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Want to learn how to dress up on Christmas? We will now consider some interesting options. An old tradition that has survived to the present day, accompanies every Christmas called, of course, Christmas carols. In a festive evening people gather with friends, sing songs and dress up in a special way, grabbing the gift bag, go walk in the neighboring houses. How to dress for a Christmas Carol, vividly described in the works of Nikolai Gogol.


how to dress up on Christmas carols

The Most popular costumes for Christmas are the images of totem animals. The Nam mummers – fun, complementing carols for Christmas. How to dress up? The answer to this question will tell the inner mood. After suit – is only part of a complete image. Most often dress up as a bear or goat, but also popular are deer or spirit. To create a costume does not require special design skills. For example, goats will fit perfectly, the sheepskin coat turned wrong side up – here and ready traditional coat.

Will Also suit the light coat of Karakul. The person must wear a mask of a goat. If you can manage to get the horns, the costume will not be equal. They can be done independently. For example, soak with white glue the paper and roll it, giving the necessary form. Have goat horns. A beautiful woman usually give birth in the house, then in songs and poems asking for gifts.

Optional attributes

how to dress for a Christmas carols

Thinking about how to dress up for the carols, should prepare additional attributes for fun. For example, tambourine, bells, staff, and canvas bag. All of these items is not so difficult to find. Can I borrow a tambourine in the kindergarten group, there is always this good enough. The staff are easy to build from a stick of a MOP or floor brush. It is best to paste over a bright hologram with paper or tape. At the top you can attach bells to when tapped on the ground they made a sound. And of course, the main symbol of the holiday – the star of Bethlehem. You can run it from the foil and secure it on the pole.


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How to dress for a Christmas Carol? If all of the options are selected the image of a bear, then worry about the whole costume is not worth it. For playing in the role is very well suited fur Cape for the shoulders in the form of skins. If you can find a hat in the same design, the costume will only be supplemented with a bear mask on the face. Of course, in the case where there is real skin, and even with the head of a bear, the image will be flawless. On hand it would be appropriate to wear leather gloves brown or black. In the paws of the bear it is better to give diamonds, tied with bright satin ribbons.

carols for Christmas how to dress up


Who will put on Christmas carols and, most importantly, how to make a costume? Can - deer. For costume suit of brown cloth from which to sew the head and drape on the chest. The eyes are made from buttons sewn. The nose and mouth can be drawn with the marker. Horns it is convenient to carry made of fabric and stuffing it with polyester batting, wool or silicone filler.

In addition there are good leather gloves. Similarly, you can make a suit horses. Suitable fabric black, gray or brown. Exactly the same principle is sewn to the head. The mane can be made from fur, crochet, fringe for curtains or other material. Also the horse would be good to make the body. This fabric is simply sewn from three panels. Their length should be designed for two people, the rear will be in the suit in the bent and tilted forward state. Back width is taken approximately on the scale of the shoulder.

National costume

who will put on Christmas carols

If animals did not choose, but because you never know how to dress up on Christmas, it is always possible to wear national costume. You will need a chemise or shirt, a skirt of red or blue cloth, apron, wide waist belt, which can be done independently of any length of fabric, and useful coat. It can be a sheepskin coat, fur coat or other fur, most importantly, to measure national character. The head may be square scarf bright colorful colors or a Hoop of flowers. It is possible to assemble. For the basis of your regular headband, which with the help of glue gun or "Moment" is necessary to attach an artificial flower buds. The wreath can be done using colored paper. Decor of small flowers will be just right.


Now I understand how to dress up on Christmas. Think of your costume and then bringing this idea to life, we should all get together. After putting on festive looks you should not forget to take all necessary attributes. Also better together to warm up, and at the same time and repeat the carols that are going to sing friendly company. Sometimes the voices and musicality of the speech of ordinary people are striking to the core.

But the hospitable owner never stinted on gifts and treats, as well as, likely to show financial generosity. For this case, as for the most fun, is to prepare and how to try. Christmas – it is a magical period, with special sacrament taking place.


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