The chocolate glaze. Recipe from cocoa


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Each of us probably cannot imagine their life without pleasant moments associated with sweet treats. Any holiday or other joyous event necessarily accompanied by the use of different kinds of sweets. If we celebrate a birthday - the main decoration of the table is beautiful and very festive cake. In the days of the family vacation, while walking around the city hard to do without ice cream. Even the most ordinary, unremarkable morning will bring joy, if you start with a light Breakfast, which will be chocolate or cakes. So we make his life bright, pleasant, festive.

If you notice, we're talking about desserts, which are themselves delicious, but very often have the same component – chocolate. Chocolate icing and decorate cakes, and ice cream, and cakes, and cheese. It adds a special festive sparkle and the aroma complements the taste range. The best part is that this tasty decoration you can do yourself at home. And if you want to learn how to cook the icing? There is nothing complicated. You only need the desire and a small amount of ingredients. So, the recipe.

Chocolate icing. Recipe cocoa

For making small portions of the glaze have an equal amount of sour cream, sugar and cocoa. More precisely, two tablespoons. So, when the products are ready and at your fingertips, take a clean enamel bowl, pour in her cocoa and sugar, stir. Add sour cream and put on a small fire. The most important that you are continuously stirring gradually heated mass, which eventually will turn into a delicious chocolate glaze. What need constant stirring? To sugar when heated to better dissolve and will settle on the bottom of the dish in which it is located. Sugar quickly absorbs moisture from the sour cream and when heated dissolves well. When glaze comes to a boil, you should immediately (after cooling it hardens, so you need to hurry) to cover your culinary product – cakes, biscuits, cake…depending on the volume of product, you can increase the ratio of the icing instead of the two tablespoons to take three or four.


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Wait until the product hardens glaze. Recipe of cocoa, as you can see, fairly simple, and the taste will be remembered forever. Now you can share with loved ones their knowledge and skills in how to prepare icing for cake from cocoa.

To expand your culinary experience, you must know not one but several ways of cooking the same meals. You have to prepare the same chocolate icing.

Recipe cocoaSecond option bring to your attention.

Prepare the necessary products: a glass with two tablespoons of milk (the milk must be fresh, otherwise it may curdle when heated), 4 tablespoons of sugar, fifty grams of butter and three teaspoons of cocoa. And now we begin. In a separate bowl until smooth mix the sugar with the milk, then add the melted, softened butter, all thoroughly kneaded. We pour in a mixture of cocoa powder.

Next, take a pot of water bring to a boil and on top of a water bath, put the dishes with our future glaze. Stirring constantly, wait until the icing starts to thicken – that means she is ready. Safely spread it on cake or cookies that you own hands recently baked. Delicious chocolate glitter, holiday look gives the dish the glaze. Recipe from cocoa, which we have shared with you, it is not complicated, and the available products necessary for cooking. But your chocolate glaze bring your home a holiday and will make life really sweet.

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