Enteritis in dogs: symptoms, treatment and consequences


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When you bring a puppy home, it is a great joy and responsibility. In fact, such an acquisition can be compared to the birth of a child. In developed countries, before you buy a dog, you will need to get a paid consultation from a canine that finds out how much time you are willing to devote to her education, had opportunity to feed and treat the pet properly. The second point is the most critical. Veterinary services today are very expensive.

In addition, each owner receives basic information about the necessity of vaccination and the symptoms of the most formidable diseases. One of these is enteritis. In dogs it is very hard and often leads to death of the animal. So the sooner you consult a doctor, the more chances of recovery.

enteritis in dogs symptoms

General information

Every owner can not be a vet. But to recognize in dogs enteritis is not so difficult. The clinical picture is very bright. This is an infectious disease, but rather a group that cause inflammation of the intestines. It affects almost all important organs.

Vaccination is the only measure to protect the body of your pet. Breed predisposition have not been identified, any animal can get sick. Therefore, if the breeder proves that is not vaccinated, because these dogs do not get sick, better look for another. You're just trying to trick. Most often this disease affects puppies and older dogs. But exposure infection persists at any age.

Two forms of the disease

To Distinguish between them can only be experienced veterinarian, and even then only if he has enough time. Most often, animals are brought to the hospital in serious condition, because enteritis in dogs often develops rapidly. It also happens that in animals simultaneously diagnosed with both forms, but it is a rare phenomenon. In different cases the symptoms can be both identical and diametrically opposed. So, which is it?


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  1. 93% of cases the disease is caused by parvovirus. So he and the name is appropriate. Treatment of parvoviral enteritis in dogs should start as early as possible, as the disease rapidly leads to dehydration and death. In 80% of cases the disease occurs with damage to the intestine. The animal becomes lethargic. Of course, the reasons can be a lot, but this symptom should alert the owner. Cardiac form was observed in 20% of cases. The pathogen enters the myocardium and causes a disruption of the heart and lungs.
  2. Coronavirus enteritis. The dogs in this case affects the tops of the intestinal villi. There is a severe form of the disease in which the animal does not eat and does not drink, he had vomiting and diarrhea, chair in this bright yellow. A mild form is accompanied by a slight lethargy. In principle, it is possible to do without treatment. The right diet will allow the body to throw all the forces to fight the virus and win.
coronavirus enteritis in dogs

Developing and the disease

Because the nature of a viral, infection requires contact with the media. The incubation period can last one day or a week. All this time the dog can walk on a platform and communicate with other members of his family. Water and food can also be a source of infection. Viruses well tolerate exposure to gastric juice. The period from infection until the first symptoms is called the incubation. During this time the virus has successfully embedded in the mucosa. Begins active reproduction of pathogenic microflora, which entails the destruction of the cells of the intestinal lining.

All Sick animals. Adults die half. For puppies this figure is even higher and amounts to approximately 90%. At the first sign of illness, you must contact a good clinic and start effective treatment.


Heart shape does not occur very often, and coronavirus enteritis rarely infects animals that were born to dogs with good immunity. Or is in such a mild form that it can assume a trivial disorder of the intestine. The most dangerous parvovirus enteritis.

In dogs, it develops so fast that sometimes the owners do not even have time to do anything. Leaving for work, they note that pet is not very active, and in the evening catch the animal, half dead from dehydration due to profuse vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms of enteritis in dogs can occur and progress at lightning speed, in this case, most likely, you will lose your pet. But let's consider everything in order:

  • At the beginning of the disease the animal refuses games. Within days the diarrhea starts. Feces are liquid, yellow in color. Temperature can rise to 40 degrees or, conversely, to fall to 19.5 °C. Sometimes starts vomiting. Such symptoms are characteristic for coronaviruses enteritis.
  • On the second day, the skin loses its elasticity.
  • Parvovirus enteritis in the first day of illness bowel movements occur every 20 to 40 minutes. Feces greenish and watery. Vomiting occurs after 30 minutes.
  • The Symptoms of enteritis in the dog will only improve. On the second day the vomiting and diarrhea are observed at intervals of one to two hours.
  • Shortness of breath Starts.
  • After 12 hours the condition of the pet deteriorates.

The Owner should understand that delay is now impossible. If the city has a veterinary emergency, you can call it. Otherwise, you will have to take the dog to the clinic. Best of all, if you have a veterinarian who leads a pet from the very first treatment. In this case, he knows the entire vaccination schedule, health and illness. It is very important for rapid diagnosis and appointment of adequate treatment.

parvoviral enteritis in dogs treatment

Physiological changes

Signs of enteritis in dogs is a consequence of the processes that occur inside the body. You should not attempt to act only on the symptoms, that is, to block the vomiting and diarrhea with the help of special tools like ‘Cerucal” and “Imodium”. Swelling of the stomach causes the pressure receptors, so vomiting will only increase.

But the main changes occur in the intestine. Intestine become inflamed, and mucous membranes are destroyed and pieces out along with the feces. This is typical of parvoviral enteritis. Inflammation of the stomach leads to vomiting, intestines - diarrhea. Breaks a large number of cells, which causes release of toxins. This disrupts the blood vessels. Dehydration is enhanced because the fluid moves into the cells of the intestine, which only activates the reflex emptying. The viscosity of the blood increases and the heart begins to overwork.

signs of enteritis in dogs

Immune response

Of Course, the body tries to fight. But viral enteritis in dogs, which have not previously been vaccinated, has been too hard. The body responds by production of antibodies. 5-6 days in the blood, they accumulate enough to bind viruses. But the majority of agents at this time is in the intestine and myocardium. Dehydration and lack of food complete the picture. The disease develops faster than working the body's defenses. Without therapy, death occurs at 2-5 or 7-12 days.

Today there are breeders who refuse to vaccinate puppies, arguing that vaccines are dangerous. But needless to say how many dogs die, if you ignore the vaccine. Yes, there is a risk, but he is not so great.

enteritis in dogs symptoms treatment in-home


It Begins with a visit to the doctor, examination and diagnosis. A very important point is the form and course of the disease. In mild coronaviruses enteritis treatment need only puppies and debilitated animals. They will be assigned a special diet, antibiotics and adjuvants and vitamins. This diagnosis has the most favorable prognosis. Usually after a few days your pet will be better, and the doctor will be allowed to complete the course at home. By the way, many people wonder where should be the treatment of dogs. Enteritis insidious. But much depends on the clinical picture. In severe cases, it is best to leave the pet in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor.

Main directions in the treatment

During viral enteritis in dogs can be very different. Despite this, the treatment we can distinguish several directions, followed by modern veterinarians.

  • Destruction of viruses. This is achieved by sera that contain antibodies.
  • The Restoration of lost fluid. Even if you went to the clinic immediately if you have symptoms of a few hours the dog may be dehydrated. Not to mention, if the vomiting and diarrhea started at night, and the trip was postponed to the morning.
  • The Excretion of toxins.
  • Immune support.
  • Recovery work ...

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