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There is No little girl who wouldn't dream about a house for their dolls. If it is made independently with their hands, the price of such a toy house just will not. After all, it is possible to pre-plan so necessary for the little mistress “space”. In addition, this work will delight not only children but also adults.


The dolls were made in the 18th century. For example, in the Netherlands, rich ladies made orders for the manufacture of a toy dwelling. The dolls performed by the masters of three or four floors. Furthermore, they were considered the smallest everyday details. So, in the living room hanging miniature paintings, and the kitchen was equipped with tiny utensils.

how to make a house for dolls

These structures were made in the form of a two-meter cabinets with glass doors. Of course, to play such houses was uncomfortable. However, the idea of the Dutch masters still finds its incarnation.

How to make a house for the dolls out of the box?

In order to dream your little Princess has become a reality, will need some materials on hand. For the work necessary to prepare an x-ACTO knife and white glue, Scotch tape and cardboard, colored self-adhesive and plain white paper. For decoration of the toy housing it will be necessary to postpone the scraps of fabric, cut from magazines pictures. You can use colorful stickers.

how to make DollhouseSo all prepared. How to make Dollhouse? Work on this building toy will allow you to exercise each member of the family their talents. One will show them when sewing or knitting small curtains and rugs and the second when modeling or manufacture of toy furniture or household utensils. But before you take the job, is to assess your capabilities and decide who will be in the house to live. Only then will the choice of the size of your building. The toy housing can be one-or represent two - or three-storey cottage.


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How to make a house for the dolls, if it will consist of one room? To produce such housing, will be sufficient ordinary Shoe boxes with a size of twenty to thirty centimeters. For ease of play with this house you can cut one or two in contact with each other wall. If one room for dolls little, three or four of these blanks make “flat”. Shoe boxes between them are attached with tape and glued with white glue on a common basis. Received one-storey house should not have exterior walls. This will allow easier and more fun to play.

How to build a Dollhouse in a couple of floors? Such a structure to perform somewhat more complicated. The ideal, of course, will be a box with opening doors, made of plywood. However, you can use all the same Shoe box. Blanks have over each other. Touching faces are glued with white glue, and the whole structure shall be secured with duct tape. A piece of cardboard bent into a triangular roof, which is placed on top of the structure.

how to build a DollhouseHow to make a house for the doll beautiful? For this walls can be covered with colored paper or pieces remaining after repair of Wallpaper. Then you need in the room to hang paintings on the Windows as curtains. Interior make toy furniture. It can be purchased or made by hand from plywood or cardboard. Palace on the floor can be associated with knitting needles or crochet and can be made of remnants of the old carpeting. The doll crib bed linen sewn from discarded scraps of fabric.

Master toy housing of particle Board

How to make a house for dolls made of other materials? For the frame you can use the trim DSP. Suitable for this purpose and pieces of MDF. From these materials the frame is made for the puppet housing. Of course, this is labour intensive. And if the Pope do not do it, to order such a frame can be in any hardware store. The manufacture of such a house would require parents of certain efforts, but in any case it will cost much less ready to be sold in toy stores. Inside the frame is glued with Wallpaper. The interior is decorated with curtains, furniture, paintings and various household utensils.

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