The herb wormwood is a valuable medicine


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Wormwood-a perennial herb, having a very wide habitat area. It often grows along roads, on waste dumps near water bodies. Often the height of her shoots exceeds 1.5 m. As a drug used neodrepanis apical shoots of plants. Wormwood flowering occurs from June to September. To collect it is necessary only in clean places, away from roads and landfills. This amazing plant has unique medicinal properties.


In the period of mass flowering tops of the stems of wormwood are cut, bound in bundles and dried in air. For medicinal purposes use the leaves and upper leaves of the plant collected before flowering.


This herb has properties which traditional science has been studied recently, is used in alternative medicine for many centuries. Wormwood, which is based on the contents of different essential oils, bitterness (glycosides), tannins, carotene and ascorbic acid, is a valuable medicinal raw materials. It has long been used by healers as a purifying and antiseptic means. With a strong digestive disorders, bad breath, diarrhea with strong odor should drink tea from this plant.


Wormwood helps in the treatment of liver diseases such as hepatitis, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. Chemicals from it is prescribed in flatulence, in dysmenorrhea, inflammation of the appendages, as abortive remedies and kidney disease.


The Herb wormwood which is a great help in kidney diseases, is also effective in some neurological disorders, such as irritability and dizziness. This tool has a pronounced diuretic properties. It is used for different diseases: as a strong anti-allergic means in treatment of many cancers, as well as paralysis and paresis. Wormwood has a strong anthelmintic, antimicrobial and antitoxic properties.


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The Herb wormwood is used to improve appetite and strengthen the function of the gastrointestinal tract. It is used for the treatment of arthritis, treatment of atony of the uterus, eliminate inflammation, as a sedative, anticonvulsant and fastening means for diarrhea. It is useful with severe mental and physical labour, and for increasing vitality in debilitated patients.


The Herb sage can be used for cooking. It is used to impart a specific flavor to different dishes.


Almost all infusions take before eating a quarter Cup three times a day. For therapy of arthritis, use an infusion of tablespoons herbs, steamed Cup of boiling water. Antiallergic remedy is prepared from a teaspoon of sage into a glass of hot water. For other cases, use a teaspoon of wormwood, steamed 400 ml of boiling water. Tea made from wormwood is prepared from a teaspoon of herb, filled a glass of boiling water and drink three times a day (without sugar).

A Very good effect of rehabilitation for respiratory diseases is the use of the herb Artemisia during a visit to the Russian bath. For this procedure the grass zaparivayut boiling water, then hot steam, enriched with medicinal substances of wormwood, easily penetrates into the human respiratory tract.


However, some people cannot tolerate the ingredients found in this plant. Wormwood, the properties of which are contraindicated in pregnant women  women need to take caution. Before use it should consult a doctor, because self-medication can bring much more harm than good. Herb of wormwood can cause severe agitation, alternating significant inhibition. Long-term use of this plant may decrease hemoglobin and cause nausea, accompanied by vomiting.

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