Bolero to knit with your own hands? There is nothing easier!


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Bolero was invented men's tank tops in Spain. Now this delicate little thing has taken a strong place in womens wardrobe. Bolero perfectly rescued in cold weather, if the dress is off the shoulder and back. So many brides complement your outfit with this jacket, including fur, if the wedding day is scheduled for the cold season. This piece of women's clothing is perfect not only for evening dress, but casual attire will give the image of elegance. It is possible to sew a Bolero with their hands out of denim for everyday wear, while the handsome cloth with embroidery or lace for ceremonial occasions. Of course, you can buy something in the store, but in this case it will not be exclusive, in addition to pick up individual detail to the finished ensemble is much more difficult than to make yourself.

Bolero sew your own handsOften young moms are trying to sew a Bolero jacket for my daughters, for example, in addition to fancy dress for a party in the garden. In this set every little girl is a real Princess, especially when you embroider blouse beautiful beads, bows, to make the application. Adults girls to the prom dress, too, may need such an item.

There is nothing easier than to sew a Bolero with your hands, if there's any skills with a sewing machine. And not necessarily even buy fabric. You can spend for the remake of the old jacket, which will gain a new life just a few hours. Enough, leaving allowances on the binder, to cut the bottom, sleeves (if you don't want them to leave), to bend the edge and stitch on the machine. You can Supplement Bolero cuffs, sew on ties, decorate with braid or whatever you want. Zip up the jacket on the back of the brooch or not to zip up, some variants of Bolero that do not involve.


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how to sew a Bolero patternThe Pattern can look in magazines or just take any model (friend, for example) and trace it around on the fabric, leaving allowances for seams. On the first fitting fit on the figure.

A few More tips on how to sew a Bolero. The pattern was found somewhere, it may not fit under your parameters will have to draw it yourself. You will need to measure from the shoulders and chest. Attach pattern pieces to the fabric. Fasten safety pins and draw a chalk or pencil if the fabric is light. Cut out the details and sweeps them manually. You can now do a first fitting and make the necessary changes. Only then can you sew everything on the machine and process edge. The last stage - finishing the finished product.

sew a Bolero with their handsAs we have seen, Bolero to knit with your own hands is a snap. Even easier to make shrug - jacket, consisting only of sleeveless and backless. To do this, take a rectangular piece of cloth with the narrow side whose length is approximately 70 cm, the Second should match the width of the back plus two of the required length of sleeve. Sewn the opposite edge, but the seam does not reach to the middle.

Bolero sew your own hands a few very simple ways. Selected according to your taste of decoration will give the product originality. Well, if the finish will repeat the decoration of dress, for which Bolero is sewed.

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