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Both land and water turtles are suitable for keeping at home. Their care is simple: an aquaterrarium or a terrarium and the necessary equipment are enough. And in order for the reptile to live long and be healthy, it is important to know how to feed it properly. Read about it in our article.

For some reason, many have a very strong belief that turtles eat so little at home that their maintenance is literally for nothing. And this is regardless of which of them will be at home - sea or land. An exception is made only for giant reptiles that live in the distant southern seas or crawl on the equally distant Seychelles Islands. It is already clear to everyone that not everyone can feed such a colossus.what turtles eat at home

Every second person asked about what turtles eat at home says that for this reptile, the limit of dreams in terms of lunch is a casually thrown lettuce leaf, which she reluctantly chews and immediately falls asleep in order to usefully digest such a satisfying and healthy dish.

Meanwhile, many of these creatures are the real predators. For example, red-eared turtles, which are often sold in stores, need meat. Especially young individuals who eat both ordinary minced meat and boiled or raw fish with equal pleasure. But you should not feed them only meat all the time. Vegetable food should be included in the mandatory diet of these beautiful creatures. The older your Tortilla gets, the more you need to shift its nutrition towards exclusively plant-based products. By the way, if you plant algae in an aquarium with a reptile, it will regularly eat them, thus providing itself with the necessary amount of fiber.

what does a pet turtle eat

What kind of turtle can I have at home

Aquatic species include:

  • Red-eared;
  • Trionix chinese;
  • Musky.

To keep a water turtle, an aquaterrarium with a small island is needed - a piece of land slightly rising above the water. The fact is that waterfowl reptiles have pulmonary respiration, so they need to periodically get to the surface.

Aquaterrarium must be equipped:

  • Filter for water purification;
  • With a heater (the temperature comfortable for a turtle is 24-27 degrees);
  • With a heating lamp;
  • UV lamp (stimulates the production of vitamin D3);
  • With soil (stones are better suited, sand cannot be used);
  • Decorative ornaments (driftwood, figurines, large stones);
  • Live plants.

Of the land turtles, the Central Asian one is suitable for home keeping. For a pet, you will need a terrarium, the minimum size is 100x50x30. The reptile should have enough free space for comfortable movement.

As equipment , you will need:

  • Soil for reptiles;
  • A drinking bowl with water in which the turtle can fit completely, since these reptiles drink with their skin;
  • Shelter house;
  • Live plants;
  • Heating lamp;
  • Uv lamp.

As you can see, the conditions of detention for the two species are very similar. So which kind to choose? Cleaning a terrarium of a land turtle is much easier than cleaning an aquaterrarium. Also, in the case of a long trip, you can take a pet with you, but aquatic reptiles look very impressive, and they have much more species than land ones.

Important! Many species of turtles are on the verge of extinction, so they are sold illegally. In order to avoid problems with the law, we recommend purchasing pets in verified places that have all the necessary documentation.

In fact, most often there are ordinary marsh turtles in the houses, brought home as souvenirs from dachas and picnics. If you, not knowing what domestic land turtles eat, start feeding your "trophy" with lettuce and cabbage, then it will not live with you for a year. In summer, such creatures like to feast on pond snails, bloodworms or earthworms. From now on, you will have to supply all this unappetizing diet to the turtle, since in your apartment it is unlikely to be able to feed itself by hunting on its own. However, if you decide not to start a separate aquarium for her, but plant her as a companion to your favorite fish, then she will be able to hold out for some time on such food. Just do not forget to regularly bribe new voilehvostok and catfish in the pet store. But it is impossible to keep a reptile on an exclusively meat-fish diet. From what turtles eat at home, it is possible to single out shrimp and liver in a separate position. This is a real treat for them, these products should not be given to them every day.


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what do land turtles eatIf you don't want to regularly supply your pet with rainwater worms, then a special turtle food can help you out. Yes, this is also sold in pet stores. It is compiled by experts who know exactly what turtles eat.

At home, you can prepare an analogue of this feed yourself. It consists of cabbage, apples, fish fillets, milk, eggs and gelatin. As a vitamin supplement, you need to put a little powder obtained from the drug "Tetravit" and a few tablets of "Calcium Glycerophosphate".

Gelatin is diluted in warm water and kept a little steamed to swell. One carrot, a couple of apples, 100 grams of fish fillet are passed into the meat grinder. All this is put in gelatin, eggs are driven in and milk is added. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and cooled. Vitamins and tablets are added only to the cold mixture. Yes, it all looks extremely unappetizing, but this is exactly what a pet turtle eats with special pleasure. The resulting food is put in the refrigerator, and as needed, pieces are cut off from it, which are fed to the turtle. One serving is enough for about a week. Just don't forget to warm up the food to room temperature before pouring it into a bowl and serving it to your pet.

Feeding of land turtles

Land turtles can be omnivorous or herbivorous. It all depends on the specific type. Omnivorous turtles should eat both plant and protein foods. The approximate ratio is 50-50.

Juicy herbs or salads are suitable as vegetable food. Prohibited for consumption: potatoes; onions; garlic; radish; spinach; corn; citrus fruits.

As animal food, a pet can be given dry or frozen food for fish - bloodworms, earthworms and others. Fresh meat and fish are also acceptable, but you must be completely sure that they do not contain eggs of parasites that can harm the reptile's health. It is better to buy top dressing in the conducted places.

The reptile's diet can be varied with ready-made feeds. The benefit of such diets is that they contain all the components allowed for consumption, as well as vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, Omega-3, Omega-6. Herbivorous turtles should eat only plant foods.

We have given the list of prohibited products above. One thing is important: the reptile's diet should be balanced. To be sure that the pet receives the necessary amount of nutrients every day, we recommend choosing ready-made diets for them.

Before buying, it is necessary to carefully study the composition: there should be no animal products in it.

What to feed a water turtle

Water turtles are predators, so the basis of their diet should be protein food. Reptiles can have lean fish, meat, and some types of seafood. However, it is necessary to carry out heat treatment and buy products in proven places, since raw meat may contain parasites.

Dried, frozen or live food for gammarus fish, earthworm, crustaceans, daphnia, etc. is also suitable for a pet. It is advisable to purchase them at a pet store, where the terms and conditions of storage are observed. If you give the reptile thawed food, do it with tweezers: lower it into the water and move it slightly. So it will be easier for the turtle to notice and consume food.

However, vegetable food should also be present in the reptile's diet. You can give her small pieces of cucumber, lettuce leaves, as well as some cereals.

It is necessary to ensure that the turtle eats in a balanced way - this is important for growth, development, strong bones and shell.

Ready-made feeds for aquatic turtles contain all the components, vitamins and minerals necessary for reptiles. They are available in the form of pellets, which are convenient to swallow.It is necessary to feed a turtle up to 1 year 1 time a day, an adult pet - 1 time every 2-3 days. It takes 3-5 minutes for the reptile to get enough. The remains of food must be immediately removed from the aquaterrarium, since they, decomposing, spoil the water, as a result of which the pet may get sick and even die. In addition, food can contaminate the filter, and it will quickly fail. For convenience, at the time of feeding, you can put the turtle in a separate container with water.

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