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Nature provides each newborn baby to feed on breast milk of the mother. During pregnancy the female body gets ready for breastfeeding with the help of special hormones that support lactation. It depends on many factors, first and foremost is food.

Every breastfeeding woman needs the most nutritious and protein rich food in order to replenish the loss of body in the mentioned period. And that choice was not wrong, the article we offer tips nursing moms about the rules of selection of products for healthy nutrition.

Healthy food for breastfeeding moms

The Postpartum period is characterized by increased appetite women, as her body's main function is to produce milk for the newborn. Mother and child are United, and when does lactation period, the breast of a mother reacts to a crying baby, if he needs the nutrition in breast milk.

products for lactation nursing mothers

It Should highlight the main products of lactation for nursing mothers. These include:

  • Pure non-carbonated water in an amount of 1.5-2 liters per day. She needed a female body to replenish the fluid level.
  • Milk. This product is created by nature, and so the body will take it well, just to absorb and replenish protein reserves.
  • Warm tea drink, which it is better to combine with milk, which will increase lactation. You must know that the more warm liquids drink nursing mother, the more milk she produced.
  • Dried fruit Compote. Vitamin-rich drink that makes up for the loss of the body and will allow you to quench your thirst.
  • Nuts nursing mothers are also very useful. This nutritious natural product that helps to fill the body with fats, carbohydrates and therefore good for milk quality.
  • Sunflower Seeds – a product that contain fiber and fats, as well as the nuts required by the body nursing mothers, as they improve the quality of the milk, making it nutritious and healthy for the baby.
  • Dill water, tea made from dill seeds cope well with the task of stimulating lactation in the female body. Tablespoon of seeds per Cup of boiling water - that's the whole recipe. After the drink brewed and infused, you can use it in food.

Many moms wondering what to eat to have more milk? The answer to this question is quite simple - there is almost everything. Moreover, even need to increase the diet of a breastfeeding mother because her body is a huge loss of vitamins, minerals and fats.


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what to eat to have more milk

Delicious and nutritious meals, is useful in lactation

As menu items it is possible to offer broth diet version, without the use of subcutaneous fat of animals. To cook it enough to take a piece of lean beef, pork or chicken, and after boiling, drain the first broth, the Bay again with clean water, and then you can cook the soup. This method of cooking is both useful and safe for any body - not only for nursing mothers, but also for the whole family.

Milk porridge-healthy and nutritious food during lactation, because cereals are a source of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. This composition helps digestion, and in the future, the cleansing of the body. In addition, Breakfast of milk porridge - a simple and most useful way to get the right amount of energy for the body.

Firm cheeses allow you to nourish female body with beneficial fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The benefits and taste of the product will help natural way to please mom and make up for the loss of calcium in the body during lactation.

Fermented foods for lactation nursing mothers are also needed to help make up for all the losses of calcium and nourish the intestinal flora is bifidobacteria. Mother and child are interrelated, therefore, the intake of bifidobacteria in the mother's body will have a beneficial impact on the health of the baby.

Juices, such as carrot or Apple, – storehouse of vitamins from nature. Apples help with bowel movements and nourish the body with natural hemoglobin.

Lettuce Leaves to stimulate the flow of milk in the mother's body. If the cucumber may cause fermentation in the intestines, and it can be transmitted to the newborn, the lettuce in this regard is absolutely safe.

Thus, to increase lactation should you choose all-natural and wholesome, delicious and safe, homemade.

increase lactation

Tasty and healthy – will talk about the benefits of watermelon

The Natural resources available in each season. For example, in summer and autumn you can see the market for such fruit crops as watermelons. Their variety is diverse, but the benefits they bring same - saturate with vitamins and help eliminate toxins from the body.

Almost every woman is interested in, and whether watermelon nursing moms? To answer this question will help the assessment of the body, the presence or absence of allergies in the mother and child and the high quality of the product itself.

Doctors usually recommend to carry out studies on the suitability of watermelon at home. To do this, take a glass of water and put it ina piece of flesh. If the water is turbid, then it is a bad product, and there can not be. If the water in two hours it will turn pink, then you choose quality watermelon.

watermelon lactating

Nursing moms should be understood that the described berry has a large amount of pulp, which multiply rapidly to harmful and dangerous bacteria. If ripe the fruit will lie down next to a rotten product, then it can get pathogens, and because of this very good watermelon can turn into a health hazard.

In addition, in the first months of feeding to consume the berry is not worth it, not to cause allergies in children. The risk of alcohol poisoning is quite high and therefore breastfeeding watermelon is often not recommended to eat.

Hercules by milk

What to drink to produce more milk?

This question is quite often asked by newly minted mom at the reception of pediatricians and gynecologists. These specialists usually suggest to maintain lactation is to eat as many warm beverages such as fruit drinks, teas, dairy products. However, keep in mind that any product may cause an Allergy in a newborn, so start with small servings.

Popular drink among nursing mothers is fake!

The Natural composition of tea "HIPP" is fully compatible with lactating mothers as it contains herbs that promote milk production, restoring health after childbirth and saturation with vitamins.

Lactation is very important that the body has got the nutrients not only from food but also from beverages. In addition, since ancient times, known medicinal properties of herbs such as fennel, nettle, Melissa and others.

tea HIPP

About the benefits of the mentioned drink can be judged by what is in the tea “hippy” (Hipp)

  • Fennel and Galega – increase lactation;
  • Cumin – has calming effect;
  • Anis – has a sedative effect, relieves tension, stimulates the function of mammary glands;
  • Lemon balm - sedative;
  • Nettle-strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Additionally, to improve the taste in the beverage is added maltodextrin and dextrose, which promote digestion of proteins in the intestine. All of these lactogenic foods help the mother to maintain the desired level of milk production for feeding the baby's chest.

Due to the fact that tea has no sugar and starch, it does not cause any side effects. But before applying it you should consult with your physician who will identify the incompatibility, if there are any allergic reactions and other factors.

How to make tea

Before taking a drink should make it the most simple and accessible way. For this 3-4 teaspoons or 1 packet of tea brew with hot water in a Cup with a volume of 200-250 ml. After that you can drink. Number of cups per day may reach four. To increase lactation, you should drink tea for 20 minutes before feeding.

The Use of the described beverage contributes to the improvement of the body lactating women and beneficial effects on the nervous system, thereby establishing the body's natural processes. In addition, milk are substances that eliminate colic in the intestine of the newborn.

The better mom, the calmer the baby, so you need to find such foods that will contribute to this condition. One such product is tea “hippy”. One pack can last a week or two, depending on how much to consume of this drink a day.

Recommendations for eating tea "HIPP"

Before you buy a tea called, you should seek the advice of a pediatrician.

To Keep it open you as much time as is written on the packaging, and try to stick to the temperature specified by the manufacturer.

Before buying you should read the part of the tea, as manufacturers use different raw materials for its preparation. In case of Allergy, discontinue use of the drink.

A Little about the substitute for breast milk

At the same time healthy and nutritious for the newborn is a decoction of oat milk. It is very easy to prepare and then you can give an infant at the time, no milk or formula, starting at two months of age, under the supervision of a pediatrician.

Before we follow this recommendation, you should consult a pediatrician toddler to exclude contraindications.

How to cook Hercules

Hercules milk – this is an old recipe known to our grandmothers. Cook it is quite simple:

  1. One part water is mixed with 3 parts of milk is better to take a goat as it is much closer in composition to human.
  2. Fluid should be about 1 Cup. This scope should take 1 tablespoon of milled in a coffee grinder cereal Herculean porridge.
  3. It should be placed in a pot and boil for 20 minutes.

Hercules milk is useful for the gastrointestinal tract because it contains fiber and protein.

Basic tips nursing

Lactation period occurs in women since birth. In the first 2 days the baby can be fed with colostrum, which is formed inthe Breasts before the appearance of milk.

With the emergence of lactation, the child will be completely satisfied mother's milk, and does not need additional power. And in order to, nursing should be a rational menu, care of sleep and rest. Psychological state of women directly affects the production of hormones.

Products for lactation nursing mothers should only be the most useful and affordable, such as cheese, milk, cheese, meat, some fruit and vegetables. Plenty of fluids will help replenish the body with the necessary amount of moisture, to restore the nervous system and enable milk to be produced in the right amount.

tips nursing moms

What to eat for lactation, and what not to eat

Nursing mothers often want to eat something delicious that is sold in the store that was always in her diet, and now has become prohibited. We offer you a list of foods that should not be eaten during this period:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Chocolate;
  • Bananas;
  • Citrus;
  • Meats;
  • Salted fish;
  • Fries, chicken, and everything fried in vegetable oil for six months;
  • Canned food;
  • Watermelons;
  • Grapes;
  • Red vegetables;
  • Sweetness;
  • Fizzy drinks.

Thus, we can conclude that the list contains almost everything that is present in the diet of an ordinary person until, until the time comes for caring for their offspring.

It Should be noted that the products for lactation nursing mothers should be selected with participation of a pediatrician who may order additional food and to cancel one of the products. Such withdrawal, as a rule, is connected with the fact that the child may be allergic, colic or constipation.

The Best of what you can eat for lactation, the food is freshly prepared on pair. For example, you can use modern steamers, multivarki, blenders and other kitchen utensils by which food is transformed into culinary delights with useful substances. Sometimes after such a regime diet food the family goes on a healthy diet.

Summing up, the conclusion to be drawn about what to eat to have more milk:

  • Cheese, about 0.3 kg per day;
  • Fruits, such as apples, in an amount of 0.5 kg per day;
  • Milk and yogurt, about 1 liter per day;
  • Butter - 50 g;
  • Meat - 0.5 kg.

A List of other foods should be supplemented with cereals, vegetables, steamed, without the use of refined oil.

These limitations are related to the fact that the first three months of a newborn's intestines are filled with beneficial microorganisms, bacteria that then will be a protective environment.

Over time, a nursing mother may introduce in your diet more wholesome and nutritious foods, and the baby will also gradually prepare for the period of complementary feeding. It should be administered in the diet from 6 months. The mother will create a strong immunity in infants and restore their own health in the postpartum period. You need to remember that breastfeeding more only a woman's body loses calcium, phosphorus and iron.

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