"Ascona" or "Ormatek" - which is better? Mattresses


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Properly selected orthopedic mattress provides a good night's rest tired from the daily hustle muscles. Complete relaxation during sleep not only regaining strength, but also gives a new pulse of energy to our body. Not to be taken lightly to my night's rest. The spine must periodically to rest, in order to serve his master as long as possible. For this you need to choose the right mattress.

mattresses Ormatek

How to choose?

Night sleep helps to rejuvenate the body, which is important not only for physical health but also for good functioning of the nervous system, memory and functioning of all human physiological systems.

Mattresses "Askona" or "Ormatek" - which is better? And as wrong selection of mattress can affect your health? Wrong position of the spine during sleep can not only provoke a bad dream, but also cause physiological variations that affect health. Therefore, leading experts recommended serious approach to the selection of mattress and beds.

Comfortable mattresses company "Ormatek"

Mattresses "Ormatek" there are several types – without springs, the company conducts a serious and careful control and delivers all the necessary certifications. Models come with special cases and covers, used fillers allow air to freely circulate inside, which is an important condition of good ventilation. Are very high quality mattresses "Ormatek", consumer reviews show that eloquently.


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Using hypoallergenic materials in the fabrication substantially expands the range of consumers. Mattresses "Ormatek" during sleep taking body shape that contributes to a good rest. These five criteria distinguish and allow the company "Ormatek" to lead among other manufacturers of similar products: hygienic, hypoallergenic, anatomical, ventilation, physiological orthopedic. The company "Ormatek" consumer reviews always take into account to improve each model.

Popular mattresses produced by the company "Askona"

Mattresses "Askona" are exceptionally durable, with a unique orthopedic effect with great pricing from the manufacturer. It allows to satisfy all the needs of discerning consumers. In order to answer the question: "Ascona" or "Ormatek" - which is better, you need to familiarize yourself with each specific model more thoroughly and compare all the main features.

Mattresses are made in two basic types-spring and springless. Cheap mattresses do with spring unit “Bonel”. When it is used in the mattress turns uniformly the same rigidity throughout its length. Such design of the springs has the effect of “rolling” and “waves”. Thermofelt between the springs chopped. It it is used in the layer between the springs and mattress cover.

Mattresses made by independent springs, are much more expensive, but the quality and beautiful dream fully compensate for the costs. To improve anatomical effect is applied the maximum number of springs per square meter of the mattress. The coil springs are inserted in special pockets, which are glued together, with this technology the effect of “waves” virtually eliminated. It punctulate load provides good anatomical support for the spine during sleep. Quality mattresses "Askona" whose prices are quite affordable, very popular. The average price range is 15-30 thousand rubles.

Ascona or Ormatek, better

The Main differences between water-bed "Ormatek" and "Ascona"

The Technology of manufacture of springless mattresses is significantly different, so how to choose? "Ascona" or "Ormatek" - which is better? Choosing a water springless mattress, you need to pay attention to the water content in different cameras, it depends on its movement with increased weight of sleeping, particularly for double mattresses. One important aspect is the weight of the water mattress, he reaches one ton, plus the need every three years to change the water to adjust its presence in all chambers. It is not recommended to choose a water mattress if the house has an animal, because if mechanical damage from bites or claws, it can not be restored. You need to consider the mandatory presence of electricity, for a more comfortable sleep, as when you disconnect the cold water mattress uncomfortable for sleeping. It is very difficult to answer the question: "Ascona" or "Ormatek". Both companies produce a quality product. But it should be noted that some consumers choose the products of the company "Ormatek" because its acquisition does not need pre-payment (the goods are paid upon delivery), in contrast to the models of the company "ASKON".

Ormatek prices

Air beds

Air mattresses are great to support the weight as it is more stable. If you have multiple cameras each of the sleeping pumps up the air according to your preference in stiffness. The convenience of air bed depends not only on the control system hardness, but also on model of compressor, because there is such a disadvantage as a slight buzz. Therefore, qualitative models of air mattresses, consumers, are much more expensive than others.

Ormatek reviews

Plastic model

Plastic mattresses, viscoelastic, each time taking a sleeping posture during sleep, when you flip to the other side or the back. Used for the manufacture of raw materials, in response to the weight and warmth of a sleeping, no slack, providing good support. Data mattresses "Askona" Is recommended in the presence of physiological problems with the spinal column, diseases of the joints, poor sleep or insomnia. Orthopedic properties of these models all take the pressure off tired muscles, evenly distributing weight on the surface. Such mattresses - a good choice for double beds, since polymeric materials are ideal to keep the body sleeping even with a large difference in weight.

Cotton mattresses

Photomovie, then there are futons, preferable to those that are used for their production of high-quality natural raw material-cotton. Cotton pre-raked, and fibers of different lengths, turning into a thin web, develop and prestigiada. The seams, sewn in the mattress, good support the body of the sleeper. Cheap mattresses from cotton is very popular among consumers.

mattresses Ascona

Latex mattresses

Springless Latex mattresses with special technological processing have an effect SOT. The rubber used in the technology of foaming and, when heated, creates the structure of the mattress. The only defect in this case - poor breathability because of the crust formed during manufacture. These models are not recommended for use in humid climates and spaces, because the latex absorbs moisture and can mold. Service life - not more than five years, because the material starts to disintegrate. Therefore, artificial latex is more preferable in such models. To choose the right model taking into account the individual characteristics very easy, thanks to the diverse range of mattresses "Ormatek". The prices are quite affordable - from 4000 rubles. The average cost is 30 000 rubles.

Artificial latex does not form a crust, the air is good and provides not only good ventilation, but also prevents dampness. Plus the effect of microbrain ensures proper weight distribution and comfortable climate optimum during sleep. Mattress of synthetic latex is a great choice for a double bed being perfectly supports various weight sleeping due to the microporous structure and high elasticity. Properly distributing the weight and not creating additional stress in the three main areas of the body (legs, head, torso), perfectly restores from fatigue and improves blood pressure and stabilizes it, which contributes to good circulation.

cheap mattresses

Why is it important to choose the right mattress?

Properly selected a good mattress supports the spine and allows you to completely relax the muscles of the back. Excessive rigidity creates a pressure at the softness of the spine sags, all this creates discomfort for the body, sleep disturbed, fatigue does not pass, increased irritability and nervousness, what has a harmful effect on the human condition.

If you have wondered about how to choose a mattress on the bed Remember that you need to consider – the age, weight, lifestyle, physiological state of the spine and the individual wishes of the buyer. Choosing the option for a certain age, it is important to choose the correct stiffness, as with age, it is necessary to consider the body's need for a softer mattress. Please note that sleeping with light weight and gets softer option, when a large weight and increase rigidity.

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