Scarlet fever in children: symptoms, treatment and consequences


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The First time it is mentioned in the seventeenth century of our era. Holding at Bay the great English power and taking thousands of lives, it got its bloody and horrific title – a purple fever. And only a century later, she found a beautiful milawukee name – Scarlet. Now this disease we call scarlet fever.

Dangerous illness

What is the scarlet fever in children? Symptoms, treatment and prevention of the disease and will be addressed in this article.

Most Often disease is common in young patients, especially in the area of risk are kids from three to nine or ten years. However, the disease can and infants, and adolescents.

The parents were able to identify the disease, they need to have a clear understanding about the prevention, treatment and symptoms of scarlet fever in children. It helps to start timely treatment and achieve optimal results. The article also talk about how the disease is diagnosed and what he has complications or consequences.

In order to identify the disease as early as possible, this article shows a photo of the symptoms of scarlet fever in children. Treatment and prevention of this disease will also be given enough time.

What's causing the disease

What is the cause of scarlet fever in a child? As specialists, the disease is called bacterial infection, it is clear that it is caused by dangerous bacteria. Most often in the body of a baby she gets airborne droplets, having a negative impact on the amygdala and other vital organs.


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The causative agent of the disease is very important to know. This will help parents to take effective measures to prevent infection and an unpleasant symptoms. Prevention of scarlet fever in children is the most effective method in the fight against this disease. So the disease caused due to the ingestion of bacteria of the genus Streptococcus. This microorganisms triggers inflammation on the mucous membranes of the tonsils, and getting into the lymph, emit toxic substances, thus causing intoxication and infection of other tissues.

The Bacterium that causes scarlet fever in a child can also be a pathogen of other major diseases, such as erysipelas, intestinal infections, tonsillitis and so on.

Unfortunately, this strep is very aggressive, active and hardy, so can long survive in our environment. What is the incubation period of scarlet fever in children? On average, ingress of bacteria in the baby's body until the first signs of the disease may take from two hours to a week. However, it may increase up to fourteen days because the baby's immune system or antibiotic treatment. The average incubation period of scarlet fever in children has a duration of three or four days. After that, there are clear signs of infection.

However, not so simple. Some kids can be carriers of the disease, while they themselves will not experience any unpleasant symptoms of scarlet fever. In children this is common. Having a strong immune system, kids are totally healthy, however, represent a danger to others, as it can infect them.

What are the primary manifestations of the disease? Let's find out.

How disease manifests

The Symptoms and treatment of scarlet fever in children are interrelated. Paying attention to the impact of the disease, the doctor will prescribe the little individual therapy. However, we will learn about it a little further. Now let's discuss how to identify the disease.

The first sign of illness is a big baby's body temperature (39 degrees and above). Hyperthermia is accompanied by headaches, chills, drowsiness and apathy.

Further manifested intoxication – abdominal pain, nausea, and even vomiting. It is noteworthy that this feeling usually catches off guard: a child looks vigorous and healthy, and suddenly everything changes.

As a result of the onset of symptoms and development of illness of a child can disturb the tachycardia, manifest nervousness, confusion and so on.

Sore throat

The Strongest angina is the main symptom of scarlet fever in children, a photo of which is presented below.

the tonsils in scarlet fever

No Wonder the scarlet fever called the purple fever. It is characterized by a pronounced redness of the throat and mucous membranes in the throat. Tonsils, soft palate and the uvula becomes crimson color, especially saturated on the background of pale pink mucous membranes of the cheeks and hard palate.

At First, the sore throat manifests itself only in the redness of the throat. Children complain of severe pain, increasing when swallowing, unable to give up eating and even drinking. However, over time, especially if not to begin treatment on mucous membranes of palate and tonsils may experience unpleasant symptoms that makes the pain in my throat unbearable. It can be a regular white patches or pus plugs in the tonsils, which can develop into more serious pathology-necrosis that develops on the mucous membranes. It is a small erosional areas on the tonsils or soft palate, covered with a touch of gray, brown or greenish.

Another serious symptom of scarlet fever in children is swollen lymph nodes of the neck, behind the ear or under the jaw. This can cause kids pain and other inconveniences.

Change the language – another characteristic feature by which to recognize serious disease. In the first day or two the tongue is covered with belyam bloom, on which appear red bumps – taste buds increased in the process of inflammation. Then the language changes its color and becomes bright red. The taste buds continue to differentiate itself from al RAID his pale pink shades.

language in saltine


The Rash on the body is another important symptom of scarlet fever in children. Photo of cutaneous lesions is presented below.

At First the rash appears where the most delicate skin on the face, chest, neck.

rash on body

Then the area of lesions distributed throughout the body. Especially painful and intense rash occurs in the folds of the skin – in the groin, armpits, behind the knees and at the elbows.

The look of these skin lesions? In scarlet fever the child may experience small red or pink pimples. Sometimes the surface of the epidermis can be affected formations of hemorrhagic or petechial hemorrhages, which manifests itself in the form of a Burgundy-brown dots due to the fragility of blood vessels. Most of these lesions merge together, forming a band-pass region of the lesion, which may remain on the patient's body for quite a long time. Underneath the gentle baby's skin becomes dry, rough and unpleasant to the touch.

The child's Face, amazed at the rash looks slightly swollen and puffy. Cheeks, excessively increased due to painful swelling, covered with a scarlet rash. Bright spots on the face stand out cherry red lips and flesh-colored nose, not affected by rashes. Below you can see a photo of scarlet fever in children. About the treatment and prevention of disease will be discussed later.

rash on the cheeks

How long hold on the skin these rashes? Usually the unpleasant symptoms disappear after a few days, rarely may disappear in a few hours. It all depends on the severity of the disease and timely treatment.

Rashes may pass quickly, but after a week on the affected skin appear peeling, like the top layers of the epidermis covered with small whitish dust. On the palms and soles exfoliation occurs more expressive – leather can climb all layers. However, in very young children this happens quite rarely.

How to diagnose an illness

As mentioned above, the symptoms and treatment of scarlet fever in children are interrelated. Therefore, in order to prescribe effective medical therapy, the attending physician must carefully examine the child and conduct a thorough diagnosis.

To Determine the diagnosis is easy – you just need to examine the child, and based on the totality of the symptoms listed above are diagnosed scarlet fever. The child may be not all manifestations of the disease. Sometimes, the disease develops with the erased symptoms. However, this can be read below.

Once diagnosed, the doctor takes a swab from the throat of the little patient, which may visualise the causative agent of the disease. If the tonsils toddler severely inflamed and covered with film, optionally may be taken smear on diphtheria wand.

In the period of the disease, several times to pass urine. It is advisable to go through study at the fourth, tenth and 21st day if you start counting from the beginning of the development of the disease.

Atypical forms of the disease

Most Often it is the most dangerous manifestation of the disease, as they are hard to diagnose and to prescribe special treatment. To atypical forms of scarlet fever, which is characterized by the erased symptoms include:

  • Rudimentary (or residual). All the symptoms of scarlet fever in children is expressed gently, the body temperature is not increasing, the skin affected is sparsely and locally (identified only on the abdomen, elbows or...

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