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How to choose a tieA tie is a rather old attribute, leading its history since the time of the Roman Empire. However, the scarf that the legionnaires of those years tied around their necks very vaguely resembles modern models of this wardrobe detail.

Business time, fun - hour

Modern models of this accessory are most often worn with a classic shirt and with the same suit. However, do not forget that there are different types of ties that differ from each other in thickness, length, width, technique. Therefore, the solution to the questions of how to choose a tie and what to wear it with often depends on the specific model. First of all, let's highlight the accessories of the "business" category, which are used in the business environment, and the casual category. The latter are allowed to be worn with knitwear, casual shirts and sports jackets. Ties today occupy a worthy place in the wardrobe of every self-respecting man. Knowing how to pick up a tie under a shirt, you can favorably emphasize your business style, give a casual look, a certain element of swagger (in the good sense of the word).

How to choose a tie under a shirt

Types and materials

Standard models have a width of 9-11 centimeters at the bottom and a diamond-shaped angle. They are made either only of silk, or with the addition of wool (cashmere), or entirely of wool. If you are not sure that you know how to choose a tie correctly, start from its material. Cashmere options are suitable for less formal events, but silk ones are the opposite. Ties made of cotton or linen require a light summer suit. They can be worn in a relaxed atmosphere with a shirt made of the same fabric from which the accessory is made. Synthetic materials cause a thermal effect on the neck, the man in it will become stuffy, the tie may begin to irritate the skin. If we talk about the producing countries, then Italy is the undisputed leader. The second place in the manufacture of silk ties is occupied by Great Britain.


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Stand out!

If you are an adherent of casual style, then you probably wondered how to choose a tie of an interesting non-standard shape. One of the ideal options in this regard is a North American model with a leather lace. It has a clip in its design, which can be in the form of a medallion, a skull, etc. Such an attribute of men's wardrobe is still popular both in the United States of America and in European fashion. There are, of course, other less formal models that are not suitable for a business wardrobe, but they can be worn to a party, to a club, to a fashion exhibition. These are knitted ties made of silk or cotton. They look more like a sock, often have a flat bottom without extensions or corners.How to choose a tie color

How to choose a tie color?

The official version of such an accessory is black or dark blue. It should have a standard width and go well with light shirts and a dark gray suit. If you are going to an important conference where you have to represent your company, give preference to burgundy shades. Romantic mood can be beaten with light pink and other delicate color solutions. The only thing that should be avoided by people who do not know how to pick up a tie is knitted models. Their apparent simplicity requires an absolutely firm hand in choosing the right shirt. Almost any tie is suitable for monochrome models, but even a "classic" will look out of place if a short-sleeve shirt is worn.

Do not use a monotonous color/pattern/pattern

Striped suit, striped shirt and striped tie look bad! Combining all this is extremely difficult. At least one detail should be chosen of a different pattern. The same applies to the same colors and patterns on clothes.

The most versatile option – suit and shirt should be matched in contrasting colors. In turn, the tie should complement the color of the suit. When dealing with patterns and/or pattern, stick to the rules:

  • Fabric with a pattern to combine with a plain fabric;
  • Fabric with a large pattern, combine with a small pattern.

Playing with color

If you ask me which tie will go with a blue suit, then I will answer you any. A tie of almost any color will go with a blue suit or a light blue shirt. Blue or burgundy colors for a tie are universal. For example, if you chose a blue suit and a white shirt, then the best choice for such a combination would be a dark blue or burgundy tie. These shades of colors will perfectly harmonize and cause positive emotions in others.

You can play with shades of the same color, for example, combining a bright purple suit with a white shirt and a light purple tie. Or two dark shades and one light. Even the combination of black and white is appropriate here. Try to develop a sensitivity to the combination of colors. This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. You can read in more detail how to choose the color of a men's suit in previous publications.

Striped suit and shirt

The main rule when combining striped things is that the stripes should be of different widths! Indeed, one of the ways to form a slightly informal image for a man is to wear a striped suit. However, wearing a striped shirt or tie, the width of which is very close to the width of the suit strip, is a big mistake.

The fact is that others will see you from afar and they will have "ripples" in their eyes. Everything will merge: suit, shirt, tie. Therefore, I recommend using a maximum of 2 things with stripes, and necessarily of different widths. The third detail would be good to match the color of the stripes that are present on the first two parts. For example, a blue suit with a thin white stripe, a white plain shirt and completes the trio with a burgundy or blue tie with a wide white stripe.

Two different cells

Use a different cage on the clothes. Your informal image can easily be supported by clothes in a cage. Even better, if the cell is of different widths.

Two different patterns

While the size of the stripes or cells of the two things should be different, this rule does not work with two different patterns/patterns.It is better not to use small drawings on different parts of the wardrobe.

It is possible to combine patterns, but there is a limitation. A large drawing on one thing fits a large drawing of another thing. For example, a tie with large cucumbers fits a shirt with a wide stripe. A jacket in a large cage can be combined with a tie with wide stripes.

Many different patterns

It is quite difficult to combine many different patterns/textures of fabric, but it is permissible. For example, a suit with a herringbone pattern, a plaid shirt and a striped tie is quite a bold solution for a Friday dress code.

Two identical patterns combined with a third

If you are brave in changing your image and like to experiment, then you should not be scared by the combination of a plaid jacket, a plaid shirt and a patterned breast scarf. At the same time, you can use a plain tie.

The rule of necessity to combine different sizes of the drawing works here. In my example, the dominant pattern is a cage, so the whole difficulty lies in the selection of a breast scarf or tie.

If you have a small cage, it is better to choose a large pattern on a scarf or tie. Contrasts should not be too provocative. Everything is in moderation.

Three identical patterns

If you have remarkable courage and a large wardrobe, then you can try to find a combination of three identical patterns.

I can recommend the following combination: A suit with a medium-width stripe or cage, a shirt with a small stripe or cage and a tie with a wide stripe or cage. You also need to choose the color of the whole image so that everything fits harmoniously.

The last rule

If you are in doubt about which clothes to choose or how to combine different patterns, make the image simple. Especially if your budget is limited and there is no way to spend on experiments.

Buy a suit, for example, in a medium-sized cage. Choose plain, not bright colors from shirts. Buy some bright ties. Even better, if you buy a couple of handkerchiefs for ties and read how to fold a breast scarf. It is enough to buy one suit, 2 – 3 shirts, 3 – 4 ties and a pair of breast scarves to make dozens of combinations and images for all occasions.

In conclusion

So, we have reviewed 10 rules that are not so difficult to follow when choosing your wardrobe. Try to combine different colors, drawings, patterns of several wardrobe details, do not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes it's worth moving away from classical images to dilute the gray and boring shades that sometimes surround us.

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