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The opinions of fans and professionals of bodybuilding concerning the admission of various support for training substances differ a lot. Someone is convinced that taking any unnatural products harms, and someone thinks it is harmless even serious drugs, which is not entirely and sometimes not at all intended for use in sports. Beginners often ask the question: "What is different from a weight gainer protein?"

what is the gainer from protein and what is the difference


It Should be noted that although the body of each person and operates on the same principle, but all the same people have significant differences. For example, it can be: the original data (height, weight), metabolism, the presence of various allergic reactions that the individual characteristics and acceptability of certain products, the presence or absence of problems with the musculoskeletal system, the tendency to leanness or corpulence, as well as many other factors. So, before you start taking supplements, medications or vitamins, you should consult with a specialist, personal trainer, and ideally someone with a medical degree, because what is useful for one person may harm another.

Basic excipients

what weight gainer is different from proteina

So if you do decide to drink any Supplements or vitamins, you must be acutely raises the question of what to choose. The first thing you should know, what are the main differences protein gainer - most popular in the bodybuilding substances. In General, both substances designed for weight gain and harmless, if not to abuse them (though you could say that about any product).

In addition, there are many different pre-workout and recovery complexes, vitamins, dietary supplements, such as calcium, iodine, multivitamins, as well as serious drugs, but with the last try not to get involved even professionals, because side effects from the use of various drugs can not only wipe out the sport progress, but to damage the health.


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As for vitamins and supplements, it's a useful thing, again - if you do not abuse, because of large doses will have no effect. Besides, it's better not to swallow everything, and to consult with a knowledgeable person. For example, one suitable system for strengthening bones and joints, while the other athlete may experience a deficiency of some vitamin that will have an impact on fatigue. What distinguishes a protein from a gainer and which is better?


Names in a foreign language can scare ignorant consumers, but in reality it's just a normal protein, just in a concentrated and dry form. If you do not particularly delve into the details of production and technological processes - a protein made from milk. A method of obtaining similar to the preparation of curd and cheese, but it is more deep, in this case, the product is split into various serums and other substances that are equally useful and harmless.

Why we need protein?

what is different from a weight gainer protein

Protein is one of the key building components in the body of a living being. In particular, he is responsible for the growth of muscle tissues. The body gets its natural way when eating meat products, eggs and some plant foods. However, in terms of active workouts, and the overall rhythm of modern life, when people hardly have time for lunch, the protein can not miss.

The Symptoms of serious deficiency expressed a strong clinical manifestations in the form of skin problems, pains in the stomach, as well as problems with the scalp and nails, but usually it is rare and not typical for most people. Also called systematic malnutrition, complete lack of meat products in the diet, and General malnutrition. Such conditions require medical care and monitoring.

For many beginning bodybuilders often characterized by a slight lack of proteins, resulting in more prolonged post-exercise recovery, fatigue and increased hunger. To achieve the full effect of playing sports requires more frequent food, for example five times a day, a greater number of meat-eating and slow carbohydrates, the observance of special diets, and programs written by the coach. In this regard, the person may not be able to eat for optimal muscle growth and weight gain amount of protein, then come to the aid of sports supplements such as protein. The method of its preparation is quite simple, in addition, it can have different flavor and aromatic additives that make it not only useful but pleasant.

Weight Gainer

what are the main differences protein gainer

As protein is for gaining weight, but has a different composition and appointment. The word itself comes from the English gain and means "increase, growth". What is different from a weight gainer protein? The Supplement itself consists not only of protein but also of carbohydrates. The latter, as a rule, are key components of the product. The percentage ofcarbohydrates in this Supplement is much higher than protein, and they are different in composition and appearance. That will give you more energy, and that will speed up the process of weight gain. What is different from a weight gainer protein use? The answer is simple - nothing. It is very convenient to dilute the desired amount of powder in a shaker or convenient dish, pour milk, juice or water. The product is ready for use.

Why we need carbohydrates?

what distinguishes a protein from a gainer and which is better

If protein is the building material for muscles, then carbs are the power plants or fuel for their work. During training the athlete requires a large amount of carbohydrates. They, in turn, is converted into energy and burned. Lack of carbohydrates is expressed by leanness and increased fatigue. Naturally found in plant foods, cereals, groats, flour products, sweets. Divided into fast and slow. The first is practically useless to humans and even harmful. It's basically sugar, sweets, sodas, snacks, etc. They harm the pancreas and is rapidly transformed into fat. However, in moderation do not pose a threat, and glucose is necessary for brain work.

Slow carbs are more useful, they slowly disintegrate into fats and give you more energy throughout the day. The energy needed to maintain physical activity and overall health. You can eat a lot of protein, however, if the body does not have enough carbohydrates, people will quickly get tired and exercise will bring less benefit.

Still: the gainer from protein different?

what is better a weight gainer or protein reviews

As stated above, both products are designed for weight gain and muscle mass. Should take what's lacking in the common diet. As a rule, modern people consume more carbohydrates than protein, but all individually. Weight gainers are suitable for those who want to quickly gain weight, their composition is a balance of proteins and carbohydrates. Due to the composition they are perfect for people who believe your weight is not high enough and I want to dial it.

Proteins are more suitable for more experienced athletes. This is due to the fact that seasoned bodybuilders have some progress and aim to continue to increase muscle mass. In addition, some people initially have a tendency to be overweight and I want to give weight to the necessary rule, but after a reset of the excess pounds the body needs building material, and then comes to the aid of the protein. On this basis, we can say that the protein is suitable for those who have excess weight. Fat is burned but muscles need building material. Now we answered questions about the difference between a weight gainer from protein, what is the difference between these substances.

Both supplements are useful and good in its own right. What is better a weight gainer or protein? Reviews and one, and another substance are often positive. They are popular among both professionals and beginners of bodybuilding. Most important - choose a product that is right for you. When selecting supplements should consult with a personal trainer or doctor and carefully study the substance you purchase.

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