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The Company “Button life” has developed a unique smart watch Aimoto Sport, reviews which are very positive. They will ensure the child's safety and parents ' peace of mind. Using modern technology, you can always watch a child and know what he's doing. The novelty will appear on sale in 2017.

"Key of life" Aimoto Sport - reviews

Features gadget

Watch Aimoto Sport reviews are from parents and children. For a child they are comfortable to use and does not interfere with the active pastime. There is the ability to instantly communicate with mom or dad. For this there is a GSM transmitter. For quick access to the clock has two buttons that can be programmed to the phone number of the mother and father. In addition to the conventional call there is a button SOS. When pressed, the specified number is sent instant alarm message.

Children Often forget to charge your gadget and it is discharged at the most inopportune moment. Kids watches Aimoto Sport, reviews proof, able to operate without recharging for 4 days. This gives parents an opportunity to notice decreasing battery and turn the unit to the network. However, even if the child is fascinated with games or viewing a variety of applications, a discharged battery is not a hindrance. Watch Aimoto Sport will always help to contact mom in an emergency.

Aimoto Sport watch - reviews

Accessory Possibilities

Watch Aimoto Sport reviews have accumulated. This is facilitated by functions that are able to perform this device. Parents can always stay connected with your child, thanks to built-in feature deployment. In addition to the standard GPS, there is also GLONASS and LBS.


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It is Important that the watch can work in normal phone, make calls, and send them.

To know exactly where they spend their free time of the child be aware of his movements, it is necessary to use a special app. Due to this, parents will know exactly where their child is walking. If you configure the available movement trajectory, crosses the permitted boundaries on the adult phone receives a signal.

Often parents are worried about if everything was okay with the baby for a walk, as you talk to him in school or section. For this the function of a quiet call. The application is typed in a special combination and you can hear what's going on surrounded by your beloved child.

Smart watches Aimoto Sport reviews are only Advisory. Children note that they are securely fixed on the hand, but it does not interfere with school and sports clubs. Often using normal phones for communication, parents complain that their children forget. In this case, the clock is always on the child's hand and impossible to forget. However, if for any reason the device is removed, parents will instantly receive a warning message.

Positive feedback deserved the SOS button. When pressed, immediately enters a warning signal for the selected room. There are also two buttons that are also configured as desired.

Smart watch life Button

More features

Watches are Quite popular Sport Aimoto. The parents confirm their convenience and availability of useful features. You can always find out how many steps a day did the child and analyze his activity. In this smart gadget will show even calories. This information is important to parents, which constitute the mode of the day for Chad, he choose the sports section and select the optimal time of rest.

In reviews often referred to the remote control. Children sometimes forgetful, and parents can remotely set the alarm, set the security zone that crossing is not recommended, or set the quiet mode call.

Feedback about the strength of the device

Impact resistant and moisture is the body, which is equipped with the clock "Button of life” Aimoto Sport. The reviews confirm that the gadget can withstand a fall on the floor and accidental water ingress. Without having to remove the device, you can even wash your hands. The case is also impervious to dust.

Protection Class declared as WR30. This means that if a child get under the shower, the device will not be affected. All internal components are securely protected.

For comfort when worn provides a soft strap made of silicone. According to the children, it is fashionable, does not RUB and does not prevent an active lifestyle. Parents like that the silicone is easy to clean and maintain its perfect look.

Smart watch Aimoto Sport & fitness


Accessory designed for children from 6 to 12 years. It has suitable design that the child in the eyes of their peers look stylish. This is a touch screen and fancy, the bright colors of the housing. You can choose a variant for girls and boys.

Smart watch Aimoto Sport, reviews children proof, very fashionable, match with any children's outfit and totally stand out of the taste preferences of children.

Aimoto Sport, reviews

Useful options

Watch relished both parents and children. A special attraction this model has a built-in camera is pretty decent quality (0.3 MP). When using hours mothers often worry about the health of the eyes of a child. In this case, no reason to worry. The display is round, with a very decent resolution of 240x240 pixels.

The product

Manufacturer "Button of life” guarantees the quality of its products and tries to make them more comfortable to use. For this the company for its innovations has developed an application Knopka911. Its use enables the user to obtain many advantages:

  1. Provides access to maps, which shows where the child is currently located.
  2. You Can control the child's device remotely from your smartphone. It is particularly important of parents think a quiet call, setting alarms, and setting safe zones.
  3. A single application can be connected for a few hours. It was appreciated by parents who have several children and need to keep track of them at the same time.
  4. You Can see all the movements of Chad and save stories to review later.
  5. On the device you can call, take an incoming call or send a message.
  6. Technical support is at a high level. Aimoto Sport, reviews confirm this, it is easy to configure. But if there are problems, the company's specialists are always ready to assist online.

Whether to install the application not only from the company website. It is available on GooglePlay. User reviews indicate that many people are so accustomed to and more convenient.

Quality indicators

Considering the watch for moving children and their caring parents. The purpose of the issue the opportunity to watch the baby while at work or away on business. Once on the market, a new model of the company «Button life”, many paid attention to it. The device is functional and is considered the best among its peers.

Not only a useful device for parents and a welcome gift will be a smart watch “Button life” Aimoto Sport. Reviews confirm the quality of the product and its security.

In the manufacture of hours used double control the quality of manufactured products. The watch is completely safe for children, which is confirmed by certificates.

It is Important that the product works in the Russian language. Often parents complain that buying Chinese counterparts, not to use 100% of apps in Chinese.

User Feedback on “Button life”

Aimoto Sport reviews is different, but in most cases positive. Among the advantages of parents highlight the good tracker, reliable GPS. It is noted that the audibility is very good, the emergency call button is triggered immediately.

The Children say that wearing the watch comfortable silicone strap rubs. If you set the clock to silent call, the audibility is very good, but others do not notice any change.

Among the deficiencies highlighted in the minor details. Some are not satisfied with the short cord on the charger. There are opinions that the location of the child gadget determines is inaccurate. However, the inaccuracy does not exceed a few meters.

The Smart watch of the company «Key of life" clear for use by children six years of age. When parents make all the necessary settings, the child remains only to click the appropriate button.

It is Important that, unlike the telephone, a child can only call established parent rooms. Calls are also accepted from authorized callers. Thus, the child is protected from unwanted contacts and spam when you receive a SMS.

Stylish design

The Watch is available in two colors. For girls you can buy pink with white, and for boys-blue with black....

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