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The creativity of humans is limitless. Someone plays the piano, others knit or sew, while others are engaged in artistic painting spoons. There are those who are engaged in the decoration. For every hobby has its own individual set of necessary tools. For some of them it is necessary to have a jar with the words "gel medium acrylic". The name itself is intriguing. So what is it? Where it is used? What gel medium is better to choose? The answers to these questions can be found below.

The Golden mean

Gel-medium — is one of the types of modeling pastes based on acrylic. Its scope is very wide. It is often used to give volume or the required elevation of any surface. Applying texture paste on paper, cardboard or tissue, it is possible to achieve an unexpected and very interesting effect. This, of course, not all areas where I can apply, but should first talk about what this wonder-paste.

gel medium

So the mysterious words "gel medium acrylic" on the bottle is not so mysterious. The meaning of the word "gel" is clear, it indicates the consistency of the tank contents. "Medium" means "middle" or "average", i.e., it is something that is or is between some other elements, and "acrylic" indicates the base component of the composition. All together they form the necessary material for creativity. These jars can be found in the Arsenal of the masters of decoupage, decorating and scrapbooking. Artists also often use it in their works to give them volume. If to speak in General terms, gel medium — this is perhaps important and necessary attribute of the Creator.


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Knowing the areas where you use this paste, now you need to decide exactly how it can be used.

Used gel medium to transfer pictures using decoupage technique. With the help of the drawings with special napkins or paper is transferred to the desired surface (box, cutting Board, plate and so on). It can also be used to create imaginary "fading" and "bruises", which is inherent in the works in vintage style. With it, you can achieve the effect of "glass" or transparency. These pastes are great for creating different effects in other types of art.

acrylic gel medium

With just a gel you can dilute acrylic paint in all kinds of art work. This makes them more liquid and convenient for application on canvas or other surface. It is also used to create a more soft and delicate shades. Artists can create with the help of some pastes imitation of sand or wood.

Gel-medium even possible to stick the elements of the composition in decorating or scrapbooking. It serves as a composition to create terrain using different stencils. They are covered by separate elements of the work. It can also be used as a finishing coat and it can easily replace the varnish, which dries long and unpleasant smells.

In relatively rare but interesting technique of "sgraffito" with gel-mediums can do wall and ceiling reliefs.

Acrylic diversity

In addition to classic mediums, there is pasta with special effects. For example, cracked surfaces or sand. You can find options with sequins or other decorative additions that make the scope of application of this product even further.

gel medium firm Rafael

How to choose the right gel medium?

In order to make the right choice, you need to decide on the kind of work, which will be sold this pasta. Artists, decoupages or decorators will choose different price categories, characteristics and composition of the gels. So clear in this process is not, although there are a few rules, following which will help avoid disappointment after purchase.

First, to buy such products it is better in specialized shops for creativity. There is more probability that all the correct storage conditions are met. If the product perepoloshit or stored for a long time in the sun, it will spoil the consistency of a paste. It will crack and gather in clumps, which when diluted with water will make the texture not dense and unusable. Second, don't skimp on the medium. Its quality will affect the result of your labors. The better the composition and characteristics of the paste, the more beautiful will look the job in the end. Thirdly, always look at the expiration date. Gels-mediums though, and can be stored for years, but after this date unusable. You also need to remember that this product is completed in 1 to 3 times of application, so it is best to have at least 6-10 months of supply, otherwise you just do not have time to spend it before the end.

gel medium Rafael

What medium to choose?

Of Course, a good quality gel medium costs money. As a rule, many people try to save and use it instead of thinner for acrylic paints. The positive effect of such replacements is unlikely to succeed. To save money without sacrificing quality, you should pay attention to the gel-medium of the company "Rafael". It is a domestic brand that has established itself with a good hand on the market of goods for creativity. It's not the cheapest option, but this brand is time tested and use in many authors and artists.

gel medium to transfer photos

Where to buy such paste?

Gel-medium "Rafael" to buy in stores for artists or for creative work. In an ordinary stationery boutiques it is sold very rarely. It can also be found in specialty online store or try to order directly through the manufacturer's website.


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