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According to numerous polls of sociologists, a cat is the most beloved pet. Often these furry creatures become nothing more than family members. A few years pass, people remain almost the same, and their pets begin to age. In this regard, many owners have a question about how long the cat lives. how long does the cat liveThe answer to it depends on a variety of factors. Further in the article we will consider in detail the main ones.

The average life expectancy of this animal is about 15 years. However, this figure can vary in a fairly wide range. With a high degree of probability, we can say that the answer to the question of how long a cat lives depends on:

  • Is it a pet or a street animal;
  • Has such an operation been carried out, how castration;
  • How carefully the owners monitor the cat's health;
  • How balanced the animal's diet is;
  • What is his heredity;
  • does the cat have the opportunity to realize his motor activity.

how long do cats live on averageSo the figure of 15 years, showing how long cats live on average, is usually very inaccurate. It often happens that this indicator can be less or more than almost twice. For example, the average life expectancy of a street cat is about 6 years. Among the pets, there are individuals who have managed to live for 30 years or more.

The thing is that although cats are agile and hardy enough animals, everything happens on the street: a struggle for territory, wounds and, as a result, infection and disease. Cats can get rid of some infections themselves. They are not able to overcome other diseases on their own.

Interestingly, in our Russian conditions, a cat most likely will not be able to exist for a long time outside the city. Scientists have specially set up an experiment, the purpose of which was to find out how long a cat lives in the wild. They collected a large number of homeless animals, which were subsequently released into the forest. how long do domestic cats live After a while it turned out that almost all of them died, even though there were a huge number of rodents in this territory. In this case, the cause of death of animals were mainly predators – foxes, wolves, bears and even birds.

Owners of neutered individuals often ask themselves the question of how long domestic cats live. If the animal does not have obesity, then it will live a little longer than usual. Such cats are much more affectionate than non-castrated ones, experience much less stress and, with a properly designed diet, can live up to 20 years or more. So, having performed this operation, you will provide yourself with a slightly longer communication with your pet.

The life expectancy of a cat is directly dependent on the breed. The difference in this case can be quite significant. According to statistics, representatives of oriental breeds – Burmese, Siamese, etc. - live the longest. Persians are also considered long-livers. These cats have a tendency to genetic disease. An animal that has escaped such a nuisance will live up to fifteen years in any case.

If the owners want their pet to stay with them as long as possible, of course, you need to properly develop the cat's diet and carefully monitor its health. Then the answer to the question of how long the cat lives will lose its importance for many years.

Stages of the feline life cycle

This moment does not depend much on who lives with you: the British, Burmese and mongrel fuzzies go through approximately the same development cycles.


The first six months of a kitten's life are intense and interesting. For the owners, too.

For the first two weeks, the kitten's life is centered around mom and mother's milk. By the age of four weeks, babies acquire certain skills and become independent. They master the tray and already eat on their own.

At three or four months old babies begin to leave their mother and the nursery. At 4 months old kittens lead active games through which they learn the world.


It starts at Six months and lasts up to two years. This is the beginning of puberty. Kittens are already fully developed physically and intellectually. In a year, a cat can already give birth and nurse offspring, but usually pregnancy occurs in a year and a half. In cats, growing up is delayed untilTwo years.


Lasts from two years to six. After this age, cats in kennels are removed from breeding.

But with proper care, animals can reproduce at a more mature age.


Begins At the age of seven. Adult animals are calm and full of energy.

Old age

It starts approximatelyAt the age of 11. If the animals do not have any diseases, the life of cats does not change much. Gastronomic preferences and the need for sleep may change.

Advanced age

These are animals that have lived up to 15 years.In the later stages of life, cats become calm, lose interest in games and need the care of their owners.

But this division can be called conditional. In the fifteenth year of life, cats may well be mobile and playful. Some of them set records. So, one of the representatives of the Nibelung breed gave birth to kittens at the age of 28.

How many years do street cats live

Kittens that were born on the street or in the basement often die in the first months of their life. Living conditions do not imply strong immunity, they lack light and heat, and because of unsanitary conditions, they constantly suffer from viral diseases.

The average life expectancy of cats on the street Is 5-7 years, only the strongest survive to ten. There are many causes of death:

  1. Human cruelty.
  2. Vehicles, under the wheels of which many stray dogs and cats die.
  3. Malnutrition, poisoning by waste.
  4. Cold weather.

It is even worse for cats that the owners refused. They are not adapted to such conditions, because they have almost no chance of living on the street for at least a year.

How many years do domestic cats live

Over the past two decades, the life expectancy of domestic cats has changed somewhat. Previously, people didn't know much about the culture of their maintenance and care, veterinary care was different, many cats and cats had access to the street. There was no access to information about proper nutrition.

Over the years, the cat's life expectancy has increased by five years. Today pets delight the owners of 12-15 years old.

The record holder among living cats is Lucy from the UK. Her owners have already changed, so it's not so easy to say exactly how many years this cat has lived.

The current owner says he remembers Lucy running around his aunt's shop 40 years ago. Lucy still catches mice, and only hearing impairments remind her of her age.

There was another record holder in the UK. Spike the cat lived in one of the villages. He lived for 30 years. This is a fixed figure. Interestingly, at the age of 19, he got into a fight with a dog and was seriously injured. Veterinarians did not give any positive prognoses, but Spike lived for another 11 years. Thus, he confirmed that cats have nine lives.

Factors reducing life expectancy

First, we are talking about the habitat. Nutrition is very important. You can't feed a cat with "human" food and cheap feed. This can provoke endocrine diseases. Natural nutrition is acceptable and safe, but it requires a certain amount of time and effort from the owner. If it is not possible to feed the pet with natural food, it is recommended to go to the veterinarian and take tests. The food should be recommended by a doctor.

Cats do not tolerate temperature changes well. Domestic cats are not recommended to be allowed outside. But even at home, the animal should be able to move actively. Do not forget to buy toys for your pet. You can take part in his games yourself. But it is better to close the windows with special anti-glare grids.

The life span of cats also depends on whether they are neutered or not. The inability to realize the sexual instinct and hormonal surges can lead to diseases. Frequent childbirth also undermines the health of cats. That's why doctors recommend castrating or sterilizing pets.

Does the breed affect how long cats live? It used to affect. So, it was believed that mongrel Murki and Timothy live longer. But with proper care, pedigreed cats can also become centenarians. So, Persians can live for two decades, but extreme athletes cannot boast of such longevity, because they are susceptible to many diseases.

Shortens the life of animals and closely related crossing.

If you decide to have a thoroughbred cat, you can find out in advance what diseases the selected breed is predisposed to. Thus, the already mentioned Persians are often prone to kidney and bladder diseases, as well as to cardiac pathologies.

Factors that increase life expectancy

It is in your power to give your pet a few extra years of life. How long the cat will live at home depends on your care.

Here are the main factors:

  1. Balanced nutrition. Today, most veterinarians believe that industrial feed is better than natural. But here a lot depends on the quality. The food must be at least premium class. Additionally, you need to give vitamins and biologically active additives for cats.
  2. It is necessary to vaccinate the animal without fail and in a timely manner. Even if the cat does not walk on the street, treatment from helminths and fleas should be carried out every three to four months. It is also necessary to regularly carry out preventive examinations at the veterinarian.
  3. Sterilization and castration. We wrote about it above. But you should know that after this operation, cats and cats need a special diet.

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