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For their Unusual beauty quilengues picture. The master class is designed especially for beginner knitters. You will learn to make not only flat, but also three-dimensional panels. In the latest version quilengues flowers can be used as a decorative bouquet.

Craft Basics

Quilling is a twisting of the paper strips in certain elements, of which "going" paintings. For this craft sale special paper cut into narrow strips. It differs from other types of density, which affects the stability of the shape of the items. Special tool for quilling can be replaced with a toothpick and a ruler with different circles.

What elements are created quilengues patterns for beginners?

  • "Tight roll". Round the edge of the strip, insert it into a toothpick, is wound into a ball. The other end is adhered to the PVA and toothpicks. Such a roll doing the core colors. And if you press its middle, forming a "cone", it is possible to obtain the berry.
  • "Free roll". Also spin the paper on the toothpick. Remove the roll and put in the circle line. So element takes the size of the circle. Glue the other end of the roll. From it and form a different shape.
  • "Flourish". Bend the strip in half. With each edge make the roll. Glue the end.

quilengues painting master class

Features of the free roll

We Continue to consider the main elements of which make quilengues painting their hands.

  • "Drop". Loose roll slightly compressed oval, pressed edge, getting petal. Of these items are created rounded flowers. If a "drop" to bend one side length, you get the element with the slope.
  • "Eye". Squeeze the roll from both sides — sharp sheet.
  • "Leaf". If the ends of the "eye" to bend in opposite directions, it is possible to make a curved piece.
  • Diamond. The corners of the "eye" compress in opposite directions, forming a square.
  • The"Triangle". Rounded part of the drop should be flattened in the shape of a triangle. Squeezing a "free roll" in three places, it is possible to equilateral shape.
  • "Sunken petal." Take the "triangle" over the top, pressing its base inside. Of these petals work the bells.
  • "Semicircle". The basis of the "free roll" make smooth, holding opposite corners.
  • "Arrow". If "drops" make "the triangle", and then compress the base in half, forming sharp corners, you get the petals to fall? quilengues picture photo

Secrets on quilling

Each master has its secrets for the manufacture of elements, patterns and shapes. Some craftswomen use a comb, to weave strips to create a layered flower or a butterfly wing. Or in the foam pattern stick a needle and braid the strips, creating interesting shapes and patterns. So you can create a "zig-zag" leaves like roses, grapes, maple.


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From the simple petals of different flowers can be an unusual quilengues picture. Pencil sketch of grass boundary, trunk, crown and complete the sheet "petals", "curls", "eyes", "leaves".

If one element is to combine several colors, you can make a more vivid picture. The mixing of shades allows you to make the painting more realistic. To elements kept form them on edge, you can glue strip. This technique allows you to lock the desired bend. Many masters do butterflies, oak leaves.

Flowers can be obtained from the elements made from bumagodelatel. For example, to "tight roll" wind wide strip, one edge of which is incised with thin petals. The end is glued, the blank is removed, and the petals spread.

quilengues paintings for beginners

Quilengues patterns: workshop on lilac

A three-Dimensional image will attract attention at first sight. Large jobs can be created from scrap materials using several layers. Get acquainted with a master-class on making of lilac.

Lilac paper petals make the "eyes". Part of the glue in the flowers of three or four parts. The other half is suitable for correction of the plot. Use several shades of purple, the middle and decorate with yellow beads. So flower would be more colorful.

On the cardboard, draw a small and large leaves of lilac. Make the crescents (the"eye" with the two sides bent in a semicircle). Position elements on the template connect. The edges of the sheet glue the strip into the barrel.

Mark the location of the branches of lilac. Stick skewers or wire. First, work on the bottom layer, and then fill in the foreground. If you want to create a composition, then draw the background or stick vase. Flowers try to make small, then the lilac will look like the real thing.

With a colour print are "natural" quilengues picture. Finished photos of the master class you can see below.

quilengues picture with my own hands

Game colors

Print allows you to create not only panels, but the real picture. If you can draw, you can make the background. Paper choose the photo, then the story will be absolute to transfer natural colors. For example, you want to portray autumn Rowan. Buy paper green, marsh, brown, yellow, red, orange colors.

Dark figures placed on the back or shadow side. Bright shades put the front on a bright background. If items must be white spot, we recommend that you use one of the following techniques (as are many quilengues picture). Master class suggests three options for solving the problem.

  • Connect the shape of several elements. For example, a piece of ash glued on the strip (branch) of the seven "eyes" of different colors.
  • Make an element of different colors. For example, the same piece of ash made entirely from green paper, and only in the middle of some elements is a light shade.
  • The Whole picture is made of white paper and then painted with dyes.

Some elements are glued rhinestones, micro beads. To the volume of details that will keep the form (flowers, leaves, animals), you can apply clear glue on the wrong side or paint the top layer of a special adhesive paint.
quilengues painting flowers

Quilengues patterns: master-class for beginners

  1. Mark with a pencil the location of the vase and flowers.
  2. Cut foam the shape of a vase, fit an fabric, decorate with braid.
  3. Stick to the sheet.
  4. For branches needs leaves from elements of the "eyes" and "leaf" and the flowers are from the "cones", which are made using the "tight roll".
  5. Glue On the stem of the flowers with the convex side as Lupin.
  6. Fitted sheets.
  7. Make a few long branches, which are inserted into the foam. Of these colors you get a lush bouquet, and not only quilengues pattern (photo with blue lupine).
  8. Glue the short stems and from above "build" flowers with leaves.
  9. Then a foam based insert-ready flowers. Arrange the work in a frame.

Just made quilengues picture. Flowers on such a plan can be done almost any. For example, glue on the stem is the calyx in the form of a cone. Put the petals in a circle, and the middle is decorated with the "tight roll."
quilengues painting master class for beginners

Ideas for panels or cards from cones

The vine are made of "convex rolls" (a tight ball a little forward, forming the shape of a bowl). Stick the berries in several layers. Branch and tendrils formed from a spiral. The leaves are just cut out of paper, crushing in areas of the veins.

Acorns are made from two cones. One forms the fetus, and of "cups" is the pericarp. Inside are glued to the wire branches. The leaf is the pattern of an oak leaf. That is, connect the "eyes" of the edges, and paste a strip of paper, correcting the shape of a leaf.

Briar, too, is made of two long cones. On the one end is inserted a bundle of thin wire or strips, with another mount stem. Leaves cut out of paper or form from the "eye".

Globular flowers collected from the long cones. The first row glued in a circle, it put a new layer. The formation of the ball becomes the middle convex. In the last row insert cones, forming half of the figure. From hemispheres do quilengues floral pattern. A master class on forming the whole of the ball must be repeated. That is, flip the hemisphere and glue it rows of cones.

quilengues painting master class

Brief summary

Quilling is convenient because the same image can be represented in many different ways. For example, willow is collected from a white "eye" and the swamp sunken petals. The branch is represented by a strip of paper. And you can experiment with cones and build volume "bunnies".


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