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Very often a source of inspiration for knitters is just yarn: the color, the texture, the composition. How nice to pick up a soft, lightweight, yarn of high quality and even nicer to bring with it their creative projects.

Let us Consider in detail the material, which is able to inspire. Your attention Italian yarn with the BBB.

yarn bbb

Types of yarn “BBB”

High-Quality Italian yarns, BBB has a very large range of material for any time of year and for any product. Favorite knitters around the world are:

  • Martine. 100% Merino wool, 145 metres on 50 grams. The canvas associated with this thread, elastic and keeps its shape perfectly. To work recommended needles № 3-3,5.
  • Setal. Incredibly soft, virtually weightless fine yarns for hand knitting. Knitted fabric is obtained with a slight sheen and a small tuft of hair. Composition: 75% baby Alpaca, 20% silk, 5% polyamide, 150 meters to 25 grams.
  • Soft Dream. Luxury delicate yarn on the natural silk. The product is airy, soft, and not scratchy. Composition: 75% kid mohair, 25% silk, 200 m to 25 grams.
  • Zarra. It is quite a thick thread, ideal for knitting warm winter things. A rich palette of colors contains a noble and “expensive” the shades to the most stylish and fashionable knitwear. Composition: 49% Merino wool, 51% acrylic, 90 meters to 50 grams.

Merino wool

bbb full yarn

In Addition to the species represented, special attention is given BBB Full (yarn for hand knitting). It is 100% Merino wool of high quality. Despite the natural composition, the fabric is very soft and gentle. Yarn does not prick and does not irritate the delicate and sensitive skin, so it is suitable even for knitting baby things.


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BBB Yarn is perfect for knitting cozy socks, warm mittens, cool oversized snoods and scarves. To work suitable spokes and a hook № 5-5,5.

The Reviews about this yarn. Masters really like:

  • Soft yarn. The yarn is gentle, airy and incredibly pleasant “body”.
  • Palette of colors. There is a possibility to choose not only bright saturated colors, but pastel deep or complex.
  • The Thread in the finished product. Loops get a very smooth, uniform, not twisted. The product looks “expensive” and efficiently, with proper care will last a long time, tolerates washing.

A slight disadvantage is the uneconomical consumption for large items and a high cost.

Kid mohair

yarn mohair bbb

BBB mohair Yarn (Kid Mohair) is very thin and is ideal for knitting weightless openwork shawls and stoles. If you want to make a gift to someone very close, such as mother or grandmother, shawl, knitted of this thread, would be the perfect gift. Either the yarn can be a wonderful gift for experienced needlewomen, after working with her a pleasure.

Yarn BBB has positive reviews. Craftswomen from her knit not only shawls, but also sweaters, summer tops, boleros, dresses. The yarn is perfectly placed in the product, the stitches look neat and the same. Things turn out fine, thin, delicate. In the cold season products made from Kid Mohair, warm, and in summer they are not hot.

The disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that the knitted product requires special care.

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