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Every girl sooner or later wants to experience the wonderful feeling of motherhood. During pregnancy the expectant mother is trying to protect himself more, and it thoroughly monitors the health and adheres to a healthy lifestyle. But despite this, there are cases that a long-awaited baby for one reason or another, be born untimely. Why is this happening?

Crumbs, saw the world a few weeks earlier, grow a little differently than babies who have been in the womb before it was due. These kids are the stages of puberty at higher rates. To the twelve months of premature babies is almost impossible to distinguish from those that came to light in due time. For the first sixty days of kids born a few weeks earlier, require special conditions of detention. Immediately after birth they are very different from healthy kids and appearance, and the speed of increase in body mass index, and the acquisition of various skills. Consider the development of a premature baby in months.

The Kid who saw the world of late: development features


Children, saw the world in the period from the 21st to the 37th week is called preterm.

During the development of these babies there are a number of significant features:

  1. New skills they are able to learn about 40-60 days later than average children. For babies born before 32 weeks, the delay is significant – 3-4 month. Children born after this period, will lag behind in development for a couple of months.
  2. If the body weight of baby less than 1.5 kg, it required special conditions. Such children are placed in incubators. This is a special capsule where conditions are as close as possible to the womb. When you reach a weight of 1.7 kg, the child moved to a special heated bed. After the weight of the baby reaches 2 kg, it will no longer need special thermal support.
  3. The Nervous system is a premature baby has a special way. That is why the child requires attention. He should be surrounded by care and affection.

In the process of thermoregulation of the premature baby has its own quirks. The optimal temperature in the room in which the child is 20 to 22 degrees. Humidity should be 50 to 70 %.


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Differences in the external form

The Children who were born prematurely, seriously differ from term infants. Weight these babies can be very small, and the height - just a little. In addition, premature infants have a delicate wrinkled skin. In the first days after birth, it can differ in a pronounced redness. The ears of the kid very thin and even able to stick together. On the hands and feet visible barely visible hair fuzz. It is called, lanugo. The head of the baby is disproportionately large and occupies about a third of the entire length of the body. The belly of the baby also looks big enough. The umbilicus is situated lower than usual. Legs and arms look too short. The nail plate is almost transparent and very thin. Not fully formed and the external genitals. Due to the underdeveloped skull, a shift in the large Fontanelle, and little may remain fragments, not covered with leather.


smiling baby

There are four degrees of prematurity. They are associated with growth and weight indicators.

Let's Consider them in more detail:

  1. Prematurity first degree include children born at term between 36 and 37 weeks. The weight of these kids is from 2 to 2.5 kg. body Weight of the child can grow in a year 4-5 times.
  2. Premature second degree include children born in the period from the 32nd to the 35th week of pregnancy. Their weight can range from 1.5 to 2 kg. Weight increases in a year 5-7 times.
  3. Third degree of prematurity-children born between the 28th and 31st weeks of pregnancy. Weight kids can make from 1 to 1,5 kg. It is deeply premature children. The development of months of the baby is extremely fast. During the year the body weight is increased in 6-7 times.
  4. Fourth degree of prematurity is already considered extreme. Body weight is up to 1 kg. such children are Born at 28 weeks. During the year the body weight of the baby may increase 10 times.

Every month the first year of life of a premature baby has its own characteristics. To understand how to properly care for such children, it is necessary to understand all the intricacies.

The First month of life

How will the development of a premature baby in months to a year? The first 30 days kids are usually not too active. Often they are sedentary. A lot of crumbs gaining very slowly. Feed the baby using a probe, because the sucking reflex had not. If the child is not able to breathe, he held the respirator. Next to him in the first month of life must be the mother.

Second month

How to live a premature baby? In 2 months of the development becoming more active. Baby begins to gain weight and grow in length. And this growth has more than their peers born on time. But premature crumbs quickly lose strength and remain weak. It is therefore important to give them proper food. If the baby refuses breast, milk need to pump and give the desired number of times. Premature baby two months develops much more active, although he is still weakened.

Third month

kid playing

The Development of a premature baby of 3 months is characterized by the active gain weight. Many kids at this age already weigh twice more than at birth. Well baby responds to light and sounds, but most of the time spends in sleep.

The Fourth month of life

Many parents today are interested in how quickly come back to normal premature infants. Development months, weight, height of the baby – here are the main questions. A four-month premature baby can now lift and hold the head. Also the kid in this time learning to fix the gaze, begins to make a noise resembling a buzz. The daily routine of the child must include exercises, walking, swimming and massage. Especially important in this period is not to stop breastfeeding. He needs contact with mother and useful nutrients. At this age, may also increase muscle tone. As a result, the child will be difficult to meet and to Wake up.

Fifth month

How is the development of a premature baby in months to a year? In five months the child can give mother's first conscious smile. Muscle tone slightly increased, so traffic can be a bit spasmodic. The baby is still able to hold a small rattle. Mental development is a very fast pace. The baby begins slowly to navigate in space and to perceive sound.

Sixth month

baby 6 months

Six months after birth the baby slowly begins to catch up in the development of their full-term peers. The weight of the baby triples in comparison to how he was born. He slowly begins to learn close to babble. Also at this time, the baby can already play with toys independently. The development of a premature baby at 6 months, almost no different from healthy kids. If to support him under the arms, it can even bounce legs.

Seventh moon

As you continue to grow a premature baby? In 7 months, the development is particularly active. Gradually children begin to roll over on your stomach, pick up toys and crawling. Also at this time, you can start to feed baby with a spoon. Babbling toddler is becoming more diverse. Children who were born at 35-37 weeks, you may start to see the first teeth.

The Eighth month

Further develops premature baby? 8 months development progresses. At this time, the baby begins to control your body consciously, and may even roll over. Some children at this age are trying to crawl and sit. Progress is observed in the psychological development of the baby's development. The child gradually begins to listen to the speech addressed to him, might find a particular subject, concerned with poems and songs, to absorb all the information received from the external world.

The Ninth month

If we consider the development of a premature baby months, this is characterized by the ability to sit and stand without assistance. Children, born at 32-34 weeks, begin to erupt teeth. Gradually the child begins to spend more time on the game. He is able to perform simple requests. In speech there are the first words and syllables. The child begins to perceive the intonation of the speaker. By 9 months, the baby is already well developed and can sit independently and stand up.

The Tenth month

By this age a large part of the premature infants have the ability to stand and re...

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