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A Cat for many centuries, is a favorite pet animal of human. She's funny, smart, warm and incredibly independent. This pet practically does not Express his emotions, unlike dogs, not so glad to arrival of the owner home from work, but still love him, indulge, caress. And, of course, each owner of the furball you want to know about your pet as much as possible. Today we will try to find out why cats have 9 lives, about their "healing properties" and many other interesting things. I would also like to stop by your house, when the animal is alone, to see what it does. And then a little rest and tell the incredible and funny stories about cats! So, to begin, consider the question of interest to all lovers of these lovely creatures.

is it true that cats treat people

Is it True that cats treat people?

Nowadays, people often suffer from depression, fatigue and various diseases of internal organs. Affected by improper nutrition, and ecology, and lack of rest, and busy at work. Stroking the cat, her purr soothe, relieve fatigue, and is celebrated by all cat owners. With its warmth it warms, gives a sense of calm, peace, and seizes on the leg or hand, the animal shows that the owner is her need and love. That is why single women are almost always has a cat or even several. But do they know how to treat these diseases?

A Proven fact is that cats are endowed with the gift to recognize and treat the human energy. They know where the owner is sick (even if you don't know the man himself, it is not always physically felt the pain of a diseased organ), fall on this place and pull the disease. So, for the most part they treat heart ailments and stomach trouble. Cat takes a person pain and often she gets sick of the same disease, and there are plenty of recorded cases. For example, there is a story about a cat which saved its master hopelessly ill with cancer. The man recovered, and pussy the tumor, and soon she died.


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the story of a cat

"Cat kit"

All cats have the gift of healing? Scientists say that all, but their abilities depend on the breed and size. We offer you to familiarize yourself with those that know how to treat the most common and popular individuals.

  1. The larger the cat, the more her energy, so she can treat almost all the ailments.
  2. To ensure that the cat was healing, she should be friendly, sociable and Mature.
  3. Long-haired Pets such as the Persian, Burmese, Angora, Siberian and the like, copes with depression, treat anxiety.
  4. "the Persians" relieve joint pain, treat osteoarthritis.
  5. Angora perfectly diagnose a disease and accurately determine the source of disease.
  6. Bald and short-haired cats heal from diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys.
  7. European Shorthair get rid of hypertension will reduce to a minimum the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  8. Siamese representatives are somehow able to destroy the house bacteria and it is useful for the whole family. However, to treat the disease will be only beloved master.
  9. Cat "plush" coats, such as the British, do well with heart diseases.

Experts say that cats are better than relieve pain in the joints and treat them. Cats also help with nervousness and depression, struggling with internal organs diseases. Scientifically proven fact: people who have these animals live on 4-5 years longer than those who do not have this pet!

Perhaps cats are able to heal their heat because their body temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than the temperature of. But it remains a mystery of nature and the mystery of the cat!

Why cats have 9 lives?

Since ancient times it is believed that these whiskered hunters endowed with nine lives. The myth was born long ago, before the founding of Ancient Egypt. People then believed that cats so many lives were given to the gods in gratitude for the fact that they are the link between the supernatural and real worlds. Said the cat, died, reincarnated and returned to this world with the memory that was in a previous life. After nine deaths she stayed with the gods, serving them directly.

In the middle Ages, as we know, was declared a witch hunt. Why "a batch" got cats? The fact is that priests and inquisitors believed fluffy beauty accomplice of the devil out of love for night walks and glowing in the dark eyes. It was believed that a witch could turn into a cat in order to get a job to live by pious Christians, to do their "dark Affairs" discreetly. After the death of a cat took its true form, becoming a man, then a witch turned into a cat and could do so throughout life 9 times.

Scientists of today explain the 9 lives as follows: the animal can recover even from fatal diseases due to its purr, which is performed at frequencies from 22 to 45 Hertz. Such a vibration is able to heal disease, to restore and regenerate the affected tissue organs. How does it happen? Scientists working on the subject, studying this phenomenon.

Here's a story about cats. For children, it will be interesting, and they will understand that it is not necessary to verify the presence of the dangerous lives of fuzzy methods. After all, there are many cases when little children throwing a pet with balconies, in order to verify the veracity of the myths.

funny stories about cats

Second cat

Many fans of the mustachioed girls may decide to place a second humming. If it was taken into the house two kittens, then problems will arise, they will play, grow together. What happens when you bring a cat or kitten in the house, where resides a furry monster? Sure to be a lot of hissing, fur on end, spitting cat, can even tie a real fight. In any case can not intervene, the animals themselves have to meet, solve all the problems. If the fight unfolded in the life and death, it will disperse the enemies, sprinkle a little water on them.

May be a different scenario: a local "Princess" will drive the alien into a corner and would not let him out. And this is the problem with power and toilet. Put the cat in another room and allow the new resident to see the area, show her the toilet and trough. Cup cats must be kept at a distance of two meters from each other. When the "shrew" make peace, you will be moved.

To cause less trouble, bring home a second cat in a bag or box. Close her in the room, and the "mistress" let me sniff the bag, which brought new pet.

In any case, two cats in the house will be able to settle down, make friends, but it will take time. Do not interfere in the disassembly, do not attempt to bring them closer together by dragging one to another. The time will come, and the two beauties will feel comfortable when living together.

funny story


I'm Sure most people watched funny cartoon "the secret life of Pets". A cat named Chloe very relaxed feel in the absence of the owner. Plump creature with no remorse into the fridge and enjoyed choosing all the most delicious. Also the cat was helping my friends-animals living in the neighboring apartments. Of course, this is a fictional story about a cat created to ensure that people had fun watching this special. But we want to know the true history! So, American scientists have found that doing the cat alone at home, by installing the fifty volunteers of the camera. In most cases the daily routine of the animal is:

  • Observes the life of the window - 21,6% of the time;
  • Sits with other Pets and 11.8% of the time;
  • Plays with toys - 5% of time;
  • Scratch the furniture, climbs on her, including tall units - 7% of time;
  • Looks at your food or eating and 6.3% of the time;
  • Examines a variety of items, Newspapers, books and TV - 6% of the time;
  • Sits or lies under the table to 4% of the time;
  • Lying in the sink and 1.7% of the time;
  • Sleeps - 6.1% of the time.

But in the experience there is one story about a cat who managed to start a fire. She hung on one of the handles, while playing with the gas stove. Ignited nearby items, flames engulfed the kitchen. Fortunately, the fire was quickly put out, and he didn't burn down the whole apartment. The cat was not injured, but caused the hosts a loss of 50 thousand euros! It turns out that the bully has already tried to set fire to the apartment, but the owners were home, and the fire managed to be avoided.

why cats have 9 lives

A chance meeting

So, we offer fun, reading funny stories about cats. These animals are able not only to cheer their behavior, but to help make a person's personal life. Proof of this is the story about a black cat.

All superstitious people avoid to cross the road, which ran across this tricky beauty. Many turn and go the other way, so as not to get into trouble. But one girl was in the alley, only leading to her house, and then, unfortunately, she crossed a mystical creature in the form of a black cat. Walked toward the man, and he also decided to slow down, hoping that the nez...

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