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Homemade dolls from textiles are not suitable as toys for small children. Addicted to them usually have enough ladies. And no wonder - fragile dressy dolls are easy to stain or tear in active play. Wash such toys are not is exposed due to a special manufacturing technology, which includes toning, flavoring and coating puppet faces with acrylic paints.

In addition, textile doll handmade always decorated with many small details - buttons, flowers and other fancy stuff. This toy will be a wonderful gift to any girl or young woman and will serve as interior decoration.

Many beginners to the needle comes to mind is the idea of creating a textile doll with his own hands. You should know that a huge variety of these toys comes down to a few specific options, each of which requires its own skill level. Let's briefly look at the most popular ones.

Homemade dolls and their varieties

The Doll-Tilda invented by the Norwegian designer. Surely everyone's seen this unusual creature with disproportionately long arms and legs, dots as eyes and a tiny head with rosy cheeks.

Style doll-Tilda masteritsa, in addition, a variety of animals and accessories, handbags and cosmetics. This doll is the best option for a beginner in the manufacture of toys. Because the pattern of it is simple enough, and the master-classes there is a great variety.

how to draw eyes doll


Another option dolls - tikvarovska. It is more difficult to sew. The main difference from the tilde - shaped head, which is assembled from five wedges and shape resembles a tiny pumpkin. Nose - spicy and flavorful - is a mix of all wedges and slightly protruding.


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The Round face of the doll leaves room for the imagination of masters. All his features are drawn with thin lines, and then paint them with acrylic paints, sometimes amusing details are added in the form of strands of hair or whole wigs, hats, freckles and so on. On the basis of such patterns it is possible to create numerous options of textile dolls.

Other types

The Doll-the snow can be distinguished by a large stable feet, the foot which is strengthened. Eyes can be painted, and in the form of points. This toy stands firmly on the surface due to the thick padding of feet.

Other textile doll handmade can be made in a deliberately primitive style with a touch of carelessness and a certain antiquated. It creates the effect like this doll many years spent in a dusty attic. The name of the corresponding model - attic doll.

Patterns of these toys have a simplified form, sections were treated not necessarily, the shabby look is achieved thanks to the tinted the appropriate colors. The initial impression of sloppy work in a hurry disappears on closer examination when it becomes clear that the design of the doll's appearance is thought over more than thoroughly.

Start head

The Head of a textile doll is the most complex part of the product. For making her quilters stocking up on cloth or flesh-colored Jersey, wire, soft filler, and auxiliary materials - needles, tape, buttons, glue, bunches of eyelashes and, of course, paints. How to draw eyes doll - the question is not the easiest. It is quite a difficult job that requires some skill and a fair amount of accuracy and patience.

Patterns doll heads and products today are in many to find in magazines and on the Internet. In our article we will talk about painting the face of a doll. More precisely, about how to do her eyes.

textile doll handmade

Draw the mirror of the soul

How to draw expressive eyes textile doll? Often the contours of future facial toys are marked with a pencil or disappearing marker. Then with the help of special threads (can be transparent monofilament) and a big needle made marks the devil.

Right and well drawn eyes, able to capture the toy a distinctive mood. Live view will give the doll a unique charm and make it unique. If we treat the matter carelessly, can spoil the impression of even the most careful DIY.

Beginners note

Before you draw eyes doll acrylic textile paints, is acquainted with the rules of image-drawn characters of fairy tales (not only people, but also amusing animals). Most beginning quilters, get to drawing this part, have some problems. Im scared to do such fine work, they do not have the skills like drawing and often afraid to spoil the results of previous work.

Therefore, you should learn some of the secrets of successful work. Before painting both the face and the doll body is best primed with a mixture of water and PVA glue in equal proportions with the addition of acrylic paint in flesh color.

More tips for beginners

On a separate sheet of paper need to practice the image of the puppet face. This draft will allow you to fill out and will serve as a cheat sheet during the main work. If you mess up even a few sheets, not a problem. But hone the skill, and the finished doll will not be affected.

For a sample, you can take a special magazine for the needle or for young mothers with toddlers, where you can find a master class with dolls of any type with lots of interesting pictures of good quality.

master class doll

The Face try additionally primed PVC glue that you can almost not diluted, then dry them well. After such priming the face looks like porcelain and the paint on it was just fine. Spread glue with a brush is good to walk on the seams on the neck to secure the head. After that, the neck of the doll acquires additional strength.

When you work the excess paint from the brush should be removed, holding it over the paper, and the brush - rinse. Dip the tip of it in the paint must be very shallow, literally a millimeter or two.

How to draw eyes doll: a small technological secrets

To hand trembling and moving steadily, the elbow should be tight to lean on the table. If after rinsing the brush on paper is still a small bluish line, use this for additional application of light eye shadow under the eyelid, nose, etc.

Paint is best to choose a synthetic, they have an increased elasticity compared to natural. Rinse the tool thoroughly, as acrylic dries very quickly and the tips of the formed lumps.

Before each set of paint should dry the brush by swiping it across the paper. If you dip it in the acrylic its not dry, but moist, the color is blurry and faded. But if the brush does not slip, we need to add water.

If there are blemishes and extra lines, then paint while it's fresh, easy to wash off with plain water with a cotton swab. When she has had time to dry, you will have to use a tool for removal of varnish.

Do you need eyes?

The Mirror of the soul, the eye is called not in vain. It is immediately obvious even to the dolls! Perhaps the doll-Tilda, with its unique appearance can be left virtually without a face, marking the eyes points. In other cases, to draw the eyes of the doll paints a must. Without this hack will not acquire a soul and its own unique personality.

The Image of a textile doll is always a bit naive, funny and a little surprised. Her features - nose, mouth, wide smile is usually sewn along the contour in advance. The case for the artist then to apply makeup.

handmade dolls

Master class: dolls and their eyes

For painting a doll's face often take acrylic paint. Palette that the paint will breed, as different stiffness and thickness of the brush, it is necessary to prepare in advance, and also the above mentioned white paper for the trial of the stroke.

The doll's Face zagruntovat paint in a tone darker than the skin, a small light strokes. The uniformity achieve, blending the strokes with a cotton swab. Then stitched the circles representing the eyes, apply white paint. Acute planned in pencil middle of each eye.

Each center retreat up to a few millimeters, and again put point. Around them are circles of large diameter. It then selects a new point at 1-2 mm higher, with the center they draw other circles - less.

And then?

Try to keep the eyes turned out to be the same. Large circles at first painted in a light brown color. Without waiting for drying, the diameter of each large circle are holding a dark brown line and shaded gradually towards the center. Near the small mug color is light brown.

This is the iris of the eye. It can be the choice of the master blue or green. When brown paint is dry completely, the pupil (the small circle) should be filled in black.

draw the eyes of the doll paints

On each of the pupils a thin brush put a couple of white spots - smaller and bigger. And the eyes of our dolls immediately...

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