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good grape

Grapes – this is a fairly common heat-loving plant with berry various color, size and taste. Perhaps for most people are surprised to learn that the pulp of these fruits contains not more than 10% of the nutrients. Antioxidants, which are the main advantage of this plant over others, mainly contain grape seed. Use them for the body simply can not be overstated. That is why it is the raw material used in cosmetics, food industry and medicine.

Use grape seed medicine

The grape has long been a research material for dissertations and research. The fact is that it is an excellent auxiliary tool in the treatment of ailments such as rheumatism, neuritis, multiple sclerosis, pneumonia, myocardial infarction, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, stress, stomatitis, glaucoma and even chemical poisoning. Its therapeutic properties justifies its unique ingredients: quercetin, catechin, lutein, and other phytoestrogens. They are able to protect the female body from atherosclerosis. According to studies, 100 g of grape seed extract reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and cells at 60-70% after 2-3 hours after ingestion. the benefits and harms grapeseedAnd with constant use it is an excellent tool for the prevention of atherosclerosis and leukemia. In addition, there was marked use of grape seed to the immune system, connective tissue, blood vessels. Use grapes fresh or as part of any medicinal products is a preventive and therapeutic agent for cancer.


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Use grape seed: used in cosmetology

The Oil extracted from grapeseed, was used in cosmetology for a long time. It is quite popular and is part of the means to care for body, face, hair and nails. Its main constituents are vitamins a, b and E, phytosterols, flavonoids, chlorophyll and polyunsaturated acids. grape seeds benefitsDue to such structure, the oil is quickly absorbed, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, but leaves no greasy. The systematic use of it promotes regeneration, improve the structure, elasticity and relief the skin. A big benefit of grape seed for oily skin, for example oily and prone to irritation. Using oil can prevent the appearance of pigment spots, narrow pores and normalize the sebaceous and sweat glands, improve the complexion. Grapeseed oil is a component of almost all systems for the treatment of acne. And, of course, not to say about the use of this tool to prevent premature aging of the skin associated with hormonal failure, or ultraviolet radiation. Benefits and harms of grape seed is determined for each person individually. If to speak about external use, the frequent use of scrubs, which includes the raw material can lead to damage of the skin. Therefore, this cleaning is not recommended for most 2 times a week. If we are talking about the intake of grape seed inside, then you want to watch out for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. And excessive consumption of berries can lead to an exacerbation of appendicitis.

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