A bluff is a harm or benefit?


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The Exaggeration of its capabilities or advantages is highly condemned in the society. It speaks first about the deceit and insincerity of the person speaking. It is bad bluffing, or is a bluff for the benefit?

Bluffing player

The Original interpretation of the word says that the bluff – it's deliberately false exaggeration of its capabilities, capacities or merits. That is, if you look in details, it turns out that absolute synonyms of the term "bluff" is the word "lie", "cheat".

However, in card games such as poker, a bluff is a perfectly valid technique, which is used by players who are at risk for the sake of winning. That is, they deliberately exaggerate their capabilities and the power of maps resides in their hands. Why do they do it? The answer is simple: other players, believing in the bluff cunning of the player, may be afraid to continue to play with it and raise rates. Accordingly, they will fold and winning you will get cheated of their player.Bluffing

However, bluffing in poker does not necessarily mean victory. The company may not pay attention to exaggeration, or simply not believe in him. In this case, the players continue to play, and people talking about the beautiful layout of cards, you lose no options. So, what is acceptable in this game of bluff – by and large the same risk. After all, to know in advance, believe it or not other players are bluffing, it is unrealistic.

Bluffing in poker

This tactic is used in addition to poker and other card games such as whist. Here it also is directly related to risk.

Bluffing in everyday life – the benefit or harm

That the overstatement of their capabilities normally perceived during a card game, it is quite clear – on it and the game. But in everyday life much more complicated. Constantly bluffing sooner or later will create a reputation as a liar and a man with whom almost no one wants to deal with. I wouldn't have wanted someone to tell others about the Villa in Hawaii or a black belt in karate, sooner or later the deception will come out. Someday either you talk, or someone from the “friends” will tell others about your Villa in Hawaii - it's only a dacha, which is quite far from the city.


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It's the same with achievements in martial arts. Life is multifaceted and unpredictable. It is likely that a situation will arise during which you will have to demonstrate their special ability to tame the enemy, and you absolutely can't do it, because a black belt in karate - just a figment of your imagination. Here bluffing is a word that in itself sounds pretty pathetic, can significantly ruin your life. It is unlikely that the people who sincerely believe in your stories, will continue to communicate with you after the disclosure of fraud.

Lie for a good cause

In an emergency, when, as they say, all good, a bluff can benefit. Take, for example, travelling in the snowy mountains of tourists. Weather – lady capricious, and all of a sudden gust storm forced everyone to stay the course. If together not experienced hikers, but novices, quite naturally, may start to panic. And now it is totally undesirable in such a critical situation when you need a sober view of things. In this case, if someone present who is more or less behaving himself, exaggerate information and says that he knows where the trail is and how to get back, a little anxious companions, instead of starting to panic, will help identify targets or to prepare the place for the night. In a particular example, the bluff is the only way to take control of the situation and find the escape route.Bluff deceit

Bluff to alleviate the suffering

Another model a situation in which a bluff is possible to justify, is the exaggeration of the possibility of recovery for terminally ill relatives. That is why, putting an incompatible with life diagnosis, doctors often misleading not patients, and relatives. Unfortunately, if the patient will know that his days are numbered, it usually will burn up in a matter of days. word BluffThose patients who are bluffing relatives instilled confidence that with the help of superior medicines, they will soon get better, can live for quite a long time and die peacefully, without further suffering and experiences.

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