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In medical practice, pathogens adopted to deal with antibiotics, which destroy not only harmful but also beneficial microorganisms. Not all doctors remember about safer drugs-the bacteriophages. One of the representatives of this line is bacteriophage Koli. Let us consider what is the remedy its mechanism of action, indications for use and feedback.

Bacteriophages – what is it?

Bacteria can suffer from viruses as well as people from SARS or influenza. These viruses are bacteriophages – a non-cellular form of life composed of protein shell and nucleic acid (RNA and DNA). Unlike antibiotics, bacteriophages destroy only a certain type of bacteria. Therefore, appoint them only after identifying the type of the causative agent of the disease.

bacteriophage coli

The Significant benefit is that bacteria do not develop resistance to bacteriophages. This, incidentally, is the main reason why the interest in viruses of bacteria revived in recent times. Note, however, that modern medicine considers phages immunobiological medicines.

Description of the funds "Bacteriophage Coley"

The Liquid solution, which you can purchase the medicine consists of a filtrate of phage lysate of pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli.

The Drug has a specific action and cause lysis (destruction) of cells of the bacteria E. coli. The nucleic acid penetrates the bacterial genome and begins to reproduce itself. Phages, which overflows the cell, tear it from the inside and move on to the next “victim”. Therefore, even if the number of bacteriophages is possible to achieve a positive outcome of therapy.


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if the bacteriophage fluid

If the Bacteriophage produces domestic pharmaceutical company “Microgen”. The solution can be purchased in bottles with a volume of 20 ml or 100 ml as additional substances in the composition used chinosol.


Antibiotics usually prescribed without prior delivery of the crops to determine the type of agent, hoping for a wide range of effects of medication. Absolutely impossible in the same conditions used for treating the bacteriophage. And E. coli-the main type of pathogenic bacteria that may impact the medicine. Therefore, to apply the medicine should be only in infectious diseases caused by this agent.

Koli protein bacteriophage

Prescribe a drug for the prevention and treatment of the following ailments:

  • ENT-organs pathology of bacterial origin (otitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, sinusitis);
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, tracheitis);
  • The defeat of intestinal bacteria of the digestive tract (dysbacteriosis, cholecystitis, gastroenterocolitis);
  • Inflammation of the skin and surgical infections (burns, bursitis, suppuration of wounds, abscess, mastitis, abscess);
  • Infections of the urinary system (pyelonephritis in the acute and chronic form of cystitis, urethritis);
  • Diseases of the reproductive organs (endometritis, colpitis, salpingoophoritis).

To prevent infection solution "Bacteriophage if" manual recommends that the treatment of the skin after surgery. Before using the product, it is important to determine focustitle pathogen.

Usage instructions

The Liquid vehicle can be used for oral, local, rectal application. The solution is also suitable for the drainage of cavities, irrigation, and applications. In some cases, the medication should be used both inside and for local treatment of inflammatory sites. Unlike antibiotics, bacteriophage therapy lasts from 7 to 20 days.

The use of Oral solution is indicated for cystitis, pyelonephritis and urethritis. When drainage of the bladder or renal pelvis medication is injected through the drain tube. Inside shown take 20-30 ml solution patients over 8 years. In the cavity of the bladder, you can enter no more than 30 ml, and the pelvis - about 6-7 ml per day.

To Treat diseases of ENT-organs if a phage by washing, pipetting and rinsing. A special efficiency medicine has the introduction turundae, soaked in solution, into the nasal or ear cavity.

bacteriophage if the instruction

Bacteriophage if when dysbacteriosis and other diseases of the digestive tract should be taken orally 20-30 ml three times a day at least hour before a meal. Duration of therapy – 3 weeks.

Gynecological ailments of an infectious nature are treated by injecting a solution into the vagina or the uterus. One technique will require 5-10 ml. When vaginitis should be plugging twice a day.

After draining the abscess cavity the drug is administered in a smaller quantity than the volume of removed pus. Bacteriophage is also injected into the wound at 10-20 ml osteomyelitis after appropriate wound treatment.

Use in Pediatrics

Effective the tool will be in the treatment of young patients. Bacteriophage if should be used in the dysbacteriosis, enterocolitis caused by infection of E. coli. The solution is suitable to treat even preterm babies. Most often, drug use high enemas, introducing the solution through the vapor tube or catheter. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day, using for each appointment not more than 10 ml of liquid.

bacteriophage and E. coli

Oral use is only possible if the baby does not suffer from frequent regurgitation. The solution is mixed with a small amount of breast milk. Duration of therapy – 5 to 15 days. If necessary, the bacteriophage is combined with other medicines in the treatment process. Viruses bacteria able to enhance the therapeutic effect of drugs and to increase the sensitivity of pathogenic organisms.

Special instructions

Note that the bottle of the medicine after opening is not subject to long-term storage. Before each use it should be shaken and not evaluate the contents of the precipitate. In the presence of recent drug use is prohibited.

To Open a new bottle must according to certain rules:

  • Before the manipulation necessary to thoroughly wash hands;
  • Protective cover on the bottle is treated with an alcohol-based solution;
  • Remove the cap without touching the tube;
  • In case of accidental extraction of the tube it is prohibited to put on the table the internal part;
  • Do not leave the receptacle open;
  • Keep medication in the refrigerator.

The intake of fluid should be sterile syringe through the stopper. For each procedure you must use a new syringe. Do not leave the needle in traffic.


To Influence E. coli is possible by means of another bacteriophage. If protein bacteriophage includes several species of Protea (mirabilis, vulgaris), and Escherichia coli. The drug is available in the form of a liquid solution, packaged in bottles of 20 and 100 ml as well as in tablet form.

bacteriophage Koli reviews

Use the drug can be in various diseases, the causative agent of which are the above bacteria. Tablets are not used to treat babies under 1 year. The dosage is determined depending on diagnosis and patient's age.

Bacteriophage the feedback

Despite the fact that bacteriophages are rarely used in the treatment of certain infectious processes, we should not dismiss this kind of medicine to give preference to antibiotics. According to patient feedback, bacteriophages are able to cope even with chronic inflammatory diseases of bacterial origin. If necessary, they can assign in combination with antibacterial agents to enhance the action of the latter.


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