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In many ways, the choice of comforters depends on the personal desires, the preferences of the person. Today, manufacturers produce a huge variety of blankets with different kinds of fillers of different materials. They can be divided into three kinds: summer, winter, all-season tires. A quality product will not deliver the inconvenience, hiding them person will not be uncomfortable, he will not feel cold or heat. The main characteristics that should have high-quality products, the degree of heat conduction and circulation of air flow, they depend on the material. Today popular are materials such as wool, synthetics, fur, wool and silk.


Wool well save heat emitted by a person, they are not heavy, long unable to serve the owner, absorb moisture up to 30% of its weight, and despite this remain dry. Because of this property microclimate in bed getting better as people when you sleep, excrete approximately half a liter of moisture. Quilted blankets are adapted in order to take refuge in the cold season, and those that are made with plaid in the warm season. Usually for the manufacture of this kind of blankets are used the wool of sheep, goats and camels. Since these products are prone to destruction by moths, they should be stored in the storage location with a special tool to tame her. All of these excellent characteristics is endowed with a Blankets from Postarticles, the company's products are the best choice.


Silk is a great material, natural, nature, it is obtained in the result of the work of caterpillars. It's expensive, but the best material, it will not infest insects, it will not cause allergic reactions.

The Fuzz

The garments soft, perfectly retain heat and allow air to circulate in the summer it is not hot to cover up, not cold in winter. But it is impossible to allow to fluff damp, also it can wind up mites for those with allergies it can be dangerous. Usually use the down of geese or ducks, the most expensive material obtained from the loons. Special attention should be paid to how the down comforters are stitched. They should be stegani squares instead of parallel lines.


Environmentally friendly material can be called wool, it perfectly saves heat, absorbs moisture, does not cause allergic reactions. But, it is heavy, absorbing a variety of odors the material. These products are not expensive, they are high quality.


One of the benefits of synthetics-low cost. Blankets from synthetic light, do not contribute to allergic reactions, long serve. They are easy to wash, they do not form lumps, the padding does not clump in one place in a heap. However, such blankets do not absorb and give moisture, not very well warmed.

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