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Quilting, or patchwork, for many years remains one of the most important types of needlework. Products made by this technology look bright and beautiful. The most common element of the interior in the style of patchwork is a quilt. This is not surprising. It can be used not only directly, but also as a blanket for the couch, and like a cloak on the chair. And colorful appearance will contribute to the overall design of the house a touch of warmth and coziness. The production of articles in patchwork for each. If you know how to hold a needle and thread and have a lot of different scraps of fabric, we can assume that very soon your house will be a patchwork quilt. Master class in its production is presented to your attention in this article.patchwork

Training materials

How to sew a quilt, you will learn a little later, but for now let's talk about what you need to prepare for needlework.

  • Workspace. For products patchwork will need a table. It is convenient to decompose the scraps, cut the parts and sew them up.
  • Fabric. Sewing blankets prepare cuts of cotton fabric. They have their advantages: easy all cut and sewn, soft to the touch. Experienced quilters often sew their silk products. But it requires more effort, patience and skills of sewing delicate fabrics. Before to cut details, all segments must be ironed. Separately prepare solid piece of fabric that will serve as the bottom side of the product.
  • Thread. Quilt master class in the creation of which is proposed in this paper performed the cotton thread in two colors: “bargain” thread any color (to connect manually stitches of parts) and thread the main color (for sewing product on the machine).
  • Template. Cut cardboard or clear plastic pattern, which will be the template for all items. Most often it is the triangle or square.
  • Filler. So the blanket was warm and well kept shape, inside will need to insert filler: batting or a synthetic winterizer.
  • Wide elastic to the raw edges.
  • Tools: sharp scissors, chalk or soap for the circle template, pins, needle, sewing machine.

patchwork quiltSew a quilt: a master class for beginning knitters


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  1. To cut out the details. A square template is placed on fabric, trace and cut, receding from the line 7 mm. the Number of such workpieces depends on what size you are going to sew the blanket.
  2. Collect items into one. Face each other are attached two pieces and sewed manually on the planned chalk (soap) lines. When all the square elements are connected, sew the product on the machine. If you have good sewing skills, you can just a few flaps to interconnect with pins and stitch on the machine, skipping the stage of nailene manually. Don't forget to alternate details in color. The finished product is iron.
  3. The Design of the bottom of the quilt. On the table lay the previously prepared piece of fabric and on it place the filler. To the last did not move, pristegnite it by hand or sew on the machine from the middle of the product to the brim.how to sew a patchwork quilt
  4. Assembly details. Secure with pins between the lower part of the quilt, the quilt filler, and the upper part. On the edge of the front side, apply the braid, tuck it under the hem and loosely tighten by hand and then sew on the machine.

Here and ready to quilt. The master class is over. Work on the creation of such things takes more than a week. But to use it you will be able for many years.

You may assume that you have already mastered quilting. Blanket, master-class on making which you have learned, an example for beginners. In the future, having got the hand in the technique of patchwork, you'll be able to sew articles, combining elements of different shapes and textures. Let all you get the first time!

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