How to bring the phlegm in infants: medicine, massage


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The Mucus and phlegm may be present in the nose or throat. If the mucus gets into the nasal passages, it is possible to easily remove, but if mucus in the throat, to get rid of it much harder. In this article we will look at the question that troubles many moms: "How to bring the phlegm in infants with a massage and special preparations?"

Cough infant

The Mucus can give a lot of discomfort to your baby if it is in excess. She can be coughing, it may even cause suffocation. So it should get rid of immediately, in all possible ways, but, of course, so that doesn't hurt the baby.

The First thing is very important - do not self-medicate, you must contact the hospital. The immune system of babies is so weak that improper therapy can only worsen the situation. So, how to bring the phlegm of infants?

Let's Start with the fact that a cough is a natural reaction that occurs when you need to clear the airway. It is wet and dry - in this article we will talk about the second variety.

Causes and consequences

Wet cough may indicate the development of bronchitis or pneumonia, ORZ, ARVI, tonsillitis. Should not alarmed if his seizures will not be particularly long lasting. Causes of coughing can be not only disease, but also:

  • Contact of mucus in the throat while sleeping on the back;
  • Profuse salivation;
  • Profuse vomiting;
  • Burp.

You Also need to be very attentive to strong, sudden cough, it suggests that the respiratory tract is put in the foreign body. The child choked, and he should immediately help.


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To solve the problem of how to bring the phlegm in infants, it is necessary to bring it to the examination of an experienced physician. Only a good technician can accurately find the cure of sputum for the baby. In addition, it will show and help you to make a special massage, which will promote the expectoration of sputum.

Cough is a natural reaction of the organism to pathological processes in the body. Therefore, in the first place to treat not the symptom (in this case a cough), and the root cause.

Preparing for the inspection

If you called the doctor, waiting for it, without delay, to take some measures to facilitate the child's condition. So, it is necessary to do wet cleaning kid's room, and a massage, which will help expectoration of mucus (as it was his to do, we will describe below).

But do not overdo it - for example, do not RUB the baby any potions, most of them simply cannot be used.

Massage from sputum

So, how to bring the phlegm in infants with a massage? It should do if the baby is no high temperature, after the medication, if you have written. To do this, place your baby on his tummy and RUB the back until the redness. Start from the waist and finish the neck. After the need to lightly pinch the back with your fingers, touch the edge of his hand, only with a force which does not cause discomfort to the baby.

After these steps the baby can raskoshelitsya, do not worry, this sputum departs, let him to cough and continue. You can slightly knock the Cams on the back. Then turn the baby and stroke his chest and tummy.

This is a very effective way to help eliminate cough in infants.


Drugs for children should be very careful. This question must engage in highly skilled medical worker. The cure for phlegm is to use in case if other methods do not help.

Often it happens that the baby does not do some folk remedies. This is especially important if age who has a baby that is 3 months or younger. In this case, you cannot make inhalation or compresses, and the doctor has no choice - he prescribes medications to facilitate expectoration.

Now there are many on cough medicines in syrup form, as the kids can't swallow pills. Very often prescribed "Ambroxol", "Mucosolvan", "Bromhexine". But before medication, you should consult with experts.

Emergency medical help

When a child is sick, he must be carefully monitored. If sputum departs greenish hue - it means that connected with disease-causing microbes. Be sure to consult your doctor. In such cases, after examination, prescribe antibiotics. As a rule, under their influence sputum departs faster and easier to disappear and other symptoms of the disease, but, despite this, the treatment needs to be done.

infants 3 months

Folk remedies for older children

How to get rid of phlegm in a child two or three years? Here will help common people's ways that are no less effective than medication.

  1. Honey with the addition of cranberry juice, onion or radish. How to juice with onion or radish? This vegetable is grated, and then squeeze the resulting pulp through several layers of gauze.
  2. Hot milk with the addition of figs. This delicious drink is to offer the child twice a day a glass. This drink liquefies phlegm, helps her as quickly as possible to get rid of.
  3. Cow's natural milk with garlic. Per litre of warm milk crush five cloves of garlic. This mixture child should drink during the day. This is a very effective "grandma's" method.
  4. The Fourth method is suitable for the baby, if he was two years old. We are talking about inhalation.

how to get rid of phlegm in a child

This method is very effective. To use this method, consider the following rules:

  • With the child throughout the procedure should be someone adult;
  • Water after boiling needs to cool down for 10 minutes only after that it is necessary to start the procedure;
  • The whole process should not exceed five minutes;
  • After inhalation, the child should not inhale the cold air and keep him in bed.

Under these rules, the procedure will be effective and enjoyable for the child. Although now suppose they sell inhalers in all drugstores, so use old way there is no need.


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