What week starts 3rd trimester of pregnancy? Period features, the development of a fetus


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Very often pregnant women go astray, and can not understand what week starts 3rd trimester. Sometimes doubts relate to its duration and current events.

How to determine 3rd trimester of pregnancy?

Very often, expectant mothers are perplexed, don't know what week starts 3rd trimester of pregnancy. There are several variations, according to which the deadline falls on different periods.

But sharing pregnancy periods on a single principle. In the first trimester the fetus begin to form the vital organs and systems. In the second he learns and grows. 6 month pregnancy terminates this trimester, and the woman begins to feel that soon will become a mother. The first movements and tremors of the child occur in the third trimester. During this period, the baby is mainly gaining fat mass, systems of the body are endowed with important qualities that can provide vitality in the first weeks after birth.

what week starts 3rd trimester

Some classifications claim that the beginning of the 3 trimester is mapped to the 24th week. Others start counting this period from the 26 th and 28 th week.

Now doctors very rarely calculate the trimesters, preferring to use for counting only weeks.

How long does the 3rd trimester?

Start labor every woman is completely dependent on her body. Some perekashivaet pregnancy, while others give birth early. And all this is considered the norm.

We must Not forget that the doctor can only approximately determine the time of conception. But whatever it was, what week starts 3rd trimester, still remains an open question. It is important that the average this period lasts at least 12 and not more than 16 weeks.


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ultrasound 3rd trimester

The Final stage of pregnancy should not be completed ahead of schedule, so it is important to follow the recommendations of doctors, often in the fresh air, to eat a balanced and eliminate physical and emotional stress.

Regular consultation with a gynecologist will help to quickly get rid of the arisen problems with health.

What happens in the 3rd trimester?

You already know, when it starts the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, so it's time to talk about what is happening in this period with the future mother. Prior to the final stage 6 months pregnant forms a stable emotional state of a woman. Typically, preferences of appetite remain stable, decreasing the likelihood of developing depression, goes fatigue.

6 month pregnancy

An Important stage in the last trimester – to maternity leave. By this time the woman becomes more difficult to perform usual work, so she needs more rest.

After the onset of the third trimester, expectant mothers are beginning to add pounds. This period must be especially careful to monitor their own diet, because excess oil will settle as the woman and the baby.

The Great weight of the child can greatly complicate childbirth, and sometimes cause a caesarean section. Excess weight is often the cause of varicose veins and hypertension.

Third trimester: the processes occurring in the female body

At the beginning of this period, the distance from the uterine fundus to the umbilicus 2-3 cm Gradually, the uterus begins to squeeze internal organs of the female body and move them up. As a consequence, violated the movement of the diaphragm, a feeling of discomfort under the ribs, difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath when walking.

At this time the woman weekly gains of 400 g. towards the end of the 7th month expectant mothers first encounter with a practice contractions, which are often painless. A big belly can cause insomnia, so it is better to learn to sleep on your side.

 when does the 3 trimester of pregnancy

Signs that might find themselves pregnant during this period:

· Reinforced discharge;

· Problems of the digestive system;

· A sprain in the abdomen, pain;

· Allocation of colostrum from the breast;

· Vomiting and nausea

· Training bout;

· Cramps in calf area;

· Active behavior of the fruit;

· Clumsy movements.

Power in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

This period is more important than ever to eat right. Experts say that a balanced food significantly reduces the likelihood of developing preeclampsia. Every expectant mother is able to comply with rules that will help her and the baby.

food in 3 trimester

The diet should include lean meat and fish, but these products should not eat in the evening. Completely forget about the chocolate, nuts, citrus, spicy, sour, fried dishes, and conservation.

But the food in term 3 should not be limited. It is not necessary to lean on sweet and starchy meals ought to give preference to vegetables and cereals. Fiber, which is contained in these product categories will help to normalize digestion and will give you a sense of satiety.

The rules of development of the fetus in this period

During pregnancy, the expectant mother undergoes a lot of procedures that allow you to track the status of the fetus and its development, including an ultrasound. Trimester 3 is the final, and this study is very important. Diagnostic ultrasound – it is a way to detect serious violations of fetal development, it is held in conjunction with the delivery of analyzes on hormones.

Goals of the third planned screening

To Examine the position of the fetus in the womb helps ultrasound. 3 trimester – this is a difficult period in pregnancy, therefore, it is important to err and to determine in advance the strategy of labor management, which will be used.

Ultrasonography of the fetus allows to clarify its anatomical characteristics: approximate weight, dimensions, conformance to the current stage of pregnancy. It is important to not only know what week starts 3rd trimester, but in time to fix defects, infection not previously detected.

start of 3 trimester

Screening in the last trimester provides information about the changes that occurred in the cerebral cortex. In addition, this procedure is used to measure the volume of amniotic fluid and to prevent possible complications in the birth process.

It is important to pass examinations prescribed by the attending doctor. Systematic – is not a whim of the doctor, but a vital necessity for the pregnant woman and the baby. A stressful situation and poor state of the environment – adverse external conditions that adversely affect the health of expectant mothers and their children.

Deviation of the volume of water may indicate significant changes in the anatomy of the developing child. Ultrasound – it is also a chance to detect the complications that can interfere with natural childbirth. We are talking about the development of tumors, failure of the uterine cervix.

A Pregnant woman should first think about the child, why it is so important to eat right, not to worry and undergo the procedure assigned by the doctor.


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