Teriyaki sauce ("Heinz"): description and methods of product application


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The teriyaki Sauce (called"Heinz") is another product in the assortment list of goods of world famous American company. The idea of its creation appeared the specialists of the company after the original Asian concept increasingly used in the traditional cuisines of many countries. What is sauce and what is its practical application?

Product Description

Teriyaki Sauce ("Heinz") appeared on the market recently. It was created by technologists of the famous American food Corporation that has been manufacturing food products since 1869. In her piggy Bank there are hundreds of products that are already received well-deserved recognition and approval of customers. Given the growing interest of consumers all over the world to a unique Japanese cuisine, management of the company decided to start production of a new teriyaki sauce. "Heinz" was one of the first foreign companies which are engaged in the manufacture of this truly iconic for Japan product.

teriyaki sauce Heinz

The teriyaki Sauce more than two thousand years. Local cooks believe it is not just a seasoning but the whole philosophy of the complex process of cooking. The essence of the product lies in its name. In Japanese “Teri” means “Shine” and “what” - “roast”. Together this can be understood as a gloss after frying. Do teriyaki sauce ("Heinz") is used for frying before the appearance on the surface of the original mouth-watering Shine. In the result, the finished dish becomes simply a unique and distinctive flavour. This explains the fact why the famous sauce loved by the gourmets all over the world.


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Customer reviews

At any point of the globe, there are people who know and love the teriyaki sauce (called"Heinz"). The feedback from most of the population is ambiguous. And this is understandable. After all, not everyone is able to make to the culture of another country. Some buyers believe this sauce is just a brilliant invention.

teriyaki sauce Heinz reviews

The Main reason is that this product has a wide range of applications. It can be used practically at all stages of cooking. In addition to regular frying, it can be used as a marinade or a striking complement to meat, fish, poultry and a variety of seafood. In addition, this sauce can brighten any salad and perfectly fit the taste of any, even the most sophisticated snack. But often it is still used for cooking various grilled dishes. In this case, it can be thought of as additional flavouring, enhancing a pleasant smoked taste. However, there are people who are wary of this sauce. Some consider it very sweet, like an exotic jam. And others dissatisfied with the obvious taste of soy sauce. But all this does not prevent the growth of popularity of the product itself.

Original structure

What is the teriyaki sauce (called"Heinz")? The product are interesting, but it doesn't differ a special variety.

teriyaki sauce part of Heinz

As a rule, when the manufacturer uses the following ingredients:

  • Soy sauce
  • Water;
  • Sugar;
  • Acetic acid;
  • Natural flavor "Nutmeg";
  • Acidity regulator;
  • Ground ginger;
  • Thickener Е1422;
  • Preservatives (E211 and E202);
  • Stabilizer Е415.

However, this set of products does not correspond to “Taco”, which was used by the Japanese. According to the classic recipe to prepare it you need soy sauce, ginger, sugar and mirin (rice wine). It is the latter component is responsible for the unique flavor of the product. But the structure developed by the specialists of Heinz, the main indicators are very close to the original. This is what explains the popularity enjoyed by “Taco” of consumers. They do not confuse the set E supplements, which in recent years can be found in almost every food product.

Practical application

Many well-known chefs often use the popular Japanese sauce for marinating the main products (meat, fish, vegetables and poultry). Only then they are subjected to heat treatment. Similarly prepared chicken in teriyaki sauce ("Heinz"). The method is pretty simple, but the time to prepare this dish will need a lot.

One of the recipes, you must have the following basic ingredients: 1 kg raw chicken wings 100 milliliters of orange (or grapefruit) juice, ½ teaspoon of dried chili pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, 100 grams of soy sauce "Heinz", 30 grams of vinegar, 50 grams of honey (or brown sugar), a tablespoon of tomato ketchup "Heinz" teaspoon ground ginger.

chicken in teriyaki sauce Heinz

The cooking Process consists of three steps:

  1. All components with the exception of meat put in a saucepan, put it on the heat and bring foods to the boil. Cook with constant stirring until thick. The sugar should completely dissolve. The resulting composition is very reminiscent of the Japanese “Taco”. To facilitate the work, you can take the package of ready-made sauce from the company Heinz.
  2. Chicken wings pour the cooked sauce and marinate at least 3 hours. Better if they will stay in it all night.
  3. To Cook wings on the grill.

To the table a dish best served with vegetables or greens. Separately, you can put a gravy boat of ketchup.


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