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Myopia, or nearsightedness — quite a common problem among the modern population. Doctors are constantly treating patients complaining of weak visibility of distant objects. Of course, the most frequently diagnosed mild and moderate myopia.

What is myopia?

This term refers to the initial violation of the refraction of the eye. In the normal state of parallel rays of light entering the optical system of the eye in focus on the retina. With myopia this convergence occurs in front of the retina. That's why a person with this disorder sees objects at a close distance. But the farther the object is, the more blurred its image becomes.

In ophthalmology, it is customary to distinguish three degrees: mild (up to 3.0 diopters), medium (up to 6.0 diopters) and high (higher than 6 dioptres). In addition, it is customary to distinguish progressive and neoprogressive form. Naturally, the first option is much more dangerous to view.

Low degree of Myopia and its causes

There are several reasons for the development of myopia. To begin with, of course, it should be noted genetic predisposition. It is proved that people with myopia children are born, prone to such disease.

However, the most common cause is weakness of the ciliary muscle caused by adverse external influences. As example, professional myopia among those people who are constantly working close to objects, as well as those who are constantly forced to strain your eyes. In addition, myopia mild often appears during their school years, as during this period the organism is only being formed, and therefore easy to change. So you should be careful and follow the rules of labor protection.


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Myopia: the main symptoms of

The First symptom, which is typical for light and medium forms of the disease, is the appearance of small gray opacities that are visible in the eye movement. Subsequently developed deterioration — patients notice weakness of vision when looking at distant objects.

Of Course, changes with progressive myopia more noticeable. And the lack of proper treatment can lead to very sad consequences. The result of myopia is an elongation of the eyeball. With him also extended and small blood vessels. The result of the progression of the disease disturbed nutrition of the retina, which can lead to delamination and, in some cases even to complete blindness. That is why it is so important to consult a doctor.

How to cure nearsightedness?

First, it is necessary that the doctor conducted a full study — only then can the correct diagnosis. As a rule, had to appoint a Refractometer and skiascopy eyes. Ophthalmologist also sure to inspect the bottom of the eyeball — it helps to identify possible complications. Sometimes it is necessary and ultrasound examination, which can be used to measure the thickness of the cornea and the eyeball.

Myopia mild degree, usually amenable to conservative treatment. Of course, the vision must be corrected using contact lenses or glasses. Pick up points can only be attending physician. It is worth remembering that over time, the vision may change, so regular inspection by a doctor is required.

In addition, prescribed special exercises for the eyes. The doctor will select the appropriate set of exercises, which can strengthen the eye muscles. In some cases appropriate intake of special drugs that help to eliminate muscle spasm.

Of Course, very important is proper nutrition — in particular, the diet must contain sufficient amount of retinol, and other useful items. So throwing in a multivitamin is unlikely to hurt.

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