How cats treat people and what ailments?


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Since time immemorial cats live next to the man. Today, members of this family are often brought in as Pets. Communication with cats brings not only pleasure but also health benefits. Scientific studies have proven that fluffy healers are able to help with many diseases. How cats treat people, representatives of which breeds have the best doctors?

How cats treat people

Communicating with a cat is more useful.

It is Difficult to find a man who did not love cats. Not everyone can afford to buy a pet and regularly take care of him. But the vast majority of people around the world with the pleasure of admiring the grace and beauty of these animals. Coming in as a guest in the house where there is a cat, we are committed to pet her. Communication with caudate pet positive charges and relaxes.

The Answer to the question of how cats treat people, scientists have received recently. But even without a scientific basis, many of us tend to take the animal in his bed during illness or stroke, when you are sad. Almost all cat owners – incorrigible optimists. And interestingly, they get sick less often than their neighbors without Pets.

Scientific study of the phenomenon of polynoterapiya

Treatment of cats has the scientific name – felinoterapiya. Until recently, stories about how cats treat people, often related to folk medicine. This phenomenon is practically not been studied. Even if it were possible to accurately determine the beneficial effects of caudate Pets on the human body, how to apply this knowledge in practice – is unclear. The doctor cannot write a prescription: the ‘Three times applied to the affected area of the cat”.


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And still more recently, the therapeutic abilities of cats were studied at the National University of Treatment Methods of London. It all started with the fact that during one of the experiments in the laboratory was a cat that belonged to the employee of the institution. The animal passed by the device, which determines the currents of low frequency. Reported indicators have surprised scientists. It was agreed to seriously study the electromagnetic field of Pets. The studies proved that cats treat people. Moreover, these animals are able to develop a magnetic field is not less strong than modern medical equipment.

Cats healing people

How cats treat their owners?

Why is communication with cats has a beneficial effect on the human body? Every fan of felines knows that the body temperature of these animals is higher than in humans. This is usually 38-39 degrees. With such a lively “warmer” very pleased to get under the covers with a cold or fever. Thus in contrast to the mechanical device, no risk of overheating or incorrect configuration. Warm cat a completely natural, safe and useful for everyone. Upon contact with the animal, for example, when stroking the cat, a special electrostatic field. It is very beneficial for the human body.

One of the mysteries tailed Pets – purring. The sounds of cats, are within the range 16-44 Hz. Science has proven that regular communication with the meowing cat can boost immunity. While purring pet also emits a special vibration. It is believed that particularly useful to listen to the meowing cat when he lays on you. Never underestimate the psychic impact of cats on the person. These animals are incredibly beautiful, and their fur is pleasant to the touch. Lubes pet or stroking it, everyone gets a significant amount of positive emotions.

Under what conditions will help tailed doctor?

Cats can treat people – it's a fact. But what illnesses caudate and doctors are able to fight the best? Keeping the cats daily contact with them – is an excellent prevention and treatment of cancer. It is believed that tailed cats are able to positively influence on the heart and blood vessels. Often to get a cat doctors advise those who have suffered a heart attack or suffer hypertension. Cat owners rarely suffer from chronic diseases of the digestive system. Diseases of the respiratory system, flu and colds less frequent are the owners of the seals.

Any member of the family – a real therapist. Cats help feel better lonely people. Regular communication with these Pets allows you to get rid of bad moods, to get out of depression and to overcome sleep disorders. According to some studies – it's true that cats treat people of any disease. Useful communication with tailed Pets even for people suffering from serious incurable diseases with psychiatric diagnoses. However, to allow the mentally ill to cats with caution. If the patient is aggressive and inadequate, communication with the animal to be contraindicative. Such contact may harm the health of the cat.

Cats eat

Medical profiles of popular cat breeds

Nature has healing abilities each cat. At the same time representatives of every breed have the most pronounced talents in the treatment of certain diseases. The longer the cat hair, the most effective it will help to cope with problems of the nervous system and psychiatric diseases. Persian, Burmese and chinchilla – these are the real anti-stress cats. Indeed, only one grooming pet, and regular brushing can permanently distract the owner from bad thoughts and everyday problems.

Siamese cats are able to positively influence the home environment. The presence of such an animal in the house is comparable to the use of quartz lamps. Siamese cat is able to kill germs in the house. This means that its owners are less likely to get sick colds and other viral diseases. The best friend for people who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels-cat with “average” wool. Abyssinian breed or an American Bobtail – outstanding representatives of equine cardiology. Bald cats or furries, who have very short hair, it is best to cope with diseases of the digestive and excretory systems. If you require such treatment, pay attention to the following breeds: Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Sphinx.

Treat a cat person

Select your tailed doctor

Not all cats, treating people who have similar personalities. When choosing a pet should be guided not only by its healing abilities, but also the temperament of the breed. Persian cats are calm and quite wilful. Such a pet will not take on hands, yet he doesn't want to. The Persians usually choose a single host. Even if you live in a big family, remain loyal to him until the end of his days.

Maine Coon – one of today's most popular breeds. The size and weight of these cats is much more standard. Thus, in spite of the impressive animals are very active and inquisitive. Maine coons love to play and easy to get along with children. Balinese cat – a great friend for a young family or single person. Pet will regularly require communication and will gladly share any classes with the owner. Considering the characteristics of the various breeds, do not forget: what is your cat greatly depends on education. In addition, each animal has its own temperament.

How to treat Amateur studs?

Each cat, regardless of its breeding and origin. This assertion is difficult to argue. Are you able to heal purebred animals? Of course, outdoor cats treat illnesses of people is no worse than the winners of world exhibitions. And why not, after all, in the veins of outbred animals can bleed the representatives of the breed. Remarkably, the owners of the seals-mongrels claim that their Pets are more affectionate than their purebred relatives.

 what cats eat

Color cat-healer

The ability of the animal to heal a person affected by the color of its fur. What breed of cats treats people better than all others? Animals with white fur, able to fight with various diseases and normalize metabolism. Black cats of all breeds take the negative energy. Cream Pets can positively affect overall health and energy. Tri-color, brown and grey animals – this is the most positive Pets. It is believed that contact with such seals gives a lot of positivity and helps to feel better.

Cat treat diseases

The intricacies of home polynoterapiya

To Have in your house tailed doctor easy. But how to get to treatment to the kitty? Relationship with pet should be based solely on love and mutual respect. Choose a time when the animal is configured to communicate. Take the pet on hands and Pat. If you do everything correctly soon you will feel the pleasant energy emitted by the cat.

Unfortunately, there are no precise instructions about how cats treat people, and how to properly “apply”....

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