The ways of salting mushrooms for the winter: recipes


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What is the salting of mushrooms? How to implement it? The answers to these and other questions you will find in the article. Often fans of “passive hunting" collect as much mushrooms that they can feed all their friends, family and neighbors, and a couple of buckets left. In this case it is better to pickle the mushrooms: and well kept, and tasty food always at hand. Properly salted mushrooms are able not all. But this is a very simple process.

Rules for collecting forest products

Salting mushrooms – responsible occupation. Very often residents of big cities looking for special places in the forest posted along the roads. They don't know that the mushrooms absorb all the toxins and heavy metals from the exhaust gas accumulate on the slopes. With such a collection of chemicals mushrooms salt cannot.

What is the most important principle when picking up mushrooms? Special places must be sought not less than a mile from the road. Of course, this is difficult. But health should be protected.

Cold pickling mushrooms

The Following rule: for mushrooms you need to go at five in the morning, not after lunch. Mushrooms collected in the morning would be crunchy, tight, and better kept.

And last: no need to be greedy, big ababac with a huge hat do not take. He's probably very old, in his section to detect the wormhole. Better to look for the small family or a young Russula mushrooms.

How to prepare?

The Mushrooms for salting to prepare it is easy. There are three ways of salting:

  • Hot.
  • Cool.
  • Dry.

All these methods are suitable for canning mushrooms in jars. They vary according to the duration of the manufacture of varied suitable for all types of mushrooms. But will talk about it below. Now find out how to prepare the mushrooms for pickling and why it is important to sort.


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Typically, we enjoy a good mushroom season, and therefore in the same basket tearing everything. All collected mushrooms usually poured into a large cast iron tub. Then pour them with water so that it covered them completely. In the end from the mushrooms will come off the needles, drying leaves, assorted debris.

Recipe for pickling mushrooms

Now the mushrooms need to sort and cull. They need to understand the varieties, because some need a long soak, which is not required at all. Yes, and all different cooking time.

Collect podgruzki, mushrooms, volnushki. They need to soak for up to five days, frequently changing the water. White, russules and mushrooms aside in a separate bucket. These mushrooms are steeping not required.

The hats of some fungi (for example, oil), remove the skin. Other clean legs so that they were nice and bright. This boletus and aspen.

Carefully review your mushrooms to among them was not poisonous. Some of them are able to disguise themselves well. Also check the mushrooms for the presence of living creatures. There are very small, but wormy. They need to be thrown.

Salting in banks (hot technology)

What is the salting mushrooms hot? This technology is best suited for canning mushrooms in jars. A hot way to close any mushrooms: boletus, mushrooms, obabkov, boletus, chanterelles, volnushki.

This method is good because mushrooms are very quick to prepare. You will be able to try in a month, and sometimes sooner. But they are not as long as salted cold way. Yes, and not as crisp.

Prepared, washed and soaked mushrooms before cooking should definitely weigh. After all, you need to know how much you will need salt (for every kilogram of mushrooms you want to add a couple of tablespoons).

Pour the mushrooms with water and simmer for about half an hour (better mushrooms cook for 45 minutes). During cooking, always remove the foam. Then fold the mushrooms in a colander and let them cool. Now prepare the banks. It is better to take a five-liter with wide mouth. This is necessary in order to make it convenient to put oppression.

First to the bottom of sterile jars place a layer of spice. Most often it is the garlic, Bay leaf and inflorescence of dill. Then put a layer of mushrooms, sprinkle with salt, again place a layer of spice. So do until then, until all the mushrooms.

Salted mushrooms for the winter

Then it all pour brine obtained after cooking the mushrooms, set the yoke so that they were completely covered with liquid. Put them on a couple of weeks in the cold. After they can be smaller banks to expand.


Consider the cold pickling mushrooms. This technology provides for longer-term exposure of fungi. So, the white mushrooms can be consumed after pickling is only a month and a half. But what they will be crunchy!

This method of pickling mushrooms heat treatment is not required. But the mushrooms you need to carefully prepare before cooking to soak, changing the water often.

a Method for pickling mushrooms

The Method is interesting because the mushrooms into a clean container laid out in layers with seasonings: pepper fragrant and black, inflorescence of dill, a Bay leaf and teeth of garlic, cut along. Each mushroom layer is sprinkled with salt (1 kg there are two tbsp. of salt).

The Top should be placed a layer of spice, which raises the load so that the mushrooms were allocated juice. If the juice appears to slow, the weight of the yoke should be increased. These mushrooms have to stand in a cool place for six weeks.

Dry salting

And how is salting mushrooms for the winter in the dry way? This technology is suitable only for those fungi that steeping is not necessary. It is very simple and quick. The mushrooms in this case do not need to wash. Usually with their caps with a knife, remove the top rind. Then the mushrooms a bit cleaned up and salted.

Salting mushrooms hot

For this method used the same seasoning. First, the mushrooms layers are laid out in a wide pan, scalded with boiling water, or jar. Each layer sprinkle with salt, and here the salt need to use (for 1 kg of mushrooms 3-4 tbsp of salt). On top put oppression to mushroom allocated juice.

Russules and mushrooms, pickled this way are usually ready in a couple weeks.

Salting with banks with garlic

Small mushrooms prepared in this way much. In this case, they do not need to soak. For this recipe, pickling mushrooms you will need:

  • 1 kg of oil (but you can take other fungi);
  • Salt (2 tbsp);
  • Garlic (three heads);
  • A couple of inflorescence of fennel;
  • Five leaves of black currant;
  • Two sheets of hell;
  • Large bunch of dill;
  • 5 cloves.

So, first rinse the mushrooms and soak if necessary. Then remove the excess water, leave in colander for a certain period of time. Sterilize the jar and dry.

Now, rinse the herbs, peel the garlic and cut along on the plate. First put a layer of greens, inflorescence dill, horseradish leaves and currants. Further, heads up, place the mushrooms, add salt and liberally sprinkle chopped garlic and dill. These layers fill the jar.

Salting mushrooms hot

Put the yoke on for two weeks, put the mushrooms in a cold place. Then you can arrange them by small banks, pour on top of vegetable oil and close the plastic covers.

White mushrooms in banks

We Continue to further explore homemade pickling mushrooms. To create dishes for this recipe you need to have:

  • 1 kg white mushrooms;
  • Salt (2 tbsp);
  • Water (0.7 ml);
  • Three peas of black pepper;
  • Three peas of fragrant pepper;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Two buds of fennel;
  • Three cloves.

First, the mushrooms clean, then rinse, slice into pieces, if necessary. Peel garlic and cut each clove lengthwise. In a saucepan, pour water, dissolve in it the salt and bring to a boil the mushrooms for about 15 minutes. The foam need to be removed permanently. Then add water, mushrooms with all the spices and cook for another 7 minutes.

Home pickling of mushrooms

On the bottom of sterile jars, put dill and a few cloves of garlic. Put the mushrooms, sprinkling each layer with garlic. Top cover with brine and close lids. A couple of weeks the mushrooms will be ready!

Salting of mushrooms

To make this food you need to have:

  • Salt (3 tbsp);
  • 1 kg white mushrooms;
  • Three inflorescence of fennel;
  • Six peas of black pepper;
  • Three cloves;
  • Three peas of fragrant pepper;
  • Two Bay leaves;
  • Three cloves of garlic.

The loop, wash and rinse the mushrooms. Let them soak before salting for three days only in the evening and in the morning change the water. Then the mushrooms in a container ulog...

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