordered, thinking about the main thing not to forget about the little things.life mottoes of great men Perfectionism hidden in the famous words of the composer Franz Liszt: the ‘Good or no!” the Great pathos lies in the words of Goethe: “he alone is worthy of life and liberty, who every day for them is to fight!”.

It's not just nice words, they are principles of life, which they personified. Great meaning life motto is not only to proclaim the idea, but to follow her in the practice of life. Life mottos of great people there “rule for the management of the mind”, as he wrote no less famous Rene Descartes.

Credo and status - what is the difference?

The Modern principles meet the character of our time. They are animated, fast-paced, usually cheerful, are a dose of healthy cynicism, tend to the humorous form of expression. “Take everything from life!” – the slogan of the consumer. “Wanted as better-it turned out as always" random aphorism Viktor Chernomyrdin caught on to characterize the mismatch of desires and possibilities. “whatever is done to the best of us” - justification of the inability to manage life.

What is the difference between the newfangled «status» and motto? The difference in the content of the concept. life motto teacher

Status – lacking development. It is static, no motion. Apologetics what it is. Life motto, in essence – the human desire to dream, goals, desires.

How to make life viable?

The Great people were, are and will be. As well as the thoughts that lead to the achievement of brilliant ideas. You can, of course, and not to think about the meaning of life. Then get only the status of a statement of fact that there is a condition, day, desire, and the man himself has a place in this world.

Life slogans with meaning – the great engine to the goal. This should not be an artificial concern or a dream. In the motto of hidden inspiration in anticipation of fact, when people “burn” and live their purpose. Not manic, and consciously decides tasks on the path to self-realization and makes the world so much richer and more perfect, so far as his own ability to reveal his “I”.life motto teacher

Think about it, what's your credo?


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