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The Leriche Syndrome, is atherosclerotic occlusion of the aortic bifurcation, which occurs usually at the age of forty years. This disease can slowly progress for a long time, sometimes for more than ten years. Often patients do notice the onset of the disease, as his symptoms appears suddenly, is due to the development of full occlusion of blood vessels.

Leriche's syndrome treatment

The Clinic, diagnosis, treatment of Leriche's syndrome will be discussed in this article.

The root of the problem

It is well Known that the aorta is the largest blood artery. At the navel it is split, then through the pelvis, it goes in the limbs. But in that case, if for some reason (about which we will speak later) diameter of the aorta along with the two iliac arteries decreases, this can lead to oxygen starvation. The affected area become organs of the reproductive and urinary systems, and in addition, the upper parts of the legs.

This condition in medicine is called aortopodwzdoshnogo occlusion and the disease is called Leriche's syndrome. This pathology has many different synonyms, ranging from chronic obstruction of the aorta, ending with atherosclerotic thrombosis of the abdominal tissue. This disease is known in medicine for quite some time, but directly the name it acquired in honor of the surgeon rené Leriche, who carried out in the last century the world's first lumbar sympathectomy clogged aorta and resection.

Leriche's syndrome diagnosis

This syndrome is considered an exclusively male pathology. Males encounter it ten times as likely in comparison with women. In this risk group among men is the age span of forty to sixty years. In this case it is important to keep in mind that chronic obstruction of the aorta is a set of clinical manifestations, and not an independent disease. In this regard, treatment of the syndrome in conjunction with the ignoring of the reasons that caused it, will provide an opportunity to achieve visible improvement of the condition, but can not stop the destructive processes in the aorta.


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What clinic Leriche's syndrome, special methods of examination and treatment?

Causes pathology

If you approach the issue superficially, the main factors contributing to the development of this syndrome, two, namely, atherosclerosis and non-specific aortoarteritis. But if we are interested in objectivity, you need to make several important clarifications.

Common in people with atherosclerosis, the treatment of which is a very long process, it is customary to explain almost half of all chronic diseases. It is generally accepted that the main risk factors in this case are non-Smoking along with diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. In this regard, the risk should then be almost half of the entire population of our planet. But how then to explain in this case the stubborn statistics that indicate a relatively small actual prevalence of this syndrome?

About the same situation with Takayasu's disease - non-specific aortoarteritis. Respected medical reference books say that it can lead the human body to obstruction of the abdominal aorta. But if more detail to address the subject of this disease, it turns out that the reasons for her development along with the underlying mechanisms of occurrence are still unknown to science.

In addition to these disease, Leriche's syndrome can also be a consequence of some pathologies whose treatment was carried out in insufficient volume. Among them:

  • Availability of form obliterating endarteritis and atherosclerosis.
  • Traumatic thrombosis.
  • Congenital aplasia.
  • The Presence of nonspecific aortoarteritis character.
  • Development of postembolic occlusion.
  • Development of muscular and fibrous dysplasia.
atherosclerosis of the aorta, Leriche's syndrome clinical diagnosis and treatment


Symptoms of Leriche's syndrome the following:

  • Appearance of the wall of calcinosis and blood clots.
  • Excessive thickening of the walls of the aorta.
  • The Presence of severe pain of the gastrocnemius and gluteal muscles, which increases during walking or running.
  • The Presence of intermittent claudication.
  • Pathology of distal blood flow.
  • The Feeling of coldness in the extremities, and is rarely valid due to the decrease in temperature in the environment.
  • Increasing erectile dysfunction, eventually leading to complete impotence. It should be noted that the treatment of sexual impotence in this situation is absolutely useless. Symptoms of Leriche's syndrome is quite unpleasant.
  • The Presence of cyanosis of the skin of the leg above the knee.
  • Reduced muscle mass of the body.
  • The Temperature of the affected limb is usually reduced by one or two degrees.
  • The Presence of ulcerations on the skin, which in the last stage can lead to leaf tissue becoming necrotic. This loss affects mainly the feet.
  • The Impossibility of identifying the pulsations of the femoral artery.
  • The Presence of a systolic murmur in the groin area.
Leriche's syndrome clinic special methods of examination and treatment

Diagnosis of Leriche's syndrome

The First thing you want to do – this, of course, to visit the doctor which will have to make a careful examination of the patient and collect detailed history. You are also required to perform auscultation and palpation. Instrumental methods of research are the following procedures:

  • An ultrasound flowmetry.
  • Implementation of Doppler imaging.
  • Implementation of rheovasography, which assesses the General status of the heart and blood vessels, and in addition, their tone.
  • Conducting plethysmography-registration of changes in the pelvic organs, which are associated with the dynamics of the process of filling with blood vessels.
  • Implementation of sphygmography - motion study of the aortic wall that occurs during each contraction of the heart.
  • Determination of muscle blood flow.
  • Conducting a calculation of ankle index. In the framework of the calculation of the index of pressure of the foot is divided into the same parameter of the radial artery. Normal value in this case is the norm: from 1.1 to 1.2. In that case, if the value is in the area of 0.8, then the patient may show signs of lameness. If the parameter is equal to 0.3, then it will signal the beginning of some ulcerative and necrotic changes.
  • Angiography. Depending on the type of diagnosis can be a radionuclide, subtraction, and digital contrast.
  • Implementation translumbalno puncture aortography, which is designed to detect the length and location of the lesions.

Diagnosis of Leriche's syndrome including the differential should be.

Performing differential

The Syndrome can for a long time to masquerade as some other pathologies with different clinical manifestations, such as obliterating endarteritis. On the background of this deviation will be observed the following symptoms:

  • The Most likely affected area are, as a rule, the vessels of the lower leg.
  • Observation of pulsation of femoral arteries.
  • The Absence of a characteristic systolic murmur.
  • The majority of patients is under the age of thirty years.

Another such disease is sciatica, in which you experience the following symptoms:

  • The Severity of symptoms not associated with movement.
  • Save the pulsations of arteries.
  • Localization of pain at the outer surface of the thighs.
  • The Lack of a vascular noise.

Next, consider the treatment of Leriche's syndrome.

traditional methods for the treatment of Leriche's syndrome

The Importance of timely treatment

Most aortopodwzdoshnogo disease, and the syndrome is not an exception, can be cured in several ways. But unfortunately, patients are not always on time come to the doctor and prefer to suppress pain syndrome by analgesics. In the end, it often happens that the holding of sparing conservative treatment does not work, and the patient's condition is only getting worse. The need for surgery in this situation remains the only option. But if the man himself will notice the first signs of problems, the choice of doctor will be much wider.

The Treatment of Leriche's syndrome it is important to start in a timely manner.

What should be the conservative treatment?

In the framework of conservative treatment the patient requires adherence to the following requirements:

  • Complete refusal of the patient from the harmful habit of Smoking.
  • Controlled...

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