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Fans of unusual clothing will appreciate things related to Raglan. For those who are not versed in the cut of things: Raglan – a method of manufacturing a garment in which the sleeve is knitted together with the shoulder and back. In fact, it does the thing seamless. Such clothing looks unusual and to knit Raglan

Run it easy. You can pretty quickly figure out how to knit Raglan crochet. It can be performed on the spokes. For those who do not want to work as a hook, this article will tell how to knit Raglan with spokes.

So, first you need to find the right thread. Choose a soft wool, so it is not injected. It will be easier if you already had it, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Select the suitable color. If you do a drawing, take a few flowers.

Then select the needles, preferably circular. With their help, tie a miniature model of the future product and make the sample to adjust and not to make mistakes. how to knit a Raglan bottomStill need to calculate the required number of loops in the width and height. Pre-measure the dimensions needed for sewing sweaters: height, waist girth, neck girth, length of the sleeves. Although you will be doing the fitting, it is better to know the initial values. And think, if you want to make a sweater or one-piece strap (with buttons or zipper). If the first option, the number of loops must be divisible by four (e.g., 32 or 28). If you don't know how to knit a Raglan bottom, the following point you will not like: you need to bind first row. If not implied figure, then you need to do is the front surface. Then divide the loop into four equal parts and mark the points of the section of thread of a different color. Now you have four quadrants. Continue to knit around the scheme “5 p., 1 yo, 2 p., 1 yo”. Repeat four times. Next round should be no nacidos. Since a number is added at 2 loops, the diagram looks like follows: “7 p., 1 yo, 2 p., 1 yo” and then  “9 p., 1 yo, 2 p., 1 yo” and so on by +2 every 2 range. It is a variation on how to knit Raglan easy. The two loops form a line from the neck to the armpits, for a total of 4 lines: two rear and front. They form the sleeve. Continue to knit until the part of the Raglan will not converge when fitting.


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To better understand how to knit Raglan, do this several times, practice and test options. Not terrible, if you first link is wrong, it is always possible to dissolve the loop. When the lines come together, secure them under his arm.

how to knit Raglan crochet

Now, sew the front and back. Next knit sleeves. If desired, they can unusual to make. Thumbing through reference books, it is easy to find interesting options. By the way, you can make a sweater. Comfort and jacket with strap.

Turn on your imagination and make your sweater unique and inimitable! Let's hope that this article helped you understand how to knit a Raglan. If you follow the tips, you'll have a wonderful product. This sweater is cute, besides it is comfortable to wear. It is practical, elegant, well suited as a gift. Your family and friends such a gift will be ecstatic!

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