Humeroscapular periarthrosis: the main symptoms and methods of treatment


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Scapulohumeral periarthrosis is the disease chronic form. He from time to time recur with lesions of the soft tissues around the shoulder joint. The first and striking the symptomatic manifestation of this disease is considered acute pain in the shoulder area. The discomfort is so strong that it becomes difficult each movement of the hand. After some time completely atrophy of the muscles of the shoulder joint.

Humeroscapular periarthrosis: the causes of the disease

Spark development a lot of different factors. Experts have identified a group of key reasons, which are often encountered in medical practice. First, relapse can cause the development of cervical degenerative disc disease or other displacement of the vertebrae. In addition, regular physical activity, especially with upturned hands, lead to disorders of the soft tissues of the shoulder joint. One of the common reasons considered to be hormonal changes, e.g. menopause. Even surgery on the breast in some cases provokes a relapse of the disease.

Scapulohumeral periarthrosis involves the loss of elasticity and strength of the joint capsule, and subsequently formed and microcracks. In this regard, in the period of exacerbation significantly encumbered movement. But do not expect that discomfort will resolve spontaneously. If a long time to ignore the symptoms, you can expect the appearance of a syndrome called "frozen shoulder". Then move the limb will be almost impossible.

Humeroscapular periarthrosis: symptoms

At the initial stage, painful sensations arise periodically, and then the patient feels a dull, aching pain that may radiate to the back or neck. When examining the site of the lesion you may notice a small swelling.


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Humeroscapular periarthrosis treatment

In Order to prevent more severe consequences, the disease should be treated at the manifestation of the first signs of it. Before establishing an accurate diagnosis specialist must perform a full examination including x-rays of the affected area, electromyo and tomography, ultrasound, and MRI.

The Treatment of shoulder periarthritis divided into symptomatic, reflex, and manual and physical therapy. If the recovery of the physical condition of the patient just enough to eliminate sypmtomatic, are appointed of drugs vasodilator, anti-inflammatory or antispasmodic orientation. Manual therapy is considered mandatory for the treatment of periartroz, but it should only be performed by a highly qualified specialist. Reflexology is based on pressure points, with a well-established acupuncture and micro-needling.

As soon As the first signs of improvement, or rather, disappear pain, you need to complete a full course of massage aimed at the normalization of microcirculation, relieve inflammation and prevent muscle atrophy. As recovery procedures recommended physiotherapy, which includes exercises to develop the shoulder joint.

It Is understood that the humeroscapular periarthrosis is a disease with serious consequences, so the quality of the treatment can be made only by a physician. It specialist is able to conduct a comprehensive examination and prescribe treatment in accordance with the individual characteristics of each patient individually. And a set of activities conducted in a timely manner, will help to get rid of a relapse in the future.

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