The meaning of the idiom "Like a squirrel in a wheel": the origin of life and modern expressions


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If you think about the symbol of our age, just want to refresh your memory of the meaning of the idiom “just”. Interpretation of the meaning of sayings inherited from I. A. Krylov, and we'll get to below.

Plot of the fable (origin)

The well-Known story - the holiday festivities. The fair brought the wonderful miracle – a squirrel in a wheel. She runs around the circle. People look and wonder. Near the fairground tent, the place where the animal gives the idea stood a tree, and on it sat a thrush. And he's a squirrel, what does she do? She answers that the great master works tender. Squirrel is too busy, can't even find time for a full dinner. Yes there are lunch, even to call the poor guy - and that is once!meaning of the idiom as a squirrel in a cage

Blackbird, leaving the scene of observation and seeing how squirrel again ran in a circle, philosophically observes: “it is Clear to me that you're running, but all the same you window”.

I Think it is clear the meaning of the idiom “just”. Nevertheless the moral with detailed explanation is in a hurry to the reader.


Taught by the writing master is not so difficult to comprehend. Each of us knows people who are fond of the imitation activity, but it has no core, no sense. It is in such and beats fable. Man can rush, to run, to jump, but his efforts have no direction – he is all the time on the site. The meaning of the idiom “just” suggests simple morality.

Modern life idiom

Now the meaning of the expression softened a bit: it is now worthy of comparison with a squirrel any person who is too busy. Take, for example, office workers.

Ordinary Manager does every day about the same – calls to clients and paperwork. Not too a variety of work, isn't it? And can, quite naturally, sometimes have the feeling the cycle and the senselessness of it all. But the feeling of uselessness of the work in this case imaginary. The firm, which employs people, keeps them. And our whole civilization rests on the backs of work horses. And the latter mistakenly confuse yourself with rodents. It is clear that the meaning of the idiom “just” softened these days.


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hamster wheel origin

A Lot of things – this is the reality of almost every modern man. But do not despair and think about the different animals. You need to accept your fate and understand that it is not so bad. Yes, from time to time it happens that near is “Robin” and he in one second devalue all the activities, perhaps even brings “squirrel” satisfaction. The advice is simple: don't pay attention to all kinds of spiteful critics.

We analyzed the expression “just”, its origin and significance, as well as morality.

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