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Reisen mark – the great Soviet Opera singer, whose voice covered two and a half octaves and which was subject to all the bass parts without exception. The Guinness book of records has replenished thanks to his performance at the Bolshoi theatre in the 90 years the performance of the party of the “Eugene Onegin”.


In the village of zaytsevo near a major railway junction Nikitovka in 1895, was born reyzen mark. He was born in a large and happy family of truck of coal had five children. Grandparents lived with the family, but in a separate outbuilding. Take care of everyone mother. The family was musical. All knew how to play the mandolin, balalaika, guitar and harmonica. Great fun happened in the evenings when I played this ensemble.

Military youth

At the age of 19 he was drafted into the army, as the country took part in the First world war. Mark was wounded twice, was in the hospital, received two military awards for their valor and bravery - the George cross III and IV degrees. In the army, with the participation of cornet Emel sang to the accompaniment of the regimental band. It turned out so good that in between battles was created an orchestra of folk instruments. But this stay between fights ended quickly. Began active combat operations in Galicia. After the first battle of reyzen mark, seriously wounded, was sent to the hospital. After this injury he was demobilized, he went to Kharkov. He was 22 years old.

The path to the music

After treatment at the hospital reyzen mark decided to become an engineer. For this, he entered the Kharkov Institute, but after much persuasion of a friend, which caused only laughter (singer – did it work for men?), he began to study at Kharkiv Conservatory. His vocal teacher in 1917 was Federico Bugamelli, who a year later went home. He called apt pupil to Italy, promised to make a star world scenes.


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Kharkov and Leningrad

But Reisen stayed in Kharkiv, and from 1921 he was a soloist at the Kharkov Opera theater. He sings the role of Pimen in "Boris Godunov". Mark reyzen while constantly studying and actors, and conductors.

Reisen mark

And in 1925 he sings already on the stage of the Mariinsky theatre in Leningrad. He is considered the successor of the Russian song tradition, coming from F. I. Chaliapin. And height and voice he is called, “out”. But the voice was unique: a powerful, flexible, velvety, with soft beautiful tone. Reisen took the band from f of the great octave (very low note) to the a-flat first. The diction of the singer were perfect.


Such an artist could not fail to notice in the capital, and invited him on tour. He performed in the Great Opera "Prince Igor", in which he sang the title role. After that he was invited in the government's Lodge and the chief said, not taking excuses that now mark Osipovich will work at the Bolshoi theatre.

Reisen mark Osipovich

And while in Leningrad, his family was life, had to withdraw from the scene and immediately move to Moscow. Stalin's decision was law for all, no exception and mark Osipovich Reisen. Biography of him is now forever associated with the Bolshoi theatre. Here he received three Stalin prizes (1941, 1949, 1951), three orders of Lenin (1937, 1951, 1976), order of the red banner (1955), the order of Friendship of peoples (1985), the title of people's artist of the USSR (1937). So acknowledged the contribution of the singer's homeland.Marc Reisen's biography

Those who heard singing and playing mark reyzen, awards and prizes considered rightly deserved. At the Bolshoi theatre for twenty five years mark Osipovich performed all the leading bass parts. Remember, both actors standing with him side by side on the stage and the audience created the images. That's the insidious mocking Mephistopheles, handsome of the handsome, mockingly serenading a Margarita. Here crouching and gradually drop down from the quietest piano to powerfully raised in praise slander Basilio. Here Susanin, a man of the people, capable of heroic defense of the homeland, a drama which revealed the singer a lot working on this image. Full of dignity and nobility Gremin. Is torn, and suffers from Boris Godunov. But the most vivid image – say it – Dositheus. This became possible due to the high vocal and acting abilities of the singer. After all, even turning back to the audience in the party, he fills the whole room with his voice conveyed all the nuances and shades of feelings of the character. Makeup and costume to each party, the actor picked himself using historical sources and not forgetting your own individuality.

mark Osipovich Reisen's biography

But every image with every new performance improved, as it is a long process and not confined only to the rehearsals before the premiere. And the result appeared before the astonished audience the image that was merged and gestures, and music, and voice into a unified whole.

Concert activity

A Lot of time and with great interest the actor worked in the genre of pop. His repertoire was extensive, comprising about one hundred and fifty romances by Russian and foreign artists. Estrada – this is a special world, where everything depends only on the executor, where there is no theatrical make-up and costume, loyal assistants on stage. Piano, concertmaster and performer of the one-on-one with the listener. And every work it is necessary to reincarnate. Here reyzen mark Osipovich sings Russian folk songs, and then lyrical ballads. Here is he with a sense of humor to sing “Titular Counsellor” Dargomyzhsky.

Great craftsmanship and depth present in the execution Reisen solo parts in the requiems of Mozart and Verdi, Beethoven. To touch these masterpieces – great responsibility for the artist and joy for the listener.

mark reyzen awards

At the age of 97 passed away mark reyzen. His biography - the biography of a happy man-he loved his work, and the audience loved him.


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