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Mycologist is a doctor who treats diseases developing under the influence of various fungal micro-organisms. This specialist usually deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the most severe cases. Often the patient turns to him, not alone, but in the direction of a physician or dermatologist.

Mycologist is a doctor who heals

About the profession

Many do not know about the role that medicine plays doctor-mycologist. Who is he, can answer only a few. Even therapists not always take into account that the advice which is able to provide mycologists. Usually in severe cases, they send their patients to doctors and dermatologists.

Mycologist is a doctor who treats the most severe diseases of fungal etiology. In addition, he assists in the differential diagnosis of various skin diseases, which, in the opinion of the attending doctor, can be caused by fungal pathogens.

Running the doctor-mycologist?

Mycology - a very narrow specialization. These doctors are very few even in the largest cities. This is largely due to the fact that with the vast majority of fungal diseases are quite capable to handle General practitioners and dermatologists.

Mycologists are only in specialized medical centers. More often such institutions have dermatovenereological profile. Separate mycological clinics practically does not exist due to the fact that their functions are completely capable of performing hospitals, providing care in all skin diseases.

Doctor who is a mycologist

In small towns such a specialist do not find. Most affordable doctor-mycologist in Moscow. In the capital if you wish, you can easily get on reception to this doctor, even without prior consultation of a physician or dermatologist. Examples of such clinic where you can consult a mycologist, are as follows:


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  1. Clinic Spectra along the street Gerasim Kurina, 16.
  2. "Medcenterservice" to "Belarusian" on the street 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, 29.
  3. The"SM-clinic" down the street Yartsevskaya, 8.

There is a doctor-mycologist in Yekaterinburg. Places that accept these professionals will match the STI clinics. To schedule a consultation independently or by referral from the doctor. The main organizations where it is possible to get on reception to the doctor-mycologist in Yekaterinburg are:

  1. "IC-Med" on the street of the Rose Luxembourg, 67 B/3.
  2. Clinic "Alfa-Health Centre" street Maxim Gorky, 17.
  3. "SMT-clinic" down the street Serova, 45.

A Very popular doctor-mycologist in Yekaterinburg. Reviews of the activities of this expert more often. And every needy patient in any of these clinics will be able to obtain specialized help in the fight against fungal diseases.

Also there is a doctor-mycologist in Voronezh. The address of his place of work, too, will correspond to the location of clinics that spetsializiruyutsya on helping patients with skin disorders. One of the most popular institutions of such profile in Voronezh are as follows:

  1. Hospital "Dubrava" on Moskovsky prospect, 112.
  2. The Homeopathic center "Prana" in Karl Marx street, 66.
  3. Medical center "Children's doctor" in the street holzunova, 60B.

Complexity specialty

Mycologist is a doctor who treats diseases of fungal etiology. This pathology is often made in a low level of immunity. In the end, a specialist is necessary to carry out the course of treatment, while trying to restore the protective properties of the organism. Often therapy of fungal infections is extremely difficult, as it often is formed due to the presence of a particular disease.

Doctor mycologist in Moscow

The Mycologist has to solve the most difficult problems associated with the fungal pathology. In the end, he must perfectly navigate the mycoses, causes and factors contributing to their development, the clinical picture of this disease, methods of its diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Basic pathology

There are a number of diseases, treatment of which may not cope therapist and dermatologist. Mycologist often deals with the following cases:

  1. Severe onychomycosis.
  2. Fungal infection associated with HIV infection and immunodeficiency different etiology.
  3. Fungal infection with concomitant diseases that can impair the blood supply to the affected by fungal infection region.
  4. Any other fungal disease, which failed to cure doctors and dermatologists.

The mycologist can treat any diseases of the following classof:

  • Candidosi;
  • Epidermofitia;
  • Mikrosporyi;
  • Trihofitii.

The Treatment of these diseases is the main work of the doctor-mycologist.

dermatologist mycologist

Very often, this special has to cure a running nail fungus. Doctor-mycologist is almost the only doctor who is able to help the patient to maintain the nail with this disease.

How is the training for a mycologist?

The specialty is hard enough. For this, you need to primary training institution for postgraduate education for doctors. Thus on receipt of such specialization is usually claimed the experienced dermatologists. Duration of initial training is a few months. Upon completion of the course will have to pass the exams.

It is Worth noting that the sets on the primary retraining in "mycologist" few. Join a group claiming to receive it is difficult.

Drugs used specialist

At least once in life, but almost everyone is a doctor-mycologist. Who is this and what are the drugs he is conducting therapeutic activities, not many people know. The doctor often uses in his practical activities of preparations from the following groups:

  • Antifungals;
  • Antihistamine medicines;
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Glucocorticosteroid funds.

Antimycotic drugs are the main drugs in the fight against fungal diseases. This particular drugs that lead to reduction of speed of propagation and the destruction of the fungal microorganisms. They contribute to defeat fungal infections even in cases when the natural immunity of the human body that does not contribute.

Doctor mycologist in Yekaterinburg reviews

Antihistamine medicines needed to reduce the severity of edema and the activity of the inflammatory process. Most of this group used the following drugs:

  • "Suprastin".
  • "loratadine".
  • "Hloropiramin".

These drugs are used as additional tools in the fight against fungal diseases.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to reduce the severity of inflammatory reactions. The main drugs of this group are as follows:

  • "Nimesulide".
  • "Ketorolac".
  • "Diclofenac".

These drugs also have a fairly strong analgesic effect.

Glucocorticosteroid funds often appointed in cases when other drugs are powerless. They are able to reduce swelling and the severity of the inflammatory process. Often use the following glukokorticosteroida:

  • "Prednizolon".
  • "Metilprednizolon".
  • "Dexametason".

These drugs should be used with caution. Their long reception can cause serious complications. For this reason, they are administered infrequently and for a short period of time.

Diagnostic process

Mycologist is a doctor who treats diseases of a fungal nature. Before you begin the therapeutic process, it needs to conduct relevant research that can clarify the etiology of the pathological process.

First and foremost mycologist will be engaged in the inspection of the affected region. For this he, like the dermatologist might use a magnifying glass. This manages much better to consider the nature of the damage.

Doctor mycologist in Voronezh address

Very much in the work of this expert help research methods with the use of a microscope. For the beginning mycologist scrapes the affected tissues of the patient, and then examines them under high magnification. Fungal microorganisms have a specific appearance and can easily be identified.

To determine the sensitivity to specific antimycotic drug biological material collected by using scraping, sometimes placed on a special nutrient medium. After germination, the microorganisms are affected to different anti-fungal drugs. As a result, possible to establish which of them are better than others in fighting pathogenic microflora. This helps the doctor to prescribe the most effective drug, reducing the duration of the treatment process and avoiding the need to use additional medications...

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